ND and that other team...

  • Right about now Marshall is probably thinking, damn.

  • @brooksmd

    I generally have grown up with a hatred of all things ND. Not so with WSU. I don’t have any feelings for them either. So I guess I like ND only because I think they’d have a better chance of knocking off the team we ALL hate!

  • @wissoxfan83 good man!

  • @brooksmd maybe he’s counting that 'bama offer?

  • Nd’s d isn’t great.

  • No offensive boards, either team.

  • Marsha will say something stupid, I just know!

  • Ok, the basketball universe feels a little more just now. Now Huggy bear needs to eat those kitties.

  • How about that. Looks like WSU left everything out on the floor last Sunday. “Surprising”

  • Not a fan of ND, but you have to admire they way they move the ball on offense - score every efficiently, and without any kind of a post game. High BBall IQ for most of their guys - not something I’m sure you can say about our guys.

  • @DCHawker move w/out the ball! Very hi bb IQ!

  • I wonder what the record is for teams following up their season/career highlight win of beating KU with a turd of a performance. ISU… KSU… Mizzou… WVU… OSU… now Wichita State. Good grief.

  • Good for ND. Played for their coach whose Mother passed away last weekend.

    NC up on Wisconsin??? By 7.

    Have to say a big HAHA to WSU fans.

  • Oh No! They will now talk about that Sunday game for a year!

  • @Shanghai_RCJH 81-70 is all you need to counter with! :-)

  • Well, will see how OU and WVU do, but entirely possible that the ACC has 2-3 teams in the FF.

  • @RockChalkinTexas But they had their NC game last Sunday. That made their year.

  • Never a doubt! On Wisconsin!

  • @wissoxfan83 Rock Chalk Badgers!

  • I can’t watch anymore, it’s too brutal. On to the Arizona-Xavier game.

  • @brooksmd

    “Right about now Marshall is probably thinking, damn.”

    Evidently, right now he is considering a deal with Alabama.

    What a d-bag! The Shockers were better than that tonight, but after Marshall threw his own guys under the bus, why should they hustle?

    Marshall is so focused on making big bucks he couldn’t even say the right thing about the bama offer. You don’t say you’ll consider it when awaiting a Sweet 16 game. That’s like taking your wife out on your anniversary and “consider” taking a prostitute’s offer while out on the town. The guy is classless.

    First off… what d-bag school starts rumbling offers to a coach while they are still playing in March Madness? No class. But then, maybe the pairing is a fit.

  • @drgnslayr we told you he was slimy!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Guess I was dazzled by his guys stepping up. He really left them high and dry tonight!

  • Brilliant counter to any WSU hecklers is to constantly churn the rumor mill about this or that school wanting Marshall. Sure to send chills up their spine…

    Of course, Marshall could douse their party permanently by accepting Alabama’s or whomever’s offer. Then, Self should sched wsu yearly.

  • The minute Marshall is out of Wichita, I will go back to being a Wichita State fan. I have loved all of their good teams of the past. I loved what Turg did for them. I loved what Ralph Miller did there. Really, everyone of them.

    But Marshall?

    Get out of town as fast as you can, Greg.

    Texas not biting on Marshall even gives me hope for Texas.

    Alabama and Marshall?

    The only thing better would have been Guyana and Marshall.

    Alabama and Marshall?

    Something finally happened that could make me root for UK in the SEC.

    But what is it about the SEC these days? Its like a fecal magnet. Cal. Fizzou. And now Marshall!!! Hey, maybe some of their schools could hire Jim Calhoun, and Quinn Snyder, and Jim Boeheim!


  • WSU should fold up basketball all together after getting spanked by a team with uniforms that ugly. :-1:

  • @jaybate-1.0

    SEC - Sewage Excavation Conference

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