WTH is gonna happen

  • Well. I’ll tell ya WTH is gonna happen. This team is gonna find itself. Its going on a minimum 8 game win streak. Riding a wave of swagger all the way thru the S16. Winning #11 and a conf tourney title along the way. And why? Why? You ask are they gonna do that? “Based on what Cragar?” “Are you outta your mind?”. This team that can’t win on the road and poorly dispatched of lowly TCU at home. I don’t have an argument for you. Its WTH is gonna happen. Because WE ARE KANSAS!!! I don’t need another argument

  • @cragarhawk Quite optimistic there … but there’s no reason why this team shouldn’t do exactly what you said.

  • Finally, the voice of reason! You Rock, Cragar😀

  • This team can only right itself if Kelly Oubre or Wayne Selden steps up and becomes an offensive force. If we can only count on 14-17 points from Perry Ellis, and maybe 10-12 from Frank, we aren’t going to get very far. We need to be able to know we have big production from either Selden or Oubre, plus consistent contributions from Greene and Alexander off the bench.

  • @cragarhawk If Self comes to his senses and takes our advice here, what you said will come true.

  • Hey O! HEM took a step back from the ledge! Good to see you back down to earth! A little realism and pessimism can be healthy, but don’t give up on the dream!

  • @benshawks08 Well, I said "no reason they shouldn’t … " Purposefully careful in my wording there.

  • @HighEliteMajor I noticed! But this team hasn’t given up yet so neither should you. Are we going to win the Madness? Probably not. But that is always true. Every year. Even in 08. Even for Kentucky this year.

    This team isn’t dead. If anything the heart, Perry Ellis, our upperclassman, is finally kicking into high gear. We are finally developing some inside to go with our out. Even if we did lose a couple.

    Isn’t that what you have always asked for? Sacrificing some regular season games to make us better for March? If we shot 30 threes every game we might have a better record, but we wouldn’t be as complete of a team. The 3s will return, probably this Saturday.

  • Its optimistic. I know. Some or most may even say foolishly. And i get that. But i cant sit in the basement and mope about how bad we are. And neither can the team. Its time to crawl out of the cellar and you can only go up from there. Early in the season i didnt believe it. But i believe it now. There is the talent on this team to do everything i said and more. As @HighEliteMajor said. Theres no reason they shouldnt. Now just go do it. With an attitude of. We Are and We Can and We Will.

  • Many roads lead to Rome.

    1. Self could regain consciousness and install the “KUBuckets offense.”

    2. The team could just realize that playing with their guts on their sleeves will produce wins regardless of our strategy.

    3. Both 1 and 2, and roll in another NC!

    Actually, all we really need is #2 to go a long, long ways!

  • Not that I wouldn’t love to see it. But being the realist that I am, I see a team that doesn’t have enough left in the tank to give the effort.

    Instead of running them downhill, with the wind, all season, HCBS decided to run them up hill, against the wind, all season. I do feel Self should have made adjustments to fit his personnel this year, and it is going to cost him #11.

    Self’s achilles heel and bread and butter is that he plays to the percentages. This year it’s just not working out his way. We can only hope that he evolves and becomes better because of this season.

    If Baylor wins, we’ll tie for #11. If not, unfortunately, the streak ends.

  • @Blown Well, Baylor wins! And at Iowa State. Yeeee-Haaaaw!

  • Stuck in Columbus on an unexpected business trip, I’ve been pacing in my room as I came to the realization that for the first time since 2001-2002 I won’t make it to a home game in AFH. Should be at the Texas and WVU games, but now have to settle with a Purdue /Ohio State fix. All the while knowing there is no cure for the phog withdrawal shakes even with the excitement of seeing another college bb venue. Even worse, ISU started pulling away so I shut the game off, then on, then off, then back on. I knew I’f Baylor lost the streak was all but dead. Now I can rest easy knowing the worst that can happen this week is seeing Thad Matta whine like a crybaby.

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