• We’ve had fun with the Parametric musing of Mr. Pomeroy. Let’s give him one last chance as things have gotten muddied, to finally tell us, for once and for all, who will win the toughest conference in basketball. Fran predicted 7 teams from the Big 12 will go dancing.


  • Captureh.PNG

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  • As you can see, he has already started his prognostication on the wrong foot, so make WVU 11-7.


  • I don’t see Iowa State losing at Texas, also, OSU could win at WVU. K-State has it’s two bad boy’s back and are feeling pumped about beating OU. They also know that beating KU could punch their Ticket. Whether KU gets a 2 seed or a 4, there is very little difference in the those seeds. Only a Number one has never been beaten in the first round.

  • @wrwlumpy Thanks for the charts. At this point in time I support KenPom 100% for the rest of the season. He has obviously become a very intelligent college hoops analyst. 😄

  • Too bad Longhorns couldn’t have helped us out by taking out OU last night.

  • Ken is so great he has both iSu and oU losing their matchup! Man I wish that prediction were correct Mr Nostradamus

  • @RockChalkinTexas Longhorn collapse really sad. If Bill, Fred or Lon had those kids, TX would be competing well for the title. Deck that crew of players in WVU uniforms, add senior J. Staten, and Huggy would be a Final Four contender.

  • @REHawk Speaking of Staten, no surprise that it was a senior who almost singlehandedly took us to the cleaners in the final 10 seconds Monday night. This One and Done crapola is a blight on college basketball.

  • Agreed about the OAD-effect diluting down (by poor efficiency, consistency, and execution) college bball.

    I’d like it to be 2AD at least, but let a kid go pro out of H.S. if he is a true rarity like KDurant or LBJ.

    Note that Self, Calipari, Krzyzewski, Roy…ALL would prefer 2AD, as it makes their recruiting job easier, and their on-court product doesnt suffer as much from inconsistent play.

    After their NC, then blown out of NIT next season, many KY fans were lamenting their mass-exodus-OAD carousel, some saying “we miss rooting for specific players for 2,3,4 yrs”. But winning cures alot of negativity, & I bet most of KY nation is in full support of 26-0 undefeated…so far…

  • @ralster I think you can throw in high school coaching. A friend of mine, coaching in d1 bb, said you can’t believe how little they know coming in. I can see that in some of our players.

  • @ralster @Crimsonorblue22 I don’t necessarily think it is as much the high school level’s fault as it is a trickle down from the world of AAU and travel basketball. I do believe that a HS coach with kids that are projected to be one and done sometimes just roll the ball out, because they simply have the best talent. But if you watch some coaches, you can tell that they are doing their best to teach the game.

    However, these teams that have kids play 150 games a year are killing the sport. I coach middle school basketball, and many of my kids are basketball only in the off-season. They play a lot, but they have no idea what the basic principles of man to man defense are. They aren’t taught how to close out on a shooter, box out for rebounds, or how to run simple pass and cut offenses. A simple pick and roll drill becomes a complicated teaching moment because they have never been taught how to seal their man, or use the screen effectively. And forget it if their opponent plays zone. Then it’s bombs away.

    I make them scrimmage with no ball screens, and they have no idea how to get open. They just kind of stand around waiting for something to happen, rather than cutting or screening away. Posting up has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    My middle school son and I were watching the WVU game the other night, and at one point Oubre got in the paint either off the drive or on a break (can’t remember which) and he had an open lane to the hole on the right side as everyone was playing him to go left. He tried to shoot with his left hand and missed because it was contested, when he easily could have made a right handed layup. My son asked me, " Why didn’t he just use his right hand?" To which I said, “He doesn’t have one, because he’s never been forced to use it before”.

    Another problem is that they don’t know how to play as a team. Everyone is a one and done. All of them will have Self or K or Williams knocking down their door, just because they can hit a three in an empty gym, and these AAU coaches don’t tell them any different.

  • @JhawkCB you get my point!! My coach friend did say high school coaches, I think he was talking some inner city ball.

  • I’m sure. I have watched some pretty bad high school basketball.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You are indeed correct. Most college say they spend the first weeks of practice weaning players of the bad habit acquired in High School.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    “Too bad Longhorns couldn’t have helped us out by taking out OU last night.”

    I hear you. You could see Texas losing steam. At that point I felt sure they were going to lose.

    Man… that Turner sure has a bunch of talent. Mostly untapped with Rick. Guess I can say that for all his players.

    They don’t play well as a team. Too much focused on individuals just “getting theirs.”

    As a person… I think I like Barnes more than any other coach in our league. He’s just a great human being. But I question some of his abilities to coach and get his guys rolling.

    Still… I don’t think we’ve heard the last from Texas this year.

    The one remaining game on our schedule that I have circled is the Texas game. I think that could be every bit as tough a victory as winning in Norman. It is the one game we are completely out-sized.

    There are some indications that Texas is starting to put it together. Gosh… they’ll be a nasty draw for someone’s bracket in March. Probably ours! Shouldn’t be… but we aren’t Duke so don’t expect any seeding favors.

  • @drgnslayr Look at their schedule tho going forward. All against ranked teams and nothing easy. Our Texas game is special because of celebrating various championship teams (anybody know which ones?) and we will be wearing our throw back unis. I think we take them pretty easy especially with the crowd pumped. Their bigs don’t play well together and Taylor really can’t shoot. Turner is just not utilized and he doesn’t really run that well. I’m not worried about that game at all.

  • With the Iowa State/OSU not turning out in our favor, it is time to look at our fifth youngest team in the Nation and tell them it is time to be men. We are still leading in the toughest conference in America. We are still the favorite. The time for hoping that ISU and OU would be eliminated are over. We have to take care of business at K-State. We can and we will. K-State is the key to assuring that #11 happens. With the Phog helping, even if we lose at OU we will still be Big 12 Champs. After Kentucky and Temple I was not so sure, now we make our own destiny. I know we will do it.

  • @wrwlumpy I hope you are right!

  • K-State got caught in a trap game thinking about the Jayhawks coming to town. There only hope to make the NCAA is to win Saturday and go deep in the Big 12 Tourney.

  • @wrwlumpy any new reason foster wasn’t playing much?

  • For what ever reasons he was suspended 3 other times.

  • image.jpg

  • Am I the only one concerned that Kansas is going to drop two more games, Iowa State isn’t going to lose again?

  • @Blown stop thinking that way!!!😁

  • Win at home and beat K-State. Title.

  • Last night’s tribute from Duke and North Carolina to a Jayhawk.


  • I could honestly see ISU winning out. UT might help us out since they’re fighting for their tournament lives, but back-to-back road games are always tough in the Big 12 though. And ISU won’t lose to OU at home. I just don’t see it happening.

    And given the way we’ve played lately, I just don’t see us winning at K-State. That will be their Super Bowl, World Series, and Kentucky Derby all rolled into one. That could be another really bad loss for us. I just see the game at OU as being the one that will decide the conference championship…and I’m not very confident about that one either.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hey, I like the way you coach 🙂 Done. They are winning out by double digits. I see all opposition held to 35 efg%. In my crystal ball I am now visualizing the TreyBombs dropping with an accuracy rate of 42%.

    I feel better!

  • @wrwlumpy Thanks for sharing. I’m very proud to see this.

  • @wrwlumpy Great sentiment, but my guess is that they’re not seeing him as a Jayhawk!!

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