Current Cystal Ball Indicators for the recruits still on our radar.....who do we get?

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  • Mike Thorne, JR - no 247Crystal Ball Available


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  • Based on Diallo’s comments…I think he will see more playing time elsewhere. With Self’s history of bringing freshmen along slowly and the number of 4/5 position guys we have, I would not be surprised if he went elsewhere. 30 mins. is a lot of playing time.

  • @Hawk8086 depends on how good he is, cause we have a strong need there.

  • Kind of a bummer not to find KU even on the crystal ball for Zimmerman.

    @Hawk8086 Agreed that Diallo’s comments make it seem like he’s unlikely to sign with KU. I think the only way he’s guaranteed 20 mpg is if both Ellis and Alexander leave. If there’s 80 minutes to be had at the 4/5, Ellis is going to play close to 35 minutes every game. Bill Self loves Traylor and we know Bill rewards loyalty as well. Traylor and Lucas will play 20 minutes between the two of them. That leaves 25 minutes to be divided between Bragg and Diallo. I just don’t see Self completely bailing on a 5-year guy, Traylor (even though he probably should), and a guy like Lucas, who played quite well (all things considered) the last half of this past season.

    I’m really worried Self is going to whiff on all of these guys, when I think signing one (aside from Thorne) would make KU an instant and legitimate final four contender.

  • We’ve fallen off Newman big time.

    Brown and Ingram are so hard to read. I think Diallo is pretty much KU. I think the Mullins hire just sealed their fate.

    I’d take Thorne just for some extra depth. Don’t look now folks but if we get Diallo and Thorne, we’ll be so big and deep with Lucas and Mickelson. Don’t even mention experience. It’s almost like combining UK’s size with Wisconsin’s experience…yikes. Our back court is going to be solid if we bring in either Brown, Ingram or maybe Newman.

    I want to do the math. I’ve lost track of the paper. So…we began the year with 1 to give. CF left and that made it 2. Now with Oubre gone we should have 3? Bragg gets 1. Now we have 2? This would allow for Diallo and Thorne. I really don’t want to lose anymore. I like the experience of our back court this year with mostly juniors? We have a promising and solid soph in Svi. I’m giddy.

    If my math serves me correctly, we may not be able to land Brown or Ingram and definitely not Newman. We need Ellis to stay. If we do lose Ellis, unlikey, but possible, I want to invest in a marquee name like Brown to replace Oubre. Wait, wait, wait…I forgot my sleeper in Selden. If he leaves, there’s the extra paper for either Brown or Ingram. I hope Bragg is working them well. Ingram actually said Bragg was working him hard. He may spoil the crystal ball prediction. I’m actually fine with or without Selden.

    I just remembered Alex’s situation. He would get us another recruit. I don’t think Loangate is going to work out at all.

  • Don’t forget that Tyler will be back from his redshirt year. 🙂

  • @Wigs2 No, Tyler is jumping to the league. He’s taking his King Tyler skills to the next level. He’s tired of living off Bill and Cindy. Time to earn his keep. He’s going to support the family for a change.

  • That’s too bad Tyler’s leaving. I was hoping for big things out of him next year.

  • I must follow recruiting more than 247 sports or something? I know for sure Jaylen Brown said he was going to an Adidas school 100%. This crystal ball prediction must be made up of clown experts!!! They have UK at a 36% chance of landing Brown even though he specifically stated he was going to an Adidas school. I figure we have a lot better chance than UK on his recruitment. Then Zimmerman’s roommate was Bragg at the all American game and he told reporters that Bragg really made a good case for him to join Bragg at KU. They have Duke in the lead for Ingram BUT he just started following the entire KU team on twitter and 7 of our guys are following him now. That’s gotta mean something? Then we are in the lead on the clown expert prediction at 247 sports for Diallo. I think we have ZERO chance on Newman in fact as soon as the UK turds start declaring for the NBA Newman is UK bound. That’s my take on it and another thing Diallo is being followed by and following Embiid on twitter. That could be really good for KU but he was unsuccessful recruiting Lebron to the sixers lol.

  • @Statmachine I saw a video of brown saying he never said he was going to pick an adidas school. It was after the Mickey d game.

  • @Statmachine 247 has their own ratings, but what is most followed is their composite of all ratings - aggregate something like 30 or 40. Some probably follow the AAU circuit closely, others probably are, as you say, clowns. But the wisdom of the crowds usually has some merit. Also important to track is the trend - a lot of the predictions are very stale - the more recent ones might have a touch more validity. Brown’s statement that he would only go to an Adidas school was recent - just guessing that many of the predictions predated that. Trending is that Brown will end up at UCLA - but who really knows. Diallo was trending to SJU post Mullins hire and his hire of the ISU assistant who was recruiting him.

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