Naz long update

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Did you read the last line? Niang and Long should become the first ISU players to go to the tournament all four years. Puts Kansas’ streak into a little different perspective.

  • @dylans Yes

  • Wonder how BG is doing? Anybody?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I don’t know, but I really wish we could follow Svi’s progress. I just wonder if we needed him, if he would be ready to step up for BG?

    Otherwise, let’s bring in Brown.

  • I hope the best for Naz. He’s a tough guy, tough competitor. I know I’d like us to go at him next year and have him be at full strength.

  • @truehawk93 a good guess would be he’s improving!!! Hopefully he will be around most of the summer as opposed to last year.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    slightly out of context question - do you (or anybody else who happens to read this) know anything about ISU as a school? my daughter is considering it because she wants to be a Bio-med engineer -(we’re in Boston - wife went to KU during manning years so we’ve been die-hard-Jayhawk-fans for decades) it that time of year for seniors to commit.

  • @Bosthawk

    The Midwest school offer a great value compared to the high cost East or West Cost schools. Most of the bigger schools usually have one or two programs where they excel; I am not sure which those are at ISU and you can probably do a little on-line research. BTW, “basketball knowledge” and “fan behavior” are not them, and the only classes in this area are at the remedial level at best.

  • Didn’t @RockChalkingtexas say something in another thread about ISU?

  • Just curious - I know there have been posters on this site wishing The Mayor well and Naz Long too, does anyone know if posters on other sites have been doing the same for Brannen Greene?

  • @nuleafjhawk I doubt it, but we’re KU and appreciate bball more than most. Also, KU isn’t very well liked in the great city of Ames, and they have little to no love for our bball program.

  • @truehawk93

    ISU is the KSU of Iowa.

    They need to be kicked while they are down and beaten while up, or they rush the floor and track manure.

    They both play in mausoleums they call coliseums.

    Scratch the surface of both and you find more surface.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Well, it appears that I may have a chance to test out that lack of basketball knowledge first hand… My daughter (we are in Boston ) got into three engineering universities, and decided to attend ISU last night- The difference in cost of attendance between the three places she got into was staggering… ISU with the scholarship they offered her is 35 K a year cheaper, and she decided she did not incur any debt for undergrad … And she surprisingly liked the tour and campus Go figure. I’ll be accompanying her next month for orientation… I’ll wear my KU hat and see what kind of reaction I get:)

    Maybe she can get me tickets to the KU home game there… But if I wear my KU shirt or hat I may be bodily harmed

  • @nuleafjhawk I saw Fran f tweeting good wishes for a speedy recovery to naz and there were 2 tweets back to him mentioning BG. Fran then tweeted BG the same. Jmo, only 'cause he was called out on it!(puke)

  • @Bosthawk No need to worry. The Iowa St boys are little stickmen scarecrows. Not like the Cornhuskers (used to be) or even the K-State farm boys.

    Just ask Bill Self.

  • @Bosthawk

    If you can get a second ticket I will join you as your personal body guard.

  • @Bosthawk that would certainly be risky, take slayr! Hopefully it doesn’t hurt your daughter! Please do not turn to the dark side!!

  • I wouldn’t worry about the ISU crowd it’s just a bunch of whiny middle aged white people and a few scrawny students.

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Scratch the surface of both and you find more surface.” That’s deep. He says with tongue in cheek. Or Confusious says.

  • @dylans Not really - it just scratches the surface…

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Scratch? You mean, like a scab?

  • @Bosthawk tell her to be careful driving around, ISU bb team has a record for dui’s. Knock on wood!

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Hey, @b_greene14. Hoping for a quick recovery for you, too. Just wished @NazzyJLong same. Playing no favorites in @Big12Conference!

  • @dylans

    Its called wit with spit! 🙂

  • @Bosthawk

    Congrats to her. What branch of Engineering? ISU engineering programs are pretty good.

