Down go the Cyclones

  • Congrats to Jerod Haase.

  • Yes, Jerod!

    No more crying clowns! I know I should have supported all the B12 teams… but I couldn’t support ISU and their growing egos.

  • Maybe they should have shot more threes?

  • Or tell Niang to stop gunning.

  • @drgnslayr

    I’m ambivalent on this one too. I want to see our conference put in a good showing, but, well … what you said. Typical. Play the game of their lives against us then flame out early in the big tourney. It’ll be up to KU to carry the Big 12 torch as far as they can after the bulk of our conference teams bow out in the first round as usual.

  • I had them going pretty deep. The way they can shoot the ball and I thought they had a pretty easy path. Bracket busted. for funsies I made one bracket with an all Big 12 final four and us playing them for the championship. Pipe dream busted too.

  • @tis4tim

    It’s always up to KU in March.

    But I’m hopeful Baylor, WVU, OU and UT stick around for a while. Would even be nice to see the cowboys win a game or two.


  • So much for winning the B12 tourney… Although I would love to see WVU pester kentucky … :)

  • Vote for Donnelly!

  • @Bosthawk I picked wv a couple of brackets

  • @drgnslayr said:

    It’s always up to KU in March


    Maybe needs to be etched into stone above the entrance to the field house.

  • ISU:

    36.9% shooting as a team 6-23 from 3-point land outrebounded 51-34 including 18-9 on the offensive boards Niang: 4-15 from the floor for 11 points.

    Again, typical. I thought I heard a stat that Niang has averaged 20 points against us in his three year career so far, yet he can only muster 11 points in a feeble performance.

  • Why does this feel good? It shouldn’t. We shouldn’t take pleasure in the misery of others. But speaking of Mizzery, perhaps ISU has taken their place as our most hated rival.

    Look at that box score – UAB outrebounded ISU 52-37. And ISU was 6/23 from three. Self texted me and said “See!!”

  • Gotcha Hoiberg! KU got back to you in another way! UAB 19 offensive rebounds, 52-37. Ouch!

  • @Bosthawk

    Huggie owes Self big time for getting him that damned bonus.

    Its time for Huggie to prove his B12 loyalty.

    WVU needs to give those Kentucky AAU babies a taste of good old Huggins Smash Mouth.

    A half of full court smash mouth and then a half of half court smash mouth could soften the Kentucky Kittielitters up good.

    Bruise’um up, Bob!!!

    For the first time ever I will be rooting for you and bringing all my transcendental meditative powers to bear in your favor.

    Go, Huggie, go!!!

  • 5% of brackets are left perfect. We just started this! Lol

  • Agree! Let’s go WV! Put the pressure on them non stop!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    God bless you!!!


  • Text from my wife: Hogue said they were going to be the “kansas” in our conference from now on. If by that he meant getting beat by a no name in first round then he is correct

  • @tis4tim Yep, typical ISU. I think they care more about beating KU than winning in the tournament.

  • If there is such a thing as trying too hard, Niang did just that. He should have used his teammates more there toward the end.

  • It probably wouldn’t be necessary, because Haase is a Jayhawk, but I kind of hope Roy told Jarrod to give Bill a call and ask Bill how to beat Fred “when it counts”. And Bill gave Jarrod a few tips. Wishful thinking, but fun to do.

  • @Kip_McSmithers


  • “The Refs Blew It”

    -Every CyClone in America

    This is E.J.'s fault.

    -Melvin Weatherwax

  • @Blown hahaha How true!

  • @Blown said:

    “The Refs Blew It”

    -Every CyClone in America

    This is E.J.'s fault.

    -Melvin Weatherwax

    I thought I heard the announcers say early in the first half that the clowns were claiming bad calls by refs. Anyone hear that as well?

  • I can’t have sound, so wouldn’t have caught that. Also, my attention is definitely divided.

    The refs are always going to impact the game. I wish they would get 6 refs per game, instead of three. Leave them at half court.

    But, “excuses are monuments of nothingness, they build bridges to nowhere.”

