KU to travel to San Diego St right before X-Mas

  • I thought we would learn from last years before X-Mas debacle when we traveled to play Temple. That worked so well for this team.

    Rinse & Repeat a year later

    KU will travel to San Diego St. on 12/22/2015 to play in their home gym just before the break.

    I suppose we continue to think scheduling games like this will be a great benefit except when they are not. Great for RPI, stupid for timing.

    I understand the game was already set for this year as part of the deal for them coming to KU 2 years ago. But what about finding a better time when kids minds won’t be on returning home.They have a menacing home court advantage of late and will be an extremely difficult game.

    Whatever happened to “softening” the schedule Bill???

  • @BeddieKU23 hopefully we learned something from last year!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I wouldn’t have an issue if the game had better timing.

    What’s the point of traveling across the country right before kids fly around to their home’s anyway. We should be playing some cup-cake or a game in Allen where the odds are good we go out to break with a W.

    The way the Big 12 is set up now, we play 9 Super Bowl games, no reason to keep adding to it.

  • @BeddieKU23 I will say San Diego in late December is a nice warm place to visit during the cold Kansas winter. As a student at KU I loved any chance to visit somewhere warm in the winter months. And I would expect there.will be a trip to the beach to wade in the Pacific Ocean. I doubt most on the team have seen it before.

  • Kansas had multiple things working against it when it played Temple last season. Playing on the road against a tough opponent just prior to break was only part of it. A bigger part of it was the fact that two of Temple’s best players had just become eligible, giving Kansas no time to scout them.

    I agree though. I’m not a big fan of this long-distance road game leading up to winter break. Though it does reflect nicely in the SOS/RPI scale.

  • @stupidmichael

    We play Michigan St next year and in Maui so our RPI will not be hurting. Plus the Big 12 will be just as tough so RPI is really not a question again.

    The last 2 years schedule’s were overkill and look where it got us…

  • The game(s) were arranged a long time in advance and there is very little KU can do to change the schedule now other than opting out and paying a huge penalty and missing an RPI building game that is too late to replace and that would create a really bad precedent of not honoring contracts. Maybe in the future all contract should have a clause with dates when games cannot be scheduled, but it is too late for this particular game. Better yet.SZ should hire someone that actually know how to write a contract that favors KU; he obviously sucks at it.

  • I have no issue with the game, just timing I find it hard to see why we couldn’t have fit this at a different time in the non con but that’s my thinking of the matter.

    A good chunk of our players remember losing at home to them and I’m sure bill will use that as motivation but we will be underdogs in that gym.

  • Maybe we’ll be ready for this game this year. KU doesn’t run from anyone, so I have no problem with it. I’d rather see this than us playing Pocatello St in Allen Field House.

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