March Madness is here again

  • Every year we look forward to the college ball season and every year we anticipate a good showing by our boys in crimson and blue. I think they will at the very least top last years NCAA showing. So so tough.
    Only thing is, regardless of what happens, this season is almost over. It makes me sad. I love this sport, all its flaws and beauty combined.

  • @Lulufulu me too!!!

  • I know this doesn’t mean much, but I always thought it was an advantage in a daily tournament to have the three extra hours of rest over your next opponent, which is why I like us scheduled in the earlier games. Also the bench gets longer in these games.

  • The key in March is to put away opponents early and avoid nagging injuries.

    Unfortunately for this particular team, we already have the nagging injuries part. Perry isn’t 100%. Neither is Wayne. Neither is Frank. That’s three guys who we probably need 25 or more quality minutes from every night as we get deep into the tournament to compete, and they aren’t healthy.

    I think we can handle the first weekend, but that next weekend is a real challenge, not only because the games are tougher, but because our bench is very suspect without Cliff and an unclear contribution from Brannen.

  • @justanotherfan Landen and Mickelson were studs the last game! I was just as surprised as anyone. What if they can contribute that way in the Madness?

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