    6/23 from 3 point land and being out rebounded by 15 has nothing to do with refereeing.

  • Dana O’Neil ‏@ESPNDanaOneil · 47m47 minutes ago

    Jameel McKay and Monte Morris clearly messed w mojo coloring hair.

  • I never cared for McKay’s long dreads. I see he got them colored all nice for the dance. And Jarod Haase smashed his pumpkin.

    Mixed bag here-I want all the B12 schools to,do well but I admit I’m happy to see someone knock the wind out of ISU and send them home early-someone already posted we’ve sure had our share of that.

  • Really thought the Clones would make a deep run, maybe even a Final 4 appearance. Guess not? I hope the rest of the Big 12 doesn’t just bow out so easily. They kind of need a good showing this year, to shake this whole Big 12 sucks banner.

  • I loved Haase as a player, I think I may love him more as a coach. And ( in my book, this is a positive ) he looks, acts and sounds a lot like Ol Roy.

  • I can’t say I care. Good to have the Big 12 do well. Good to have Fred Hoiberg’s kid cry. Win Win.

  • Baylor falls… What is happening with the tough big 12 ?

  • Good grief! Really wanting the Big12 to show well in the tourney, but ISU and Baylor choke big time.

  • @Bosthawk This happens every single year.

  • @DoubleDD

    ack Faylor booted now too! this makes our conference look really bad

  • I feel like ISU and Baylor lost just to spite ku fans by screwing up our Brackets. I know they messed up mine.

  • @dylans I just posted this on another thread … awesome avatar. They don’t make video games like that any more. Spent many hours getting to … and finally beating … Tyson. I struggled with one character for a long time … Sandman?

  • “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” - From Shakespeare’s Henry IV. Part II, 1597

    As usual, it will be up to KU to carry the conference flag as Baylor also lost.

    As much as I dislike ISU, I really though they had a good team that would go far, same with Baylor and Texas is barely even with Butler; however, in the NCAA match-ups are a beotch and any team can beat any other team on a given day. In ISU’s case, when you go 6-23 from the 3, you die by the 3; I am so happy that Coach Self at least tried to develop an alternative to the 3 and hopefully the 3 will be just a very good bonus. Not a good day for the conference so far and, I for one, take no pleasure on those loses…plus they busted my brackets big time… :( :( :(

  • @HighEliteMajor Thanks. I should probably change it, but I too like it.

    Sandman was a bear. So was Tyson. I liked the earlier rounds more. King hippo and piston Honda. Glass Joe was too easy though.

  • @dylans Don’t change it!

  • @JayHawkFanToo I just got home, and saw the carnage. My brackets are smouldering in a pile of ashes right now…


    …join the crowd…

  • @dylans every year they do it!

  • I usually want the Big 12 to do well. But, I found myself rooting for ISU to lose and Baylor and Texas to win. I guess I’m bitter about ISU…and want them to be put in their place. Now we will have to listen to all the crap about the Big 12 being over rated. In my opinion, the performance of a team in the tournament does not necessarily say anything about how good of a team they are. How often in the regular season would UAB beat ISU? or Georgia State beat Baylor? Not very often. The tournament is a different animal… It is so hyped. These are still kids. The pressure on the favorite is so great. The under dog plays free and easy. There can be very little correlation between the regular season and NCAA tournament. We’ve see that with KU many times. I am going to be very PO’d listening to how the Big 12 was over rated. These 3 loses don’t say anything about the strength of the Big 12 (well, OK…the Texas loss might say something about how good they are…Butler probably beats them during the regular season).

  • @Kip_McSmithers Could Hogue be more clueless? Does he not know we just won our 11th straight? That comment would make more since if they displaced us by winning the Big 12 Conference title

  • @HighEliteMajor "Self texted me and said - See!" That’s funny!

  • @tis4tim I did not see this one coming! I am happy for Jerod Haase, getting his 1st NCAA win! Rock Chalk UAB

  • @dylans Always pick against the Big 12 (except for KU of course) and then if they bust your bracket, you’ll be “happy?” that someone finally helped carry the banner!

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