Brown cuts Kansas from his list. :(

  • I thought we had a very slim chance of getting him, but it didn’t hurt to wish!

  • Do we know why?

  • I believe it is based on a twitter post mentioned in this story, allegedly from a kid at Wheeler HS, the school Brown attends. It’s anyone’s guess how credible it is…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Well… I wonder if we can/will get in on Izundu. Norm was scouting him last week.

    Seems like if we don’t go after the Greek Freak, we should go after a big before Tevin Mack, who seems like he’ll follow Shaka to Texas anyway.

  • @approxinfinity need some decent bodies for games!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’m still holding my breath on Brown. It doesn’t make much sense why he would cut us prior to choosing a school. Seems like after the Diallo signing, Kansas becomes the most attractive destination. But who knows.

  • @approxinfinity

    I don’t see in any of the list where KU has offered Izundu but he will announce on May 15th so there is some time. Tennessee is making a big push for him. He is a 3-star player ranked as high as #70 and #18 PF; a little lower than where KU normally prefers. Unless he is a late bloomer like Embiid, he is probably comparable to Lucas ranking-wise.

  • @approxinfinity it sure does to me!

  • Understand, if this is true, Brown has done us all an incredible favor. This means we only have to deal with one OAD. Our program has taken an OAD only in a position of need.

    Kansas does not need Brown. We will have a killer five man perimeter. I would be very happy if we add Tevin Mack, who could then be our 6th perimeter guy. Another non-OAD who could surge into the rotation the next season if guys depart.

    It is time to embrace the fact that we have a dream five man perimeter rotation. And not one of them an OAD. Three juniors. Two sophomores. Trust me. This will be all we could hope for. And Brown going elsewhere makes it possible.

  • Recruiting is far from over. It’s all in Coach Self’s hands.

  • Jaylen, baby, don’t listen to @HighEliteMajor unless it makes you mad enough to come and prove him wrong. 🙂

    Come to 3ManU!!!

  • @approxinfinity

    Me like Ebuka Izundu.

    Ebuka have short neck. High shoulder sockets. Long arms. Good feet.

    Very skinny mahn.

    But like to play post.

    Knows how to pivot.

    Ebuka two year from now be vedddy good player.

    If our guys had to shoot over Ebuka and Hunter every day they would be ready for footers.

    If Jaylen loses mind, sign Ebuka.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Sheryl Crow? Psshaw!

  • @approxinfinity

    Oooooooh, I like Tom.

    He carried me through a period when Bob Dylan quit performing much. And then Tom took off into his own thing.

    Tom could have used some Hudy time, but other than that he finally showed everyone he had the goods.


  • @jaybate-1.0 Flew with Petty in first class once-“We don’t have to live like a Refugee.”

  • @JayhawkRock78

    You were living right. Hope you pounded one with him and caught some of his sense of humor.

  • @KansasComet

    Damn, I like it when you get visionary!!!

    Don’t stop till we reach the top!!!

  • LOL…I don’t think so. It’s not over till it’s over. I’ll wait to hear from Brown himself. The media and haters are going to say anything to grab attention. This could mean he’s leaning KU.

    This recruiting thing is getting really absurd. YES, we’ll still take him if he’s available. We would be stupid not to stay on him.

    Of course…a Michigan reporter would report something like this…

    Brendan F. Quinn covers University of Michigan basketball and football. Follow him on Twitter for the latest on Wolverines hoops. He can be contacted at

    By Brendan F. Quinn |
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter on April 30, 2015 at 9:01 PM, updated April 30, 2015 at 9:03 PM


    It makes no sense for him to say positive things and keep them this long and then allegedly cut them according to a Michigan sportswriter. I want something more credible or believable. They’ll say anything.

    I expect Brown himself to make an announcement or refute this at some point soon.

    I don’t think our little Michigan report is too credible…This was on his twitter page…

    Covering University of Michigan basketball & football for MLive Media Group. Retired bartender. Ill-mannered Philadelphian.


    Kansas is out for Jaylen Brown

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    Staff (Mississippi) TheShiver 

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    4 hours ago via Mobile Reply Quote

    Per a source - Jaylen Brown has eliminated Kansas from consideration

    I love “Per a source” … to be continued

  • @jaybate-1.0 forgot about Most Things I Worry About Never Happen Anyway… Great song. I need to binge on some Petty tomorrow at work.

