• Withy is back in town working out with Hudy. Is Svi actually that tall?Capture.PNG

  • He is on his tip toes

  • @Statmachine Yep. I don’t think he is all of the sudden eye to eye with Withey.

  • Mickelson is on his toes too. He might have grown some more? Hard to tell?

  • Ellis is on his toes also.

  • Selden’s reply gave it away.

  • Just like last year, the “Three Little Bigs”

  • Devonte always looks like he snuck into an “R” rated movie with this uncles.

  • When you’re rich like Jeff you can wear dress socks.

  • @wrwlumpy Svi sure looks like he grew at least 3" or everyone else shrank! Mason appears to be 5’5"? Maybe, I need to get my eyes checked ;) Thanks for the photo.

  • Jeff so totally has the right stuff!!!

  • You guys have got it all wrong.

    Witney has been surgically lowered!!!

  • shoeheight.jpg

    I got this.

    Svi and Perry are considered 6’8". They look similar in the photo except Svi is reaching an extra inch over Perry, but Perry has shoes on, giving him that extra inch.

    Hunter is considered 6’10" and is reaching 3" but in socks, so subtract an inch.

    Jeff is angling and scrunching slightly. It is a habit all tall guys are conditioned to do their entire lives in order to prevent their heads from being chopped off in photos.

    Look at the photo again and tell me which guy doesn’t have a complex about his height… hmmm. It looks like Jeff has special-made shoes that shave off half an inch. Probably saves him on several head concussions every year as he tries to clear doorways.

  • @drgnslayr Ohhhh my! You saved me slayr! Thought my eyes were deceiving me! That slick Svi!!!

  • @drgnslayr Upvote for the sock picture…lol.

  • @wrwlumpy Nah, it seems like Withey is bent over just a lil bit. No way is Perry as tall as Withey and he’s right next to Svi

  • @wrwlumpy Oh yah I see the toes now! LOL

  • @wrwlumpy Jeff “Stank Face” Witheywithey.png

    All time fav Withey pic ever.

    Is KU on Jeff’s list? Just wondering if he’ll cut us at some point. I hear he will only sign with a B12 team in the NBA. Or is it an NBA team in the B12…I have no idea.

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