Totally impressed by Mason's play tonight

  • What a pleasant surprise! Loved how Frank Mason played the game. Plenty of poise and driving attack. Perfect compliment to Tharpe and they played really well together on the court especially in the second half. If this game is any indication, we have our point guard position set for the next 4 years. This game feels like a Final Four game. Great win!

  • Tharpe, Mason & Selden at the same time worked pretty well. Not very big, but they played well. We’re going to see plenty of Frank Mason this year.

  • Keep driving the ball and even pro dook officials have to call fouls

  • Damn, who let them dogs out!? Mason looked like a man on a mission when he ran the O & Perry is my pick for POY already. And when the opponents 3’s won’t fall like Dook’s 2nd half tonight, look out inside. Selden appeared as the windex man I would like to affectionately refer to going forward as “The Janitor.” Wiggy may not yet be the great facilitator & spot up shooter that Randle showed tonight, but with a team around him like the baby Jbirds played on this stage, he can finally let some of that hyped-up pressure subside & play the finisher he really is. When the game came to him in the final minutes, he squarely answered the bell. We had 3 dogs out for sure, & the depth charts may have another hidden to yet emerge in the future (Greene?). I mostly liked what I saw guys, but a great victory with the “3 C’s” per Drs order-character, chemistry, & confidence being forged into reality. JMO, but Mason looked like a Rottweiler on both ends of the floor. HCBS has a bench like he’s never enjoyed at Kansas, & with all the FT TO’s, these rule changes may play right to the hand he has. Looks like Rat ball may have to wear high heels just to get an O rebound or a putback. But do respects to Parker, He was phenominal in the 1st half, but not left as free to roam afterwards. Also worth noting is Traylor’s minutes vs Black. Have not read stats, but appeared like huge imbalance to me in JT’s favor. Also note a homecoming for him too. United Center is one of the greatest legendary venues in the world for a BB game & most kids on both teams played as if they were not intimidated at all. Hell, Chicago is on par with NY as a sports town, IMO & this was a pretty square matchup on a monstrosity of a stage. This early in the season it feels damn good to get the W & the ensuing bulls eye to go with it. Just how good can they be when they quit thinking too much & finally get it? Wow, it’s gonna be another great ride men, hang on to your hats, & RCJH!

  • I guess Mason beat the crap out of the national ranking. He didn’t play like a 70+ ranked freshman last night. He didn’t have much trouble knifing through Duke defense, and Duke does have quite a few good players. Parker is the real deal and I thought he looked like Durant. But team wins over individuals. The final score was no indication of how the teams fought through out the game. We didn’t pull away until the last 2 minutes, but beat Duke in just about every category, assists, rebounds, etc.

  • The new rule interpretations plays right into Mason’s hands.

    He may become the most-valuable 5’11" player in college basketball this year!

    I know I wouldn’t trade him…

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