Vegas odds on the next NCAA champion - UK even odds against the entire field - incredible

  • Kentucky 1/1

    Duke 17/2

    Wisconsin 9/1

    Arizona and Virginia 12/1.

    Gonzaga 14/1

    Villanova 16/1

    Kansas Jayhawks 20/1

    Utah 28/1

    Iowa State, North Carolina, and Notre Dame all at 33/1

    Where would you put your $ ?

  • @jayhawk-007

    Call me crazy but I would take the field over UK. And I think they get beat before the F4.

    Now when I fill out my bracket…As usual, I will fill in KU on every line all the way thru w/ the winning score tiebreaker 83-79.

  • Agreed. I seldom bet. I buy tickets for a goof when the lotto gets high, and I made some bests when I was in Vegas for Madness long ago.

    BUTT-if I were in Vegas this year I would bet against UK winning it all.

  • @jayhawk-007 It seems there’s no clear & dominant winner, so I’d have bet on my favorite team - KU!! Thanks for the info - interesting.

  • @HawksWin I need to clarify something. I have never bet on the NCAA tourney unless I was in Vegas-don’t even know how to do it otherwise.

    Just thinking out loud

  • If I put a Dollar for all (12 Teams), I will break even if UA or UVA win, I will lose when UK, Duke or UW wins. The rest of the teams win, I will make. So, chances for me to make some money are pretty good. I may put 2 Dollar for KU. RCJH!

  • @HawksWin I politely disagree, UK is by far the clear favorite.

    One should never beat a single team against the field in the NCAA but I do not recall ever seeing one team at even money against the entire field.

    UK is getter better on offense (already by far the best D in college bb) with each game. They probably have the top two teams in the nation! or at least two of the top five. So they are injury proof and do not depend on any one or two players to play well…and the Squid can coach. I really do not like them or their coach but what an assembly of superior talent.

    I think one would have to go back to the Wooden years for an equivalent. Maybe UF for the two years in a row they won it all?

    I think the shoe stack conspiracy requires more drill down after the season, requiring another round of Jaybate.


  • @Shanghai_RCJH you, sir, are a player!

  • @jayhawk-007, 50/50 is good by Vegas standard? Not a gambler so don’t know about Vegas numbers, but shouldn’t it be more 80-90% in favor of Kentuckt to win NC vs 50%? Geez, we can say 50/50 for any team on any given day in March. Pardon my ignorance on Vegas bets 🙂

  • I generally don’t bet on anything other than I may get up tomorrow. On college basketball I don’t even like to fill out brackets. I want KU to win but most of the time know that in the end they won’t. Who wants to be right picking against their team or appear to be daft by picking them? I will leave that for someone else.

  • Betting lines are not probabilities. They are set to get people to wager on various events at a (roughly) even distribution).

    If the odds on UK were paying at 2-1 or 3-1, there would be far too much action on UK. Even at 4-3 there would be a ton of action on UK because they are clearly the best team in the country. So the oddsmakers set them at even money so they make people that want to win money bet on someone else.

    With these odds, you should see action on just about everyone because the chances of a strong payout if anybody other than UK wins is pretty good, but Vegas will still make money because all the money won’t be on one team like it would be if the UK odds weren’t even money.

    You also have to remember that several casinos offered props at the beginning of the season on UK going undefeated, so there is a good chance that if UK wins it all, not only would the casino be paying out for the national title, they would also be paying out for any of the props that had UK going unbeaten.

    For me, I’d put $20 each on Wisconsin, Arizona, Villanova, Duke and Kansas. I’d be tempted to put $10 on the 33/1 group as a hedge. I’d win money if any of those 8 teams won, be out $130 if anyone else won. No reason to bet UK unless you already bet the undefeated prop back in November.

  • I 100% GUARANTEE that Kentucky will win the whole thing.

    Take it to the bank.

    (that should pretty much guarantee they get beat in the FF)

  • @nuleafjhawk No one can beat Kentucky. They are completely invincible.1000% leadpipe cinch to win every game in the tournament. It would impossible for them to lose.

    I think nu is onto something here…let’s all put a zombie piss on the Mildcats…

  • @jayhawk-007 Im actually pulling for Wisconsin to win it this year. On the off chance that KU makes it that far, well then thats another thing entirely

  • I know nothing about gambling so 1-1 odds means don’t even bother placing a bet on them, right? The way I see 1-1 means you can’t win and you can’t lose?

    @Lulufulu I like your pick!!

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