• Kansas University sophomore point guard Frank Mason III said the Jayhawks held a players-only meeting on Tuesday night at Jayhawker Towers in the wake of Monday’s 70-63 loss to Kansas State in Manhattan.

    The meeting was called by Perry Ellis and Wayne Selden.

    “Just getting back on the right page,” Mason said of the purpose of the meeting.

    “We obviously don’t want to be the team to mess up the Big 12 streak (10 straight titles). So we just got together (to) talk about the things we need to do, becoming better on the defensive end, just doing everything coach needs us to do.”

    The loss to K-State dropped (22-6, 11-4) KU into a tie (in the loss column) with Iowa State in the Big 12 race. However, Baylor beat Iowa State on Wednesday night in Ames, meaning KU again holds a one-game lead over ISU, West Virginia and Oklahoma with three games remaining.

    “Different guys stepped up, said different things, had their own opinions,” Mason said of the players meeting. “We just all took it and tried to make it positive and make the change.”

    More on the meeting and KU basketball in Friday’s Journal-World and on

  • These usually help. I thought they should have done this a long time ago. Like after the OU game in AFH. Or definitely after the WVU game.

  • @drgnslayr love to be a fly in the wall there!

  • I have all the faith in the world we go 3-0. The team meeting was the first step.

  • Well it’s about time! When they figure out that they need to have meeting at every dead ball timeout on the floor, they might get somewhere. I don’t mean celebrations or emotional talk, I mean substantive meetings about the next play, or “this is what the defense is doing”, or “next time set up shading to this side of the floor”, or space out a little more, etc. etc.

    When they learn how to communicate and play as a unit, then they maybe can go 6-0 the last games of the season.

  • It’s about freakin’ time and WAY WAY overdue. Funny, I just posted this 3 days ago in our game chat after KSU.

    This team could become Perry and the Miracles…IDK…They just don’t seem to get it. When was the last time they had a team meeting? Remember the team meetings after big loses? WTH…This team does nothing.

    truehawk93 posted 3 days ago

  • @drgnslayr

    I thought maybe after Kentucky.

  • @truehawk93

    Good call.

  • I am trying to imagine Perry’s contribution.

    “What Frank said.”

  • It’s time.

    It’s time for the call of duty.

    All brave soldiers, step forward.

    This time, it better be more than Frank Mason being the only one not to take a step back.

    It’s time all of these guys stand in a line, at attention, and commit themselves to bringing war to every game.

    This is no longer a drill. A practice. This is the real thing.

    Here is the theater of operation:


    Master it. Study film, practice through the night. Strategize, visualize, execute.


  • I was a little surprised to check in on this site and see this thread off of the front page. To me this is what a season is all about. Taking a group of young boys, getting them to come together and fight for each other as men. Getting them to take responsibility for their own actions, their own success, their own failures.

    It seems like Perry is really starting to figure out what it means to lead this team. He has been showing it more on the court and maybe (hopefully) got so tired of doing it by himself that he let the others know it is time to step up.

    Other years I have heard it come out that a coach maybe put an idea for a meeting in someone’s ear, but I hope these guys did this on their own.

    We have written all season about how Frank has been out on an island, giving his all. He has struggled recently and we have all understood and given him a break for it. I hope Perry didn’t at the meeting. I hope he acknowledged the sacrifice but said we need even more! Only the players can ask the kind of effort that is needed for each other. Only they can truly motivate their teammates to give it all they have.

    To me this season is out of Self’s hands now. He has given them all he can. It’s up to them where they take it from here. This isn’t me trying to let Self off the hook. He still has to prepare, gameplan, provide wrinkles, and everything else a coach does. But he can’t, can’t, can’t, be coaching effort anymore. And we don’t go far with the talent we have this year unless they give more than they ever thought they could.

    This is 2012 all over again. Anywhere we go late in the season is purely a result of heart at this point. We all know the teams problems. So does everyone else. It is time to prove the haters wrong and the believers right.

    LETS GO!!

  • Banned

    I love players only meetings. It says the players care and are buying into the Jayhawk way.

  • Where is the now famous restaurant where the players had a meeting to help Darnell on the loss of his mother that led to the National Championship? I heard that there is a special Plaque at that location commemorating the players action

  • @drgnslayr

    I LOVE THAT schematic of a basketball court.

    Just like some are drawn to study the geometries of antiquity–The Great Pyramid, etc.–I am drawn to the geometry of the court. I can look endlessly at that schematic. Its symmetry is ideal to the point of mystery. It is complex, but not too complex, so it has balance in complexity as sure as it has symmetry of form. Even the three point line, a late addition, adds to its elegance and beauty.

    The greatest game ever invented. PERIOD.

  • @wrwlumpy I thought Darnell’s mom died after he left KU ??

  • @DanR Henry T’s. You’re right, Darnell and Chase had family members murdered. His mother died later.


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