Tournament Predictions

  • Who do you guys think will make the final four and win the championship?

  • @DinarHawk My early picks, subject to change, of course, are Duke, Arizona, Virginia, and UK. Had to pick against UK to win it all.

  • Iowa State.

    Final four of Iowa State, Oklahoma, Baylor and Wichita State.

    Only half kidding.

  • @Jyhwk_InTigrtwn ND? Notre Dame? They are in our region with UK…

  • @Hawk8086

    Oops, was just talking about ND beating us if we make it that far while I was writing!

    Deleting other post and make that UK, AZ, UVA, and PUKE with UK running the table as I predicted after they mopped the floor with us at the beginning of the season.

  • I watched Wisconsin and MSU. Wisconsin is smart good and freaky athletic. They are solid. UK has cracks and a good team will expose them, much like WSU last year. I think they are sick, but beatable. All it takes is one bad night and they’re done.

    My sleeper? We don’t have a real one this year.

    Dook gets bounced early.

    Nova will get bounced relatively early too.

    I like the idea of WVU possibly playing UK…they may be the team to spoil UK’s season and I guarantee you their fans are pissing their pants. UK has to get passed Purdue too. KU will definitely be playing WSU. I’m sorry WSU is good, but don’t think the MVC is all that strong. Wisconsin will cruise through their bracket. Baylor might give them a run. I just don’t think Scotty is a tournament coach and Bo will have him for lunch. Zona is weak coming from a weak PAC12. I think PAC12 was a fool’s gold conference this year.

    MSU or OU will knock off Nova.

    I hope the B12 proves themselves to be the strongest conference.

    I hate to say it, but ISU is strong in their bracket too. I think they can beat Dook. Utah will give Dook a good run too. I’ll be curious to see what Larry Brown and SMU will do against ISU or UCLA. Gonzaga is doomed in their bracket with ISU.

  • @truehawk93 was thinking if huggie gets that far, he might beat up uk pretty good. I pick big 12 a couple of games every year and they always kill me!

  • Uk, Villanova, Wisconsin, Iowa St. I think Nova UK make finals on matchups.

    Btw I don’t have KU past 2nd round regardless of who they play. I would love to be proven wrong. Just going to be hard to win games when you best player is 80% maybe and no cliff. Team is banged up and tired, it’s worn out and the draw did us no favors, we got the worst of it.

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