• I was wrong when I said that the Streak could be over after the Temple Game.

    I was wrong to wait two days before going back on line after the loss to OSU.

    I was wrong to think that SVI would be a starter.

    I was wrong to think that KU would ever lose a game playing defense on the last possession.

    I was wrong to think that agreeing with Coach on his “Fool’s Gold” statement would not create a sh${ storm on this site.

    I was wrong to think that all criticism of Coach came from people who actually wished that he was no longer our Coach.

    I was wrong to think that Olivia would come back to visit this year, even if she was nine months pregnant.

    I was wrong to think that a visit from the President of the United States to talk to our team would not divide our Sacred web site.

    I was wrong to not think that the death of KU Steve’s Cousin Ellie would make us sad.

    By the way, here are my nominations for the 2015 honorary Jayhawks.


  • @wrwlumpy I vote for the cat. And I don’t like cats.

  • My favorite honorary Jayhawk is Ronnie Regan. Somewhere I have a picture of Danny and the Miracles giving him a KU Letter Jacket at the White House.

  • Second favorite is Barbara Eden. She showed up at a KU game I attended-they put her on the video board and played I Dream of Genie music.

  • I vote for all of them, except for the dude in the tie - whoever that is.

  • 1967-Barbara-Eden-2.gif

  • @wrwlumpy

    Here you go. I drive right by the recently passed Donna Douglas’ house every day on the way to and fro work. It’s for sale, and yes, it has a CEEEment pond! I’m sure @KUSteve has been to this house!


  • @wrwlumpy Superman!

  • @wissoxfan83 I want the number for her accountant. I only have 2.5 acres vs her 9; half the square footage; half the value; but about the same property taxes. Is East BR Parish that inexpensive for property taxes? Just compared millage rates and ours (St Tammany Parish) are double. EBR = 89 and STam = 170 Wonder if I could recoup the expense of buying property and moving 2400 sq ft house with slab before I kicked off?

  • @brooksmd

    I really don’t know anything about property taxes around here. To me everything seems cheap when compared to where we used to live. Her house is in an unincorporated area, just off of Scenic highway. So sure, come on over! I’ll finally have someone to watch games with!

  • @wrwlumpy awesome pic of Barbara ! Wow. Really brings me back … Many memories Of my 13 yr old self coming home from school, grabbing a big bowl of captain crunch, and watching the afternoon lineup of gilligans island, mchales navy, and i dream of jeannie, and screaming at larry hagman …" Jeannie just asked you yet AGAIN ‘if theres ANYTHING i can do for you master’ … !!! What in the %#+*#% HELL is WRONG with you!!! " Ginger, maryanne and jeannie were a potent mix for my young hormones… :)

  • @Bosthawk ha ha!! Good story!!

  • I was wrong to listen to all the blowhard media saying “this is the year” doomsday on another conference title and start believing it might be possible. I’m now back to my delusional fan status… THERE IS NO WAY WE WILL EVER GIVE UP THE CONFERENCE TITLE!

    I was wrong to think it was safe to have my wallet in my back pocket without a chain attached when approaching Doug Gottlieb.

  • I was chauvinistically wrong in thinking that all of the rats on this board were male.

    I was wrong to not think that all supposed OAD’s weren’t a crapshoot.

    I was wrong to think that Baylor wouldn’t be this good.

    I was wrong to think that Texas on the road would be our only blowout conference win.

    I was wrong to think that Freshmen and Sophomores would be as good as four 5th year Seniors that went to a National Championship game.

  • @wrwlumpy 💃💪👍

  • I was wrong that we would win atleast 8 straight games starting with UT in the Phog. Since we lost to oklahoma. But… Perhaps it was only the timing that was off. I mean we could win atleast 8 straight now and that works. Or better yet. 8 straight starting friday :)

  • I was wrong to suggest CF be our starting PG.

    I guess I was wrong to support @jaybate-1.0 suggestion to shoot 72 threes per game

  • I was wrong to occassionally visiting the other site and hope the bickering will stop.

    I was wrong to think that all the 22K users here are real. And, to be told that most are Spambots.

    I will be wrong later to think that we can’t win it all. Haha! RCJH!

  • @wrwlumpy

    I was wrong to think wrwlumpy was Tom Keegan.

    I was wrong to think @jaybate-1.0 was Dr. Smith from Lost in Space

    I was wrong to think @HighEliteMajor was Jesse Newell, he’s just his twin.

    I was wrong to think @drgnslayr was the guy on the Dos Equis commercial.

    I was wrong to think @VailHawk was our representative to the ski community

    I was wrong to think @brooksmd was a cat lover.

    I was wrong to think @KUSTEVE was Jethro.

    I was wrong to think @Crimsonorblue22 is on here 24/7.

