Who will be most Improved Jayhawk this year??

  • Ok Folks, I’ve talked enough about Diallo and Ingram for a lifetime. I have nothing further to say about them until they decide. Let’s talk about something that actually involves our players.

    I’ve been throwing around the idea of this thread for a while but now that we are all grasping for dear life for a Diallo or Ingram commitment I figured we could at least kill the time by talking about who’s going to be the most improved Jayhawk this year???

    I’ll start by saying I think the popular votes are Svi & Graham. Both are expected to make that Fr. to So. leap and strengthen an already deep backcourt KU will have. I will not argue against anyone that believes that one or the other or both will be the most improved Jayhawk this year.

    I’ll start with my vote which may be different from others. I think the most improved Jayhawk will be Wayne Selden. I fought back and forth between Wayne and Perry. I’m giving Wayne a full chance to redeem his reputation with me this year. Never in my life as a KU fan has a player baffled me more. The popular thought would be to write him off and go with someone else but I truly believe that if Wayne takes the steps this summer then he will put himself back in the good graces of the NBA & help KU get far in the tournament.

    What’s my thinking on Selden. He’s going to start, he’s in his 3rd year here which is an eternity with the OAD circus and has a chance to get a full healthy off-season of individual work in. The reason I didn’t pick Svi or Graham is because I’m not sure how many minutes they will get to show off an improved game. They both are due for big minutes probably in the 15-25 range but if they are stuck behind Mason or Greene that can effect the impact they will have. Will Svi jump Greene because of the injury? Will Graham improve so much that Self has to role with 2 PG’s and slide Selden to the 3. Self has lots of options again this year.

    I think with the hopeful addition of at least 1 player (Diallo) that gives us the anchor inside. Selden needs to improve his scoring get up into the 12pts a game area. If he can do that and show enough consistent scoring games (Greene had almost as many Double Digit scoring games off the bench) then this team has a chance to be special. We need 1 more consistent scorer with Mason & Ellis for the team to take the next level up.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts, I’m very curious what people think who will step up this coming year.

  • Good topic to distract from the recruiting drama. I agree that the most improved will be Selden. I see the guy averaging 12-14 points per game next season. He’s that close, I think. It takes some guys a little time. He was obviously overhyped, and was ranked probably 20 spots too high, given what we have seen. No shame in taking some time to develop.

    I do think Svi will be our surprise … won’t be a surprise to the folks here, but to the rest of the basketball world, he will be.

    I know we want that OAD wing. We think we need him. It’s enticing. But I am much more excited about the prospect of Svi starting alongside Mason and Selden, than any of the other options right now. I hope it materializes.

    Remember, if we get that OAD wing, that makes a very crowded group of six – a transfer is really likely if that occurs, or something else to eliminate the roster pressure (redshirt).

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Funny that Selden’s 2 biggest critics are on board for him improving the most. I think it makes the most sense that we know that if Wayne becomes consistent offensively that this team will be even better. 14pts sounds like a lot but he could become that type of player.

    As far as the wing situation here is where I see it. If Ingram does sign then you are right that someone looks elsewhere. I think Self checking out Ty Outlaw the JC says that Ingram is staying in-state though. I wouldn’t mind bringing another player on board like Outlaw who really isn’t a threat to beat out Svi or Greene. Ingram would intimidate them though so I think the difference in getting another wing is how good is he? I think Self wants another wing to bring with him to Korea and for the chance that Greene’s injury doesn’t heal well or injuries occur during the year. You don’t get anything for saving scholarships so I’d rather see Self fill the roster just in case something happens.

  • I hope Selden IS the most improved next year.

  • Selden would be the logical choice but I think it depends on injuries. This team right now seems beat up. I’m hoping they can nurse their injuries over the summer but with all the practice and extra playing time they may not. After this week we should no more about recruits and if we end up with 3 we will be on our way for a good year with just taking care of injuries. We need to be deep in all positions to compete in the big 12 and all these kids will get playing time to keep injuries down. Selden needs to work on ball handling this summer because if we recruit another Wiggins type he will have a chance to play some guard. At times this year we needed taller guard play and we needed to spell off the two we overworked this year. This is going to be a long year with several practices and several potential games over the summer. The players we have are very capable of winning 30 games but with 3 high impact recruits we can have enough depth we won’t have to worry about injuries. Also think the current players know they need help and it will be welcomed. No one is going to transfer.

