Nov 18 Headlines: KU moves to #2 in AP poll

  • ####ESPN: Michigan State, Kansas top poll####

    Associated Press Poll The top five teams in the AP Top 25 men’s college basketball poll:

    1 Michigan State 2 Kansas 3 Louisville 4 Kentucky 5 Arizona

    Perry Ellis ####KU Sports: Wiggins, Ellis earn Big 12 honors####

    The Kansas duo of sophomore forward Perry Ellis and freshman guard Andrew Wiggins have been named the Big 12 Player and Newcomer of the Week in a vote by a media panel which covers the league, the conference announced Monday.

    Bill Self talks about where his team stands 2 games into the season - mp3

  • Rock Chalk!!

  • Should provide some motivation on Tuesday to play full on both halves. #3 in USA Today. RCJ go KU. (clap)

  • I would prefer to stay under the radar and be #1 in the only poll that counts. Having said that and with the notoriety of KU players, this is not likely to happen.

  • In March I’ll embrace a top 4 & # 1 seed, but now just means a more enticing target. However… Fly JBirds, Fly!

  • We’ll see how our Jayhawks react to moving up. Being ranked at the top always seems to wear on a team after a while. For one, they can never win by a big enough margin to satisfy some… and of course a loss means they were always over-ranked and didn’t deserve being ranked that high in the first place.

    The only way to make it work (being ranked so high this early) is to never lose all year in order to limit the criticism.

    I don’t know, this team sure doesn’t seem to mind the pressure so far, in fact, they seem to like it. The only game they really looked good in was the Duke game. That will have to change now… as their schedule stiffens and their higher ranking just feeds motivation to their opponents.

    We don’t play Belmont this year, do we?

  • We don’t play Belmont this year, do we?

    Belmont Bruins would not be good. KU has had a hard time with the double Bs…

    Bucknell Bisons

    Bradley Braves

    Good thing KU did not play the Butler Bulldogs…

  • I feel the same as @jayHawkFanToo I like to be under the radar. It seems Self does his best at keeping the team hungry and motivated as the underdog. However, under the radar is not going to happen with the attention this team is getting this year because of our recruiting class.

    I think #2 is too high. We have had ONE good game. In that game we did see our potential is great. It will be interesting to see in this next game if we play well. I am afraid and I hope this is not the case, that we play UP or DOWN to our competition.

    IMO I think UL should be ranked ahead of us for sure. Anyway, we have the #2 ranking so let’s hope we can handle the pressure and keep it or move up by playing complete games.

  • I know its early but I checked out every RPI ranking I could find today and KU is in the top 10 of every one of them. I noticed that KU is also the only AP and Coaches poll top 10 in the top 10 of every RPI list. To me it means Selfs young team is playing well early even if it doesnt seem like it. I know everyone is saying (myself included) that they have a lot of room for improvement but since everyone else is playing equally as bad I think I like where we are at this early in the year.

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