Ellis likely out for saturday

  • Ugh… Well. Tough out another one fellas. You can do it

  • @cragarhawk As I posted elsewhere, time for the bench guys to get some PT on Sat. Rest everybody else.

  • From the other site.

    Instead, MRIs showed a right knee sprain that is not deemed serious.

    In fact, Self would not rule out Ellis for Saturday’s game against Oklahoma, though the plan is to have him ready for next week’s Big 12 Tournament, starting a week from Thursday for KU in Kansas City, Missouri.

    “Perry had the flu. He got off to a bad start anyway, then gets hurt,” Self said. “We think he can be back in a week or so. We think Oklahoma can be a long shot.”

    He added … “The MRI was very positive. It’s a sprained knee. With so many things going on, I’ll not say we’ll try to get him to practice Friday for Saturday. I don’t think that’s realistic. Doctors said it was realistic getting back next week but could be pushing it (for Saturday at OU). I will not say he won’t play Saturday, but the likelihood is not good.”

  • @VailHawk Rest him coach.

  • @brooksmd and frank

  • @brooksmd goodnight! No headaches tmrw! Time for me to head home.

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