Contradiction of HCBS

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    Ok so HCBS calls the three shot (Fools Gold)? Yet when the game clock is running down and KU is in a dog fight, he brings in a three point shooter?

    I’ll take it a step further. What makes you think as a KU fan that a player that is known for shooting the three doesn’t shoot them the whole game, can now hit the that shot with the game on the line? Especially when the defense knows you’re trying to shot the three?

    I know it sounds like I’m bagging on HCBS, but I’m not. I’ve just come to the conclusion that HCBS is a system coach. He’s going to run his offense regardless of what his team strength is. Period.

  • @DoubleDD BG might be in there for his ability to shoot free throws, as well.

  • @lincase When Brannen eventually develops the ability to get his shot off a split second quicker, the FOOL will be the defending player or game planner who guards too closely to stop him. A subsequent 3 freethrow attempts would more certainly be GOLD.

  • We’ve heard that three-pointers are fools gold when we relied on them too much and won.

    We’ve heard that free-throws are fools gold when we relied on them too much.

    After WVU, I think some might say that toughness is fools gold… Don’t get so far behind and believe you will always make a comeback. But it worked in that game.

    So, what’s the pattern? What IS gold?

    Maybe it’s taking what the opponent will give you. And maybe that’s what this team does best.

  • @bskeet

    I’ll take that a step further…

    There are times that when we take it all the way to the rim… it is definitely “fool’s gold!”

    (reference: UK vs KU, Nov 18, 2014)

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