    Interestingly after your post, I looked up the band members in the Heartbreakers, wondering who he played with (I remembered Mike Campbell, that was it)… and I noticed that Dave Grohl played with the Heartbreakers in 1994 briefly, after Cobain died. He declined Petty’s invitation to stay on permanently. And of course, he did exactly what you said of Petty… went on to show everyone he had the goods. I have often thought about how he may never have formed Foo Fighters if Cobain hadn’t died, and we would never have had The Colour and the Shape, one of the finest albums of the 90’s. Maybe he had a heart to heart with Petty somewhere in there.

  • Nope-but here is the story (sorry ladies disclaimer)

    I noticed a blonde beauty (LA ten) in gold spandex walk into the First Class bathroom, and on the way out she was stopped and kissed by a man. It was Tom Petty.

    He had been seated in the last row of first class just before the door shut-this was a plane where the door was in between first and coach. A few cocktails later we descended and I went back, handed him the back of a card and pen and said. “If you don’t mind I am a huge fan.” She was grinning ear to ear as is she just won a bet. He hesitated, almost rolled his eyes and signed it.

    I ran into a number of celebs in LA and here or there across the US. Never bothered any of them but I am guilty of this occasion and “The Admiral” David Robinson-again on a flight. He wrote his name and “Mathew 6:33”.

  • Come on Jayhawk Nation they tried this a while back. Someone claimed he cut his list, and he had to refute it. He may be tired of defending foolish comments. Interestingly, they always come from the team these recruits tend to commit.

    We may not get him, but until he himself says so on his twitter page or an interview and provides an explanation, he’s still open to KU. BTW, there is nothing on his twitter page that even hints at dropping KU. Usually, they’ll list their teams. They won’t report “cuts.” He’ll simply create a new list and if this is true, KU won’t be on it.


    Jaylen Brown refutes report that he’s trimmed list to Michigan, California

    Sound familiar? It appears Michigan has some hell bent obsession to get Jaylen.

  • Hey, Jaylen, there is still a wee bit of wiggle room for Jayhawk perimeter minutes, beginning late June into midJuly. Like 28 minutes, and on a world stage. Come on down!

  • I will wait and see.But I think it’s true and Kansas has been eliminated. But personally I wan’t Tevin Mack as the Major pointed out,probably would benefit Kansas more then another one and done would,maybe. That spot is probably not our biggest weakness any way, so we should be okay there. Tevin is following only one coach, that I’m told Is Cal. I find it to be a little interesting when you consider this,who is the biggest media attention seeking whore on the planet and would relish all the attention. I hope I’m wrong on this and he pick’s the shoe store team. Jaybate, I may not be a huge Tom Petty fan. But I do like some of his music and I did like reading the story,thank you for the posting it on here.

  • Banned

    Ok I find this all a bit odd. I’m not saying Brown won’t pick the Spartans in the end. It just seems odd to me. Maybe I need to do some home work but isn’t the Spartans in a big rebuilding mode? Why would a projected OAD want to go to a school that maybe lucky to even compete in the Big 10 in the up coming year? Does he plan on staying for two years? Or did Nike back up the Brinks truck to his recruitment? If he does wind up at UK then the shoe war argument is over. It’s for real.

  • what’s hard to understand that Brown cut us? We were never seriously in it with him, twitter just made us believe we were after Diallo signed. Would have loved to see how Jaylen would have fit in our system but oh well.

    The one concern I have about the SF spot being left to Svi & Greene is rebounding. Neither showed much in that department. Oubre, Wiggins, Releford, to name the recent one’s were very Athletic & gifted rebounders for their position. Brown would have been that type of player again for us and that was one of the big reasons I was hoping we could land him.

  • Well…as of this morning the KC Star is reporting Brown’s cutting KU from his list, so I’d say it’s fairly safe to say that we are likely not on his list. So…moving along…thanks for nothing Jaylen and good luck with any team you choose because they will be by far mediocre. But, if you don’t want to work, compete, and be part of a team to win, then go where you can be ‘the man’ from day one. KU only recruits solid team wing players that go on to become NBA ROY. Also, it doesn’t bode too well that you can’t come into a program with the likes of a Svi or Greene and carve out some significant minutes.