  • @JayHawkFanToo She wants to do biomedical engineering… ISU was her safety school, but then she toured it and decided the price was right and it was a good fit. Since my wife and I will be saving a boatload of money, we might have time to go back to Lawrence and maybe even see a game

    And thanks to all for the fun comments… If I need you as bodyguards I’ll let you know…

  • @CycloneMBB: UPDATE: Naz Long’s surgery went as planned and is complete. He’ll begin rehab Monday.

    This is from Fran, he seems to be pretty partial to ISU!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 : Just a little partial to ISU is putting it nicely.

  • Fran thinks he is concealing his dislike for Kansas… that’s all.

    Perhaps after this:

    Opinion: Jayhawk, Sooner become bloody good friends

    But seriously… I just think he is typical sports media in wanting to report an upset because upsets make bigger news and help project their careers… so they think.

  • @drgnslayr

    Slayer, that story is well over two years old. Fraschilla is now the ESPN reporter assigned to the Big 12 and as such, he has to report on all the Conference teams. I have followed his reporting ever since he moved to TV and in my opinion, he has always been fair and respectful when it comes to KU. Obviously I must have missed something he said negatively about KU and hopefully someone can point that out to me?

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’ve heard him call it right with Kansas many times. On occasion, he’ll follow the “let’s hope Kansas blows it this year” crowd. A little too much emphasis on “is this the year Kansas is decapitated?” He’s no different than any other sports media guy. They want to sensationalize the “what ifs” to the point where they know better but keep pushing a narrative against the favorite… in this case, Kansas.

    And the last thing I want is journalistic favoritism., like the ACC love given by Dicky V back in the day (BTW; he has improved himself because he has become a real national product and travels across America now).

    I believe when these guys get in “upset mode” they see the game differently. Often, they won’t acknowledge some pretty obvious referee mistakes, etc., perhaps because they are subliminally pulling for the upset. This actually bothers me more than guys that are just flat out biased, because those guys are easy to pick off by everyone.


    BTW: I’m just poking that story out there at Fran. Why? Because I can.

    I usually sense Fran gives Kansas quite a bit of love when we aren’t playing another B12 team. He always sounds different when it is Kansas versus a B12 team. I think it is that subtle bias pulling for a new B12 champion… and not having anything to do with his son getting a nose job via Kansas.

  • @drgnslayr

    Again, is it not his job to say what is obvious? There is no question that last season KU was not the the favorite to win the Conference Title, Texas, ISU, Oklahoma and even Baylor were expected to be in serious contention…if he did not mention this fact, as the ESPN reporter assigned to the Big 12, he would not be doing his job and he would be out-scooped and out-reported by just about everybody. Just my opinion, of course.

    Given the choice of analysts, Fran would be at or near the top; I used to like Bilas a lot, but he has become too full of himself and thinks he is greater than the sport; I don’t like that. Vitale is just a cartoon character and his bias for Duke and UNC is so bad that he is not even allowed to call those games anymore; he is now running out of gas and is very close to being phased out.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah about how they tried to spin the fact that Cheick Diallo signed with us and “would be playing in Ames” in a Kansas uniform. When I posted on their sight I was called “scumbag” and that poster said they OWNED the Big 12. After the loss in the tourney, you wouldn’t believe what the fans wrote on that blog about what losers the team and Hoiberg were. Can you say WHINY A$$ BABIES?

  • @Kip_McSmithers couldn’t say what I wanted to say, a&& kisser!! After naz’s first hip surgery Fran texted him best wishes or something like that and I texted him BG had his surgery. He texted get well to BG, said he didn’t want to show any favoritism!! Ha ha

  • As always I wish any opposing players well, be they for IowaState or KState, OkieSt, Tx, or wherever.

    But I absolutely detest a large segment of the IowaState and KSU fanbases. I literally haven’t seen 2 games make a school (ISU and KSU) look so lacking in classiness, as the EJ"39" game in Ames 3yrs ago, and the KSU game in Manlesshattan this past season. Some of the reactions by IowaSt students post game were simply pure social ugliness.

