KU pride

  • I though this would be a good place for people to show off their KU pride!

    I’ve been working on my man cave for the last 5 years. It is finally nearing a point of completion. For the last 20 years or so I’ve been collecting KU memorabilia and autos. I’d like to share a few pictures of my completed basement with you all. It’s not 100% KU as I do have a couple of other interestes, but it’s not a place that a mizzou fan would feel comfortable. 🙂

    Please put any pictures of your KU paraphanellia here! I’ll start putting pics of the man cave this evening when I get home from work. Remember this is a wholesome KU thread when posting pictures.

  • @dylans Nice! I have a small but supremely treasured collection

  • @dylans You have OTHER interests? BAH! I thought you were a true KU fan.


  • @nuleafjhawk Not many, but I do. Here’s one that also has been a 6 year project:


  • The above leather coral is PO’d because something picked on it a few days ago or it would look way better. image.jpg

  • @dylans said:


    Who’s that shooting a three?

  • @dylans said:


    One of these is not like the others…

  • image.jpg

    Wiggins, Ben McLemore, and my personal favorite Danny Manning

  • image.jpg

  • @dylans said:


    The Kansas Comet found his way onto my wall too!

  • image.jpg

    I’m running out of wall space already… Guess I need a bigger house for all my KU stuff. 🙂

  • Please jump in guys. I know you’ve got some KU gear you want to show off. No need to be embarrassed by that picture of you and Roy that’s classic! Post away!!!

  • @dylans that is awesome!! I want to visit. How did you get all those autographs?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks. Anytime you or any of the buckets crew are in SW Kansas swing by.

    I know a guy who gets autos after the games. I got the basketballs from KUStore.com Except the '07-'08 I had to pay a guy an arm and a leg to get that one last year. The rest I found on-line in shops or on e-bay. I get PSAs opinion on most of the autos to make sure they are legit, but you can spot most fakes.

    The pic of Chalmers was given to me by my father in-law. He knew the photographer and she kinda knows Bill Self. When Bill saw the picture he said to bring a stack by for him to sign for her. Pretty awesome, coach!

  • @dylans Thats incredible! Thanks for sharing.

  • @dylans which is why it is on top! (The 2007-2008 ball)

  • @JayhawkRock78 That’s one difference, but it is also the same as 3 of the others in another aspect.

    I hear you have a signed '88 bball, I’m jealous. Would you be so kind as to post a picture of it here? I’m proud of the teams that win their region in the NCAA also.

  • @Lulufulu I’d love to see your collection too!

  • @dylans If I posted that somewhere it must of been when I was drinking. I don’t have a signed ball. I do have the Sports Illustrated Magazine “Oh Danny Boy” and a framed cover of the same. I also have a wallet sized 1987-88 schedule with a picture of the team on the front.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Sorry, I may have mis-remembered or misinterpreted what you said (or someone else). My memory is not idenic and for that I am thankful.

    Here’s your quote,“And that is all I have in my den, Our Big 8 championships for track… just 1988 and 2008 basketball framed pics from Sports Illustrated… No final four stuff at all, but I am very cool with them in the Allen Fieldhouse rafters”

    Haha, apparently I value final fours more than you!

  • @dylans Actually I just went back and saw what I posted about my den. One sentence says, “Just 1988 and 2008 basketball” so my bad. I added “posters framed from sports illustrated”

  • @JayhawkRock78 Oh good, I’m not losing it. 🙂

  • @dylans I do value final fours, A LOT. But I’ve only been to three-and one of them is a bad memory-1986. I don’t have anything from that year.

  • Okay, when I went to the 2008 final four my dad and I bought matching shirts with KU on them. We he got home he sent me a championship shirt, but it course it doesn’t mention another team or the score.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I haven’t had the fortune to attend a NCAA game. The Big12 tournament three years ago (KU win!) are the only postseason games I’ve been to. I should’ve went to the NC game in Texas, but…

  • @dylans You,would surprised how affordable the first or second weekend can be if the location isn’t close to KC.

    I got tickets to DUke vs KU in 2003 at the pond (Anahiem, CA) ;

    KU vs Richmond vs KU @ San Antonio with the twins befor the VCU game, and Michigan vs KU in that Memphis like meltdown in Dallas all for $100 each. SometiMes I bought early- sometimes I waited them out to bail.

    My best win was front row tickets to KU vs Richmond at San Antonio for $94 each. Luckily I didn’t drive back to SA for the VCU game and insisted to my father and friends not to buy tickets to the final 4 game or airfare to Houston until AFTER THE VCU game.

  • @JayhawkRock78 It’s a 6 hour drive to Allen Fieldhouse from my house. Generally if I’m going to a basketball game I want to go to Mecca. The Big12 tournament was fun, but Allen Fieldhouse is the best! I just have a hard time shelling out hard earned cash to go watch a ball game anywhere but in the best venue in the WORLD. Once you go there everywhere else pales in comparison. Could be my crimson and blue tinted glasses though.

    Who is in your avatar picture? You mentione the boy scouts in another post. Did you finish? I was able to attain Eagle scout rank myself. You are right it is a fantastic organization, especiallly here when I was in it. If you have a good scout master it is a blast and you learn without realizing it.

  • In my limited experience in NCAA bBall NOTHING compares to AFH.

    That said March madness can be cool if you live 800 miles from AFH, and games in Texas in Houston aren’t hard to get to from Houston except Texas Tech.

    My avatar is my father with my children in Alaska. A special trip just after my 50th birthday-I was almost born there before statehood. He served there. In the Korean War.

    My grandfather and father were leaders in scouting (Soutmaster or (asst.) and my cousin and I became Eagle Scouts. As you know, that requires a MAJOR commitment. To this day I believe that and Athletic accomplishments paved the way to great opportunities all through my career. As for athletics the good lord put my directly in the path of HOF coaches in High School. Talk about being born under a lucky star.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Looks like I’m on about the same time-line as you with the kids. I’m 36 with a five year old boy and one (as he says a brother or a sister) on the way.

    What sports did you play in HS? Any in college? I didn’t have a great opportunity to play bball in HS. I switched from the local HS (placed 4th, 1st, 4th, and didn’t make state) to a christian school with 8 highschool students total. We did have an area team. We were absolutely terrible and only won one game my Jr. year. I wish I could say I was an athlete, but I’m not, I gave effort but didn’t understand the game.

    I went from thoroughly warming the bench at the public school to playing every minute at the christian school. One tournament we went to had 2 regulation games back-to-back with a 2 hour wait until a third game. Most of the teams were from the Denver area and they made us look sad.

    In the middle of the final game I stole the ball and made it to half court before both my legs cramped to the point of dropping me to the floor. I kicked the ball to one of our better players to watch him miss an unguarded layup. aargh.

    Hopefully I can give my kid a little help in the sports department and get him involved sooner. My folks didn’t watch sports at all until I got them hooked on KU b-ball after I came home from college. I think as long as he’s around the game and is given a base understanding he’ll struggle less than I did. Assuming he wants to play, I would never force him.

  • Let me give you a well thought out response in the next day or two.

    In short I was a guy who told my wife I would would not push my kids early. What I should have done was develop them early and step back and let them choose their way.

  • image.jpg

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Love it! Thanks for posting.

  • Not mine! It’s my friends pic I stay w/in Lawrence. I’m always trying to get them to give it to me!