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  • …and the new DeBruce Center for the Rules of Basketball.


  • @wrwlumpy Beautiful! Inspiring too. If anything can give us a leg up in the battle for recruiting with Nike stack programs, this is it.

  • I still have a few questions about the apartments.

    Does anyone know if there will be a tunnel walkway, so the players can have easy access to AFH?

    Another thing… I know it would be more costly, but shouldn’t we have built a bigger facility and housed football in part of it? Or maybe build another building for football? It would help basketball more if we started recruiting better football players and started having respectable football. The real money is in football… something we don’t have so we have to put lots of our basketball resources into the football budget.

  • @drgnslayr I think I heard somewhere that one of the reasons that Jo Jo White chose Kansas was because he got to see Gale Sayers play and meet him in person. That was a big deal to him.

  • @drgnslayr

    if I understand correctly, only half of the residents at the facility can be athletes and the other has to be non-athlete students. A comparable football facility would have to house at least 200 students (100 football players) and the cost would be prohibitive. The KU basketball facility is supposed to host the men and women basketball players as well as 34 other students and the cost is close to $18M; a comparable football facility would cost close to $60M for a program that wins very little…I just don’t see it, alt least snot at this time.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Yes, it would be expensive. But we need to do something to build football, and hiring another jackazz coach from the NFL isn’t going to do it.

    The investment would be expensive, but I think it could help get football rolling, big time.

    Look what is possible:

    Football revenue keeps Alabama rolling in dough

    These numbers are surplus. Our football is deficit.

    I know I would rather donate to football. We are so limited without quality football, including future considerations when conferences shakedown again.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The other half is going to be the cheerleading squad.

  • @Statmachine

    It would be a HUGE selling point…unfortunately it is not allowed since all the cheering squads are part of the Athletic Department.

  • Too bad Dylan and Dakota left the team.


  • @wrwlumpy

    Isn’t one of them dating the Unibrow?

  • @wrwlumpy I’d say it narrows the gap between Kansas and a place, like Kentucky, which has had such a facility for a few years now. It definitely won’t hurt, that’s for sure.

    Ultimately, I imagine this will become the norm for most major D1 schools that desire to remain competitive in the revenue sports. I have a feeling this facility will seem ho-hum within 20 years when compared to what other campuses are offering. Not saying it’s not worth it (because it is), but I’m not sure it will create that much of an edge, especially when compared to places that are already (perceivably) out-recruiting Kansas.

    Would any of the recent recruits, who had final choices of both Kansas and Kentucky and ultimately chose Kentucky, have chosen Kansas had these facilities been in place? I’m not sure. Maybe one? Two? Tough to say. But, like I said, it’s definitely not going to hurt!!

  • @drgnslayr

    Alabama much like Texas and most Southern schools is a football school and basketball is what they watch while they wait for football. KU is the opposite, like Duke, Kentucky, UNC, and others it is a basketball school and football is what we watch until basketball starts. Football is king at Alabama, basketball is king at KU. This is not to say that we cannot have a decent football program, Mangino proved we could, but basketball will always come first.

  • @JayHawkFanToo 80be15a5_antdyl.jpg

    If they have kids, that child will have some eyebrows!

  • @drgnslayr . point planking, yo?

  • @wrwlumpy Whoa!! That game room is awesome.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    We are a basketball school… only because we aren’t a football school. Point being… Memorial Stadium holds over 50k. Granted we only have 12 regular season games… however… we already fill AFH every year for basketball. Making further investments doesn’t really bring us a bigger return. The non-captured capital in our AD is in football. We will have 7 home games this year and we won’t sell out a single game or come close.

    The purple kitties show us every year that our State supports football. I always try to support football every year, but it becomes a tough sell when we are almost guaranteed a loss.

    If we ever need to consider moving to another conference it would be a huge benefit to have a successful football program, both on the field and in the accounting ledgers.

  • @drgnslayr I feel like we have some great energetic coaches now, they’re working their butts off! I’m excited to go to a game. I’d like to watch spring game.

  • Banned


    I have to say I’m a bit excited for some KU football. 🙂

  • I learned the difference between a football school, which KU is not, but LSU is, and a basketball school, which KU is, but LSU isn’t.

    I took my daughter to Lawrence last week to visit KU. I loved it, and want to re-enroll. She’s not so sure. But after doing all of the campus tours and all that it was time to drive around Lawrence and see all of my old haunts. We checked into the motel and changed out of my KU stuff which I wore for the visit into my Wisconsin shirt, since it was the day of the championship game.

    We walked around downtown quite a bit. People were stopping me on the street wishing the Badgers well. In the restaurant, (Limestone hippy pizza) even a little old lady stopped me and said she was cheering for the Badgers. In other words everyone in Lawrence knew what was happening that evening and who was playing.

    Two nights later, we’re back home and I go to an LSU baseball game. I wear a Badgers shirt. Walk around quite a bit getting snacks, etc. Not one person stopped me to say anything about the game. In a football town, they could care less, sad really in a sports kind of way.

    I wish I lived in a basketball town, and not a football town!

  • @Statmachine “The other half is going to be the cheerleading squad.” LMAO.

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