    That KSU behavior even embarrassed the state of KS on natl TV. Let that be a stark reminder that all Kansans aren’t the same.

    Perfect moment to say, that I absolutely do respect Fred Hoiberg, his players, and their exciting challenge to the BigXII. But I also know that Self has him figured. KU blowing a 17pt second half lead to ISU only means KU’s players need to catch-up to wtf their coach (Self) is trying to get them to do. (Takes a while to download all the stuff Self sees and has in his brain into the brains of 17-22yr old kids…)

    Cant say much about Bruce Weber, although I have been scouting KSU’s program and recent recruits…maybe I will post a new “scout” thread later (Weber has added 5 or 6 new players…).

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’m not fond of any of the sports analysts these days. Never really thought of it, but from those you listed, I’d go with Fran any day. You are right, Bilas is full of himself, and he also changes his historic perspective constantly to save his own arze. He just seems like a typical Duke attorney to me. Vitale is a comic figure like you said. But I do respect him for raising a lot of awareness and money for cancer. So I’ve lightened up on him.

    A big part of my complaint with Fran is that he does what they are expected to do… and that is to push the drama of it all by over-emphasizing the upset. I know they have to do that. It’s part of their job. It does make me question his integrity. I’ll give you a comparison to a guy I put high on the integrity list in my next paragraph.

    The guy I respected most as an analyst was Bobby Knight. Yes… he would get everything confused and call players by the wrong name. But he knows the game better than all these guys who are preaching basketball to us. He’s slowly been relieved from being an analyst because he says what is on his mind, instead of playing a game with words. In doing so, Bobby makes a lot of people angry, and that doesn’t fly with sponsors.

    I’m just glad he didn’t have to share his “perfect season” with the squid in the record books. That would have been sickening.

  • @ralster

    “look so lacking in classiness, as the EJ"39” game in Ames 3yrs ago"

    If someone wanted to, that game (and the lead in to the game) could be documented and compared to what happened on the bus at OU with the fraternity. It was that bad.

    What makes things worse is our league has allowed stuff like that going on for decades. The OU and ISU incidents weren’t the only time the “n” word has been used openly in the college environment. This stuff drags back to Wilt’s days at KU.

    It is sort of like some of the problems that are hitting the wall at the NFL. Issues that were shoved under the rug for decades come to roost. I’d like to see stronger policies set out by the B12 and make sure schools, students and fans, understand the consequences when they decide to make racial slurs a part of the B12 experience, whether it be in sports, education, or anything else related to the institutions. We are all better than that. We deserve better. It’s a black eye on all of us when members of any of our schools partake in such behavior.

    EJ is on my Top 5 greatest Jayhawks list for several reasons… one of them being the 39 in Ames.

  • @drgnslayr Ooops…yes, I forgot to add the OU bus incident. Hey, I went to high school in the early 80s, and I do recall a fair amount of racism/racial jokes (Wichita KS), but mostly coming from people a couple of years older than my class. I remember somebody would say something, most of us might snicker once, and as soon as they’d be gone, the spoken sentiment was “that wasn’t cool”. But, sadly, social ugliness/racism still exists, in all generations. Some people’s brains can never get past alike/not alike, be it regarding race, religion, or whatever. We cannot escape our prehistoric beginnings of bands of hunter-gatherers scheming & plotting against other groups for whatever reason (territoriality, warlike species, subjugate others). Civilized peoples have evolved their thought processes to sometimes wonderful places, while other modern-era humans behave no different than Cro-Magnon of eons ago. Its a pitiful commentary.