  • I was wrong to think @Redrooster upvotes every post. He missed one of mine the other day!

  • @wissoxfan83 i’m sorry … it is Spring time and the Wife wants me to work outside fixing / cleaning up the yard. That cuts down on my Reading Time on KUBuckets. I hate that to … as I try to read each and every Basketball Post. Sorry that I missed one of yours!

  • I was wrong to say that this guy looked like Hunter.


  • @RedRooster Of course you know I was kidding! And wow, you read every post? Amazing!

  • I was wrong to think that sometime during the course of this season I might be wrong.

  • @wissoxfan83

    “I was wrong to think @drgnslayr was the guy on the Dos Equis commercial.”

    Close… I was on the Uno Equis commercial. Similar guy bragging about everything, but no sexy models around, just attractive wife and kids who could care less about all the old “interesting” stories. In my commercial it wasn’t a homing pigeon… just a pigeon looking for his next target!

  • @RedRooster

    All of us appreciate your diehard conviction to follow all our far out posts. It would be awesome if you could throw in more posts because no one keeps up more than you!

    And thanks for all the supporting ‘likes!’

  • @wrwlumpy

    I’ll be skipping your posts from now on. I had no idea you were so wrong about so many things.

    Kidding! :)

  • That’s me.

  • @drgnslayr

    Huh? I thought I was the only one @RedRooster liked.

  • I was wrong??? Where do I start?

  • @wissoxfan83 I disagree. I think @drgnslayr is the most interesting man in the world.

    At KU, his majors were sailing, cigar appreciation, and the tango.

    His two cents are worth thirty-seven dollars and change.

    You can see his charisma from space.

    He’s a lover, not a fighter; but he’s a fighter too, so don’t get any ideas.

  • @tundrahok You’ve got some creative talent. You should be doing knock-off comercials.

  • @wrwlumpy I was wrong about conference winning record: we went 13-5 instead of 14-4. I figured Devonte would have taken Frank’s job by now (wrong). I figured Cliffie would be a star by now, and that Hunter would shine, so i have a shot of being half right.

  • @tundrahok he also has a lil man in his head and I think he said he could read eyes last year. Or, maybe the lil man said that? Jk!

  • Speaking of Dos Equis. The first time I heard the name was in the 80’s when a gal I was hitting on ordered one. I had already had quite a few and didn’t really hear the name clearly. It sounded like Doe Sekees but I had quite a buzz going on. The next round I ordered her a suck doocies.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I laughed so hard it hurt my mouth! I can’t resist kidding you, but you sound like the exact opposite of the dos Equis guy! So suave and debonair!

  • I’ve had many a bonehead moment-especially talking to girls. Once in a while I would get something right. Kind of like Princess Leah telling Han Solo “You do have your moments-not many of them but you do have them.”

  • @wrwlumpy Dont worry, you werent the only one. For a while there, i thought we were all guys on here too. Is that chauvinistic or just naive/ignorant?

  • Loved having these guys here, plus dyson


  • @Crimsonorblue22 … Do YOU live at 13828 in OP KS?

    Your selfie looks like someone I might have met!

  • I was wrong to think the KUSports.com article stating that Keegan wants Wichita’s coach for KU women’s basketball. I was picturing Gregg Marshall as KU’s new women’s coach, he meant Judy. Still didn’t like Marshall though.

  • I was wrong to think that The Central University of North Texas is a good name for an all girls school.

    I was wrong to think that Friends University of Central Kansas is a funny name for a christian college.

    I was wrong to think that Conner Frankamp was a competitor.

  • @dylans I should also point out WSU’s women’s coach is Jody Adams not Judy. You got that wrong too! Jk of course! I think Gregg would be perfect! Jk I like john ontjes from hcc.

  • @wrwlumpy Man - was there ever anyone more beautiful than Barbara Eden at that age? Yikes.

  • @dylans Pushing the envelope today! lol

  • @JayhawkRock78 Bad with women and a Star Wars fan? What a combo! Jk

    I was wrong to say that.

    I was wrong to think that Cliff would come on strong in the tournament. I was wrong to think Bill Self ever wanted to score more than 65 points in a game. I was wrong to ever use the words “strategy” or “tactics” because inevitably I used them wrong. I was wrong to think that Greene’s stroke was slump proof.

  • I was wrong when I thought this would be the year I started to post more.

    But hey all you folks that do post, keep up the good work. I really don’t know what I would do with my time when at work. :)

  • @benshawks08 If you think that’s a funny combo you should check the presets on my car radio. I am all over the place…

  • @JayhawkRock78 Let’s see… Sports talk, 80s hits, old school rap, country pop, whatever channel Alex Jones is on. Is that close?

  • @KUSTEVE jethro, still have the flu? Haven’t heard from you!

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