    Obviously if this were not true, there would be a correction by him, so apparently he either doesn’t know or he’s just not saying anything. He doesn’t owe anyone anything at this point. I’d say he fits in at Michigan or definitely UK. Look out Poythress, you’re sitting the bench again. It doesn’t appear your time will ever come, ask Lee and Willis.

    This is on his twitter page…

    Jaylen Brown ®


    Humble & Hungry

    What do the last to words mean? Do kids understand or just like the sound? Those are pretty big words to put on a twitter page, but then your recruiting doesn’t seem to be too consistent. Maybe he’ll learn what they mean at Michigan, Cal, and UK. I know UK teaches humility. I understand it’s a required player quality and must be practiced on and off the court.

    Jim Beilein is a walking example of hungry and humble. He exudes these two words about once every 4-5 years maybe. I know one thing, to have such a short name, it’s the hardest little last name to remember how to spell, and that’s a fact. If I were a recruit and couldn’t remember how to spell my coach’s name on a consistent basis, I wouldn’t commit…LOL Now Self, that’s easy. It’s dummy proof. S-e-l-f…It almost spells itself.

    I’m not sure if Cal even has a reason to be humble and hungry. Hungry for what or humble about what, I have no idea.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Probably because he’s not all that smart.

    (what’s @jaybate-1.0 's thing - no malice?)

  • @approxinfinity You might start exhaling. I’m afraid we’re off his list. Unless he comes through shortly and denies the report.

  • I seriously doubt he cut us from his list this late. I’m not saying we land him (or we don’t)… but he is going to go into his news conference with several teams on the table and he’ll do something like pick a hat or whatever.

  • Wow… even Kentucky is now after Ebuka:

    Who is Ebuka Izundu and is UK recruiting him?

    BTW: he is Class of 2016, isn’t he? Or did he reclassify, because he just stepped out of his LOI?

  • Why would Brown, at this stage, just cut KU? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Theory: Self asked Brown to cut KU from his list.

    Why? So that Self had a clear path with Tevin Mack. Mack is planning to make a decision pretty soon. Heck, Self could have gone to Mack and said, “This is how much we want you. We are going to tell Brown that we’re out on him. See what happens in the next 24 hours. We’ll be cut from his list. That’s how much we believe in you.”

    If Kansas wasn’t a real player, then why stay on his list? Staying on Brown’s list hurt Kansas with Mack – same position. I think it is possible that Self asked to be cut from Brown’s list so as not to damage efforts with Mack. It makes some sense, given that no other teams were cut. Maybe Self had a conversation with Mack and Brown’s recruitment was a hold up? Who knows when Brown will decide.

    Mack’s mom said the following: “They were all telling me how much they can use him and how much they need him. They all want him. All three said how bad they needed him, especially Kansas. He (Self) said he needed a big scoring guard.”

    Maybe getting cut with Brown is a good sign with Mack?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Tom Petty? Hopefully none of our potential signees will have a “Change of Heart”


  • @blackmild33

    I agree. The rotation seems to be pretty good right now and the team will be much improved over last year’s team.

    We lost Oubre and Alexander. - Yes, Oubre was good and getting better but in my opinion. the Alexander loss is not that big; he needed at leas another year before being really productive.

    We gained (so far) Bragg and Diallo - No question this pair will contributor a lot more, particularly Diallo; the front line will be greatly improved.

    Bonus - The rest of the players return with one additional year of experience. Any additional players are just icing on the cake, although they could potentially take playing time away from the current rotation players.

    Net Result - Legitimate top 10 and probably even top 5; another quality player and we are a top 3 team.

  • @KansasComet “It’s alright if you love Bill, it’s alright if you don’t. I’m not afraid of you running away, I get the feeling you won’t.”

  • arry Giles retweeted

    Evan Daniels ‏@EvanDaniels · 26m26 minutes ago
    Jaylen Brown tells Scout that he has committed to California. Story coming.

  • PAC-12, was that a law on campaign finance limitations or something?

  • I love love love IT!!! Calipari flat out doesn’t know what to do this late in the game! His team will be LUCKY if they make it past the first round of the NIT. Hope no one gets hurt because outside of the starting 5 the talent level drops significantly! He is going to go after Mack now too. I would put money on it that he has already contacted all 4 of the kids that have signed with Florida.

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