    But, this is a digression. My main point about sportsmanship, etc…is also one reiterating: The respect we would show KY, Duke, UNC, or any team that comes into AFH, or how a rival like Duke could have its fans wear Dean Smith t-shirts to honor UNC’s great coach, simply must remain as beacons for what should be exemplary behavior for all of college sports. The KState behavior wasn’t overtly racial, it was simply over the top ugly sportsmanship, as was Melvin Weathermax and the ISU fan behavior inside Hilton Coliseum. The twitter insults came later. Any respect I had for Hilton’s “tradition” is gone. Can Hoiberg restore that aspect? (fan decorum) He’s about the only one who can, unless student body president or ISU chancellor or AD make a stand. Maybe they already did. I hope so.

    I also recall after the Marcus Smart/TxTech incident, how past OSU players mentioned how they’d get treated at TxTech…

    Honestly, regarding KState, I don’t know what it is about KU that makes those people act that way. I’m sure there are KU fans with equally boorish behavior, but can anyone on this site recall national TV embarrassment KU fans ever caused like that? And of course there are KU people that may be racial bigots, but they haven’t gone nationwide-TV-audience with that schitt as far as I can recall.

    In summary, its simply the kind of stuff that America (& the world) just doesn’t need. Sooo many things in society needing attention and progress, not needing to see “regression” to primitive instincts.

  • @drgnslayr Yep, regarding Elijah Johnson. His only issue was one of a conflicted mentality between what his personality was (passive, articulate nice guy) vs. what his playing-mindset needed to be (aggressive, explosive, swagger-laced). If he could have bottled that EJ39 mentality and had about 10 games where he went for 30+, he’d have gone lotto. I sincerely say that for his own dream, and his own sake. That final play of his career where he kicked it out, instead of finishing with-contact only epitomizes that point. I wish nothing but the best for him. He needed Tyshawn + TRob for 1 more year beside him…but, regardless, EJ is a “JayhawkForLife”, as he put it in his frosh, and even after his Sr year. RCEJH.

  • @ralster ksu should be banned from televising their games w/the fu KU chants, or fined. And then fine them again for storming our players, not the court! The ah ad and the lame ass letter referring to their past games they won against KU was meaningless as far as an apology!

  • One thing I do take a great amount of pride about is what the University of KS has always stood for, especially beginning in that post-Civil War era. It goes way back, and runs deep.

    And while obviously all of Jayhawk Nation isn’t a perfect group of people, it is worth mentioning the correct/righteous stance KU has had from Day 1, as an institution. Extremely proud of that. We all need to uphold that tradition. Took my 16yr old son to the campus tour last semester, and recruiting pitch presentation…and I had nothing but pride. I was very glad they made a big point about what a young Jayhawk would be becoming a part of.

  • @drgnslayr

    Bob Knight was foremost a coach even when doing commentary. I learned a lot from watching him dissect plays.

  • @ralster

    " The respect we would show KY, Duke, UNC, or any team that comes into AFH, or how a rival like Duke could have its fans wear Dean Smith t-shirts to honor UNC’s great coach, simply must remain as beacons for what should be exemplary behavior for all of college sports."

    Very well stated and I agree 100%!


    True… that is why he made a great commentator… because he actually had the experience behind his words. And he is definitely one of the most-successful coaches to teach the game. Bobby made some mistakes, too… especially with his temper… but his overall impact on the game was positive. I just wish we had more commentators with the right experience behind them so they could give fruitful commentary instead of the utter BS we are stuck with.

    Sometimes I’ll get mad over a bad call by the refs. But always I get mad off the nonsense coming out of these clowns calling the games. And they are so busy trying to sound like they know what they are talking about they usually talk right over some of the most-important calls (or non-calls) in a game.

    The job I want is to be a game video director. These are the guys typically working in the production trucks sitting outside the arenas that pick the angles on each live play and pick what gets replayed. Those guys miss a ton of key stuff. Most of the calls made by the commentators come from the game directors replaying something and the commentators start talking about it. Sometimes it works the other way around and the commentators call for a replay, but that isn’t typical. So many things happen and I want to see another angle or slo-mo and we don’t get to because the director misses it. These guys have a monstrous impact on the quality of the spectator game on the TV.

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