Well, at least we are not a #1 seed...

  • …and won’t have to undergo pregame taunting that NO #1 SEED HAS EVER LOST TO A #16 SEED IN THE TOURNAMENT! That said, I wonder what incremental adjustments Bill Self might make at this stage of our limp-along season. He reached deep into his hat to pull out that zone, perhaps a minute or so too late in our last contest. I’ve fond memories of some of his adjustments in past key NCAA wins, esp. vs. Roy. Shucks, maybe we will dazzle from OUTSIDE-IN?

  • But if we succumb to a 15 Friday we’ll be subjected to the treatment that Duke and Missouri got several years ago when they lost within minutes of each other to 15’s.

    I can handle losing after at least getting to the round of 32. I mean it sucks, but you don’t go down in infamy losing at that point.

  • @wissoxfan83 Atlas it’s already been done by those two.

  • @REHawk

    Surprises? Oh yes, but hopefully not the first weekend!

    And ain’t it grand we get to call a 26-8 record, a conference title, and a 2 seed a limp along season!!!

  • Please, please, please, no more surprises like these…

    2014 No.10 Stanford def. No. 2 KU, 60-57 (Second round) KU’s 0.826 points per possession ranked as its lowest output of the season. The Jayhawks made just 19 of 58 field goals (33 percent) and also were just 9-for-22 (41 percent) on shots at the rim. Wiggins was held to four points on 1-for-6 shooting and took just three shots in the second half. Kansas had been 0 for 10 from 3-point range for the tournament, seven of the misses against Eastern Kentucky, before Frankamp connected with 3:34 to go in the half.

    1997 - No. 4 Arizona def. No. 1 Kansas, 85-82 (Sweet Sixteen) This will likely always remain the greatest Kansas team to not win it all. The Jayhawks didn’t lose to a slouch of an Arizona club, as the Wildcats ultimately won a surprising national title, KU had four starters — Paul Pierce, Scot Pollard, Jacque Vaughn and Raef LaFrentz — who played in the NBA for at least a decade, and they were nearly unbeatable that season. Ask any long-time Kansas fan about that game to this day, and it’s greeted either with a pained sigh or a shake of the head.

    2005 - No. 14 Bucknell def. No. 3 Kansas, 64-63 (First Round) No Kansas postseason loss will ever be as shocking as this one, as it was the lowest-seeded team to ever knock the Jayhawks out of the dance. Self, in his second season, lead roughly the same group, that advanced to the Elite Eight just a year earlier.

    Please, please, please don’t lose this first game on Friday…

  • Interesting factoids:

    KU lost two times in the non-con schedule, to Kentucky that is the overall #1 seed and to Temple that is playing in the NIT; KU was indeed Temple’s highlight of the year.

    Stanford, that beat KU last year, joins last year’s Champion ConU…I mean UConn in the NIT. KU’s current streak of 26 appearances in a row look that much better…Kentucky’s current streak is. a whooping…TWO!

  • If we make it to the Sweet 16 I’ll be popping the cork. We will have had a great year in winning #11 and beating the Shocks (if they get past IU).

    Then… if we make it to the Final Four I’ll pop another cork. Another trip to the media madness!

    Then… if we win the National Championship I’ll pop another cork! We get to fly another banner and score another trophy for AFH.

    I hope I pop 3 bottles of champagne this year… but I won’t get too upset if I get at least one sip of bubbly this year!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Ah-Ha! You have called me out on a grievous wording error. I should have called this “the limp-along phase of our terrific 2014-15 season.” Muchas gracias.

  • @Jyhwk_InTigrtwn I still think the Arizona loss is less crushing than some of our post-millenium upsets. Arizona also suited up 3 (I think) future NBAers. They beat three #1 seeds and went on to win the National Championship. And having played them to their closet final score, we can still take small solace in being (by the numbers anyway) the second best team that year.

    I don’t find that loss nearly as distressing as our tourney upsets to nobodies with no NBA talent who then promptly lost their next game (in most cases). Especially in 2011, when we had a Duke-esque cakewalk laid out to the title. Or 2010, when we should have at least made another Final Four. Or 2o14, with the best player in the country who is currently leaving all other NBA rookies in his rear view mirror. Or–oh well, never mind. I could go on about this subject til I reached jaybatian proportions.

    The point is, I hope Bill has the boys prepared for the tournament this year. Especially for the first game Friday morning. 11am Pacific time is way too early to have to start drinking.

  • I consider the Arizona loss the most shocking. I don’t care how good Arizona was that year… I still think that KU team was better. Arizona had some talent and got hot.

    After that, the Northern Iowa game and the Bucknell games shocked me about equally.

    I don’t have any delusions about this team, so I doubt that even a loss to NMST would be significantly more shocking than those. However, it might be as disappointing as any that I can remember.

    Plus, I now get crap from my wife who went to Bucknell and a neighbor who went to Stanford for grad school. Guess where he went for his undergrad?

    Wait for it.




    New Mexico St.

  • @Jyhwk_InTigrtwn

    The '97 still stings. That team just rolled the competition. No Badball that year! I would put the Syracuse game on that list. We were way better than Syracuse in my opinion, except of course at Free throws.

  • @bskeet

    The only thing that comforts me a little with the losses in '97, '02 and '03 is we lost to the national champion each time.

  • @bskeet said:

    Wait for it.

    Oh no! 🙂

  • @bskeet Guy’s gotta stick with his Bucknell bride, but hey, if we should lose this New Mexico State game you’d best pack up and flee that neighborhood! Bad karma could linger for Jayhawks throughout the decade.

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