Funny post game interaction after FT Hays state game

  • Ok so after the Ft Hays State game on the 5th of Nov. I bought an official KU Basketball for autographs. I was able to get the whole team to sign it, except for JWes. Apparently he snuck out the backdoor and didn’t do any signing. LoL, I wondered if Coach Self approved the escape or if J.Wes had to run stairs for it.
    Anyhow, after Joel Embiid got up to me. I was awed by how freekin tall that guy is! TO me he seems taller than 7 ft. When he came up to me, I handed him my ball to sign and at the same time I asked him if he really did kill a lion when he was younger in Africa. In reference to a tweet he said about doing the same thing. Hehehe, He laughed and dropped my ball on the floor. It was pretty funny. Then after I got the ball back I told him he was the best rapper in the NCAA, which was another twitter reference to something he tweeted about rapping in French. He laughed again and said something to me in his very thick accent. I didn’t quite understand what he said but it was a pretty cool interaction. He is now my favorite Jayhawk.
    Frank Mason clearly had something on his mind during the autograph session, he looked upset. Hope he is ok. Wayne Selden was very gracious and kind. I thanked everyone who signed my ball and told them “good game” Wiggins was as quiet as advertised. He was also skipping a lot of fans. Didn’t sign everyones stuff. Cant say I blame the guy, there were probly 400 people just waiting for him. I wasn’t gonna get skipped though and I was very direct yet friendly when I asked him to sign my ball. Naadir is also a very nice guy. He was limping around, I asked if he was ok and he just said his knees were wrapped in ice and he was fine. Tarik said the same thing. Anyone know if either Tarik or Naa are nursing knee injuries or bruises of any kind? Is that a common practice after games for the players? I just hope our two most senior guys don’t have to sit big games cuz their knees aren’t cooperating. I ended up waiting two hours after the game to get everyone’s Sig. It was well worth it too. I looked on Ebay recently and found a Jayhawk 2013-14 team signed ball for $300. I paid about 50 for the ball and waited two hours, Id say that’s a fair trade off, more than fair. There is no way in any circle of purgatory that I am selling either of my KU autographed basketballs ever. I also have one from last year.

  • Thanks for sharing. Way back in the day we used ice to keep swelling down. Some guys only needed it now and them - some did it frequently. I doubt there is an injury involved.

  • @Lulufulu85 Thanks for sharing!

    If you had reported the ice packs on Tharpe and Black in the old days on before the opener, Jaybate would have exploded with quilts. :o

  • Great story!

    Would love to see a pic of your prized basketball if you are so inclined.

  • Yes! How about showing off your man cave?

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