Oubre Hanging Tough

  • Oubre still listed somewhere between 8 and 12 in most of the updated NBA mock draft boards. Alexander, late First Round/early Second.

  • seen the mock draft today off zagsblog. it shows Kelly at nu 12 and then what I kinda found a little hard to believe they have Cliff at 27 which would still make him a first round pick. hope nothing but the best for both.

  • @REHawk

    That’s good but the Workouts will really be what separates him from the others. It’s the most SF heavy class probably ever for the draft. Your talking about Winslow, Johnson, Hezonja, Dekker, Anderson, Jefferson all 1st round talent. He could be the 4th SF taken if his workouts aren’t strong. It’s likely Winslow is the 1st SF taken, and Oubre is fighting for that 2nd spot. ESPN has 5 SF in the first 14 picks but will they all really go that high? Worst case could be that teams don’t want all these top level SF’s because of fit and someone falls which could be Oubre or Dekker.

  • SF is a really critical position in the NBA right now. You’ve got Lebron and Durant leading a nice group of veterans, but also young stars like Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler, as well as Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Greek Freak, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the early part of the draft was very wing heavy. You have to be able to match up with these guys on both ends and there are just so many guys that are really good at that position.

    Winslow has set himself apart because he is probably the best two way player of that group. However, I think Kelly has a chance to shine in workouts if he shows that he is the next best individual defender (although Stanley Johnson will be a factor there). Whichever player shows up defensively could move into the top 7, with the rest of the SF prospects falling in the late lottery.

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