Kassoum Yakwe

  • “He’s a freak athlete,” Givony said. “He guards, he rebounds, he blocks shots. He has an amazing body with a long wingspan. There are not many guys in college with those physical attributes. If he develops a reliable corner 3, he is going to be an NBA player.” https://vine.co/v/ezBYEgVlzjF This one play makes me LOVE this guy! BFF’s with Cheick and KU is recruiting him.

  • @Statmachine OH! I was going to say " God Bless You " until I read the story…

  • @Statmachine

    His is a 2016 grad who seems to be getting more attention all the time. From what I read, he has only used up one of his visits and he visited ISU. Always great to keep talent away from Fred!

    St. John’s, Villanova, and Syracuse have been hot on him. But it looks like 10 schools have made him an offer, including Kansas.

  • My question is, does he get an assist and 2 points for that?

  • @Statmachine As awesome of a play as that was, I’m pretty sure that, technically, it was a turn over.

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