Will 3 in 3 Hurt Trey Ball or Bad Ball More?

  • I could argue it both ways, but 3 in 3 seems to favor BAD BALL.

    Imagine hoisting treys in the last half of the third game.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I almost wish we would rest our injured players, like Perry and Wayne - let em heal up…get them fresh for the NCAA tourney…play bad ball with a healthy dose of 3 ball…so, my answer would be both.

  • @KUSTEVE if they aren’t healed, they may be getting rest!

  • Totally agree on resting players. At least for the TCU / KSU game. Nothing against either team. We could lose to both of these squads even at full strength. It is more about getting another day of rest and one game less of bumps and bruises and for Svi and Greene (if he plays) and Hunter another game to get some reps. These guys may have their number called a ton now in March.

    Our post situation is really quite interesting now. Landen has been getting minutes all year but not a ton. Hunter has barely seen the floor. Now with Cliff out and Perry hurt both guys are seeing huge minutes. If you told me at the beginning of the year that Landen and Hunter would be getting 20 minutes a piece in an NCAA tourney game I would have said you are nuts! But at this point it seems probable.

  • Let’s use our bench almost exclusively.

    Maybe we go 2 games. Knock off the rust of our bench guys and get them ready for March Madness.

    We are starting to see what a shiny Hunter can do!

    Let’s see what Svi can do?

  • Cool idea, guys! I’d thoroughly enjoy pressure-cooking those purple cats exclusively with our bench guys…

  • @ralster sweet idea!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Someone with printing skills and stuff should draw up a t shirt design for that one KU store, not the official one but the funny one. Make it something applicable to “Bad Ball” and winning #11

  • I, too, am for resting Perry and Wayne Thursday afternoon. And for trying to sit Frank for at least 15 minutes. That said, we must be prepared to be copacetic with a possible loss. I think our 2 seed would still hold up for the Big Tourney.

  • @REHawk said:

    I think our 2 seed would still hold up for the Big Tourney.

    I like www.bracketmatrix.com at this time of year. They show dozens of brackets and rank their performance based on prior years’ results.

    What’s interesting this year is that all the brackets agree on the 1 seeds and the 2 seeds. Right now, KU has an average of 2.00, which means every single bracket puts us at 2. If we lose our next game, we will probably still stay a 2.

    What is at stake is the region: will we be with Duke or Virginia? I prefer Duke. The better we do this week, the more chance we have to avoid Virginia.

  • @ParisHawk Thanks for that link. A ton of info at your finger tips. I like that CBS, ESPN, Fox show Yale as a pick. And Texas looks to be safe and sound. I agree I prefer playing Duke over Virginia.

  • @ParisHawk Actually, I don’t think how we do has much effect on where we land - we’re fairly well locked in as a 2 seed (if we lose in 1st rd of B12, there may be some risk of falling to a 3). Whether we play Duke or UVA depends on how they do. UVA is slotted ahead of Duke right now, so gets the #1 in the East. If Duke wins the ACC tourney, it is possible that they get the more favored East slot - esp. if UVA were to get upset by one of the bottom feeders in the 1st round. The biggest concern is Villanova - that is, not winning the Big East. If they don’t, I don’t think they get the last #1 - would open it up for Wisconsin or Arizona. If Wisconsin were to get it, they would be the #1 in the West - which opens up the #2 in Kentucky’s bracket - geography rules could end us slotting us there.

  • This game broke my heart. I’d like to play Virginia again.


  • Free the three, baby. Shoot it. Shoot it again. And shoot it some more. Greene, Selden, Mason, Oubre and Ellis. Shoot 25. 40% equals 10/25. Misses create long rebound opportunities that helps keep rebounds out of Traylor’s vicinity.

    Wait, wake me up. Let’s try to get the ball inside and win a two possession game. That’s the ticket.

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