Kstate losing 3 players

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  • I figured this would happen. Kstate better hope that’s all they lose, or they may finish dead last in the conference next season

  • @justanotherfan I think they will regardless. Tcu and Tech are on the rise. And I hope UT gets Marshall from WSU. The conference needs to improve. If Ford goes I’d be happy, too.

  • @justanotherfan best 2 graduating, Gibson and williams

  • @Blown I can’t stand Marshall. If the elbow smash to Perry’s face is any indication of what playing Texas 2-3 times/year under Marshall might be like, I’m not looking forward to it. We need Sasha to come back and teach our bigs Facesmashing.

    To paraphrase Gladiator… I will [smash your face], Aleks Maric, in this life or the next! http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/journalstar.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/f/b2/fb2d3806-b219-11df-992e-001cc4c002e0/5012cd3e15aba.preview-620.jpg

  • @Blown 100% agree. I want to see KState suffer in the manner I dislike Mizzoo. Purple fan? Yes, I will root for TCU ftball & bball! Wildcat fan? Sure, I will root for blueblood KY before I root for KSU & their god-forsaken, utter-retard fanbase.

    Lets not spare that fossil Snyder either, as he has said some extremely disparaging, profane things in pvt about KU. My die is cast: dont anybody feed me any of that church-related bullhockey about him either, aint buyin it! The man who has minions stupid enough to revere in his middling achievements–> he cant even spell “5star recruit”, as he’d have to look that concept up in a book. 30yrs of trying and never sniffed a NC. Give me Urban Meyer or Nick Saban or Stoops. Oh, where’s his wonderboy Colin Klein??? In Canada, because not a SINGLE NFL team wanted him. Reality is almost ANY SEC team could pound that purple azz. Proof? Auburn comes into Manlesshattan (Frank Martin is gone…), plays one of their worst games…and still beats KSU! Just like Ksuck bball is now, as soon as that fossil middle-achiever leaves his no-star/2-star menagerie behind, they’ll quickly revert back to the national embarrassment they were before, in Princely fashion.

    And lets come up with some kind of award for their fanbase for being so solidly consistent in making the State of Kansas look bad on national TV. Nobody outside KS gives a flying F about KSU on the natl sports scene. What a collection of pussies (cats)…but a friendly warning: you wouldnt want to look up those skirts…

    (Sports-rivalry humor…no malice intended to any house-divided jayhawks.)

  • @ralster Quit beating around the bush and tell us how you REALLY feel.

    J/K 🙂 Love it first thing in the morning.

    Now we know why there were comments from Gipson/Williams after their loss in the tourney. Bad seeds on the team contributed to the bad seed they had in the tourney.

  • I’m glad that Weber did the right thing in getting rid of Foster. What a cancer he was this year for them. Thomas & Harris surprised me. I would have thought Malek would have been gone since he was one who was suspended with Marcus.

    The bright side to this? 2 easy games next year in the Big 12. League will be stacked again so it will be nice to have breather games against them for once.

  • @approxinfinity hey I don’t care for Marshalls temperment either. But I also didn’t like my older brothers beating my ass at everything growing up, including fisticuffs. But because of it, I’m the toughest hardest working sob in the entire family and now the tables have turned.

  • @approxinfinity WSU has been good before. WSU has beaten us before - I got to witness it firsthand in Nawlins. So now they’re in the twilight of their glory. They may have one more decent year and then they’ll fade off into oblivion for another 30-some years. I hope they enjoy it while they can… Well, not really.

  • As I’ve said before, this is Weber’s normal process. He has some success with his predecessor’s recruits, then he brings in some of his own guys. He clashes with a talented young player, kicks said player off the team, then his team goes into the toilet.

    That happened at Illinois, now it’s happening at K-State. Start your Fire Bruce Weber clocks, folks. He’s running out of time. He gets to scapegoat Foster and Co. this year, but now that he’s cleaned house, he won’t have any talent next season, or anyone to blame. K-State will be looking for a basketball coach in spring 2017.

  • @nuleafjhawk For real. The big picture here is consistency. How many final four banners hang in AFH, how many conference banners, how many National Title banners?
    What does WSU’s gym look like? OH HEY! We beat Kansas, once.
    BFD. Yeah, sure they kicked our butts, knocked us off the hill, temporarily. But, thats all it is.

    KU is the best div 1 team in the state, with out question. Lil brother just sucker punched us, thats all. We play them again, I would bet money on the tides being turned in a very lunar direction.

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