When Kansas Looks Good

  • As has been the case all year, when Kansas gets open looks from 3, they can look very good. Their inside game was pretty average yesterday, missing a handful of easy shots. Perry wasn’t even able to get up enough the get the ball over the rim on a dunk attempt.

    I don’t think that will be lost on Gregg Marshall. I expect the Shockers to concentrate on shutting down our 3pt game. They survived an insanely hot 3pt shooting team yesterday. I don’t think we’ll get as many open looks.

    I expect a grind it out game. And in the mental toughness department, I think I’d have to go with Wichita State. They are definitely a tough-minded team. Gonna be a good game tomorrow.

  • @KUinLA

    It will be a grind type game. But Indiana has one of the weakest inside games in the entire country. They have a perimeter attack on purpose because they don’t have anyone inside. Indiana has shot like that all year and had one of the most efficient offenses in the country. Wichita’s inside game looked great and the drives looked great because everyone did that to Indiana. KU will not be as easy to score on and if Self game-plan’s right he will try and shut down the perimeter and try and kill them insides when we can. We might be a small team compared to most KU teams we’ve had but in this game we have an advantage.

  • @KUinLA It doesn’t surprise me in the least you’re picking WSU.

  • @KUSTEVE I wasn’t actually picking Wichita State. I think if we can get our 3pt game going, we can handle them without too much trouble. But if they manage to shut down our 3 game and we don’t get open looks, it’s gonna be a grind out game. And in that type of game, I like Wichita’s mental toughness.

    Sorry I can’t match your hatred for Wichita State. I like to reserve that type of animosity for Duke. I am still a Kansan, after all, lol.

  • @KUinLA It is true - there is animosity. I grew up following the Shocks and the Wildcats, and of course, the Jayhawks. My love of Wichita St ended after the nasty way the Shock fans went after KU after they won 1 game in 1981. It was just an avalanche of negative spewing crap they threw at us about ducking them, etc. When Roy played them in the early nineties, their fans were absolutely horrible when we played in Levitt, as we were beating them by 30+. Cue up 2012, when WSU becomes relevant, and all that nasty crap is thrown out there by their fan base again…"you’re ducking us…you’re afraid of us…etc. When their coach called us chicken hawks, I decided I had my new Missouri.

  • @KUSTEVE My new Missouri, love it.

  • When Kansas looks good! Game day… image.jpg

  • These guys look like the guys that were shooting and dunking the “no ball” warm ups. Loose and fun!!

  • I’m sorry, I don’t know what it is, but I see KU winning this game. I’m a total pessimist, but I just think we pull it off. I’m not calling a blowout or anything, but I think this could be a game like the one we had against UNC in 2012–where it was close throughout but you never really doubted that KU would win it. I think Self can exploit some WSU’s deficiencies to pull out a W.

    All of the pundits are saying we won’t win, but I think they’re being misled by statistics, which in WSU’s case can be grossly misleading. If you think KU won’t be geared up for this game, you haven’t been paying attention. WSU gets their scoring from 2 players. I believe we can shut them down. Jesse pointed out that KU has been exposed by some elite point guards this year, and I think Van Vleet is a great player. But he is not Isaiah Taylor. He’s not getting 27 against us. Baker has been prone to shooting slumps, and I think if he goes 3-13 against us from the field, it will be a long day for the Shockers.

    I see KU winning this game 72-64. RCJH.

  • Well, I was hoping I’d be wrong but it is what it is and Len Elmore pretty much backed it up the whole second half–Wichita State is just a lot more mentally tough than we are.

    Maybe they just wanted a rematch with Kentucky more than we did.

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