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  • Well. Looks like we get the horned frogs for a third time tommorow. Early game. Undermanned. Thoughts?

  • @cragarhawk scared!!😁👊🐸🏀❤🏀💙🏀👏👏👏👏

  • We can handle them

  • Well, if Perry doesn’t play, it could be tough. I know we almost knocked off OU at their place without him…but, TCU is a little tougher inside with Washburn and Shepherd.

  • Didnt see the game, so this is news. Definitely a new, more competent purple (bball +ftball) in town! No Big Dance for purple cats…an early roadkill.

    I’ll root for KY Wildcats ANY day over the ksu mildcats. What? No court rush? LOSERS!!!

  • @ralster did foster even score? Interesting to see if he stays.

  • We need Perry to play today. Our previous matchups with TCU didn’t go that well while we won they were both ugly games. There’s just no confidence in playing without him especially when TCU’s strength is inside and rebounding.

    We should pack the inside after watching them play last night against K-St. Anderson is their only outside threat, Ziegler wouldn’t take a 3 point shot if the game depended on it. We have to pack the inside and make them shoot jumpers. Will we do that? probably not…

    Look for a good game from Devonte, he played well at TCU and had his career day at home against them.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    No he didn’t score and he looked like he was on his way out in the game. Weber sat him in the 2nd half again. I don’t see any way that he stays willingly, I’m thinking he’s got his bags packed already.

  • @BeddieKU23

    He is a sophomore now so he would have to sit one year if he transfers. He is not ready for the NBA now but could be in one year; his best bet is to grow up and stay at KSU, but I am not sure how that would work with Weber. I bet KSU wishes it still had Martin whose team just eliminated Missouri last night and sent them to one of their worst seasons ever…not a good time to be a MU fan, not that there ever is such a time 🙂

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