  • @BeddieKU23 I like your thread post! Good to take our thoughts to something directly involved with who we have now. ( Tangent, I dont like that black little bar that says who likes your post that stays there when you click it, its annoying ) Ok back to topic.
    I think SVI is going to be our most improved guy. He was overwhelmed last season. Couldnt fight over screens, couldnt knock down the trey with his supposed dead eye accuracy in game, etc.
    I think that the extra training this year will help him immensely. He is going to be stronger, faster, more experienced. He will improve his game all around and be a big factor for us next season.
    If he can defend better than Brannen, which I think he can, he will average double figure minutes for us and potentially be a double figure scorer too.

  • I hope SELF is the most improved Jayhawk this year. Not Tyler.

  • @KU-Flyer You said, “No one is going to transfer.”

    Ok, I get that. But suppose you are Svi or Greene, and we sign Ingram. You know Mason and Graham get time because of their ball handling. Out two point guards. You know Selden plays. You know Self goes with a five man (or smaller) perimeter rotation. Always has. You saw that Wiggins and Oubre played as OADs. We sign Ingram. You connect the dots and figure that Ingram will start.

    If you are Greene, aren’t you risking a lot? This is your junior season. And you might get shut out of PT? The best you would be is the 5th guy. Transfer or redshirt?

    If you are Svi, you are going to sit the bench again? You are in the lottery spots of 2016 mock drafts? Again, the best you would be is now the 5th guy. Transfer or go back to Europe for pro ball?

    If a Juco guy comes in, different dynamic of course. But an OAD? Guaranteed – if we get an OAD – Graham, Brown, or Newman – roster pressure will demand relief. Transfer, return to Europe, redshirt. Something.

    Heck, if it’s Newman, he wants to play point … you are Devonte Graham. Your not only staring at Mason’s rear end for the next two seasons, but now Newman?

    Just speculation.

  • Great idea for a topic for sure.

    My vote is Graham. The kid is an absolute stud and is due for a huge season. I think it will be a similar situation that Sherron was in during the 2008 season where he didn’t start but got huge minutes off the bench and was essentially a 6th starter.

    Graham has great handles. Great IQ. Good jumper. Very quick. Most importantly he plays with confidence and swagger. Now that he is not a freshman I look for him to be a vocal leader of this team and to be a 10 point 4 assist a game guy off the bench.

  • Tyler.

  • @HighEliteMajor What if Svi proves he has better handles than we think he does? Add that with a legit defense and three point threat.

  • @joeloveshawks

    I would have said Graham if he was guaranteed to start. He’s going to get around 20 minutes max a game if he’s coming off the bench. I still believe he will improve a ton and its likely to not show up in his stats increasing. Collins was given the keys after the freshman year and got a ton more minutes to show how much he improved. Mason was given the same keys. Graham is still got Mason in his way.

    I honestly kind of wish Self would start Mason & Graham and slide Selden to the 3 where we don’t really lose anything. We could worry about size at positions but its a huge advantage having 2 guys who have great handles and ability to get past defenders.

  • @BeddieKU23 Fully agree. I think our best starting lineup is Mason, Graham, Selden, Ellis and whoever is going to play the 5 (Bragg or an OAD kid).

  • @HighEliteMajor and @KU-Flyer

    “I suspect everyone and noone (will transfer).”

    –Inspector Clouseau

  • Tyler will improve the most, but no one will know it.

  • @Lulufulu I think Svi will prove exactly that … he’s the third best ball handler on the team; excellent at the post feed; has proven that he can drive and dish; plays solid D. Really, his shot just didn’t go in regularly. I could see Svi being our best all around player next season (I mentioned that as well back after a first game or two this season, when I was giddy).

  • We had glimpses last season of how well this team can play when firing on all cylinders, and with the extra year of experience…and it hey can find consistency, I believe we will see improvement across the board. I have a sneaky feeling that Greene will be a really pleasant surprise.

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