• Bad news.


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  • Say it ain’t so do Joe!

  • Strike 1 he got caught.

    Strike 2 he doesn’t tell HCBS.

    Strike 3 HCBS finds out through the news media.

    Looks like an asst basketball coach opening at KU.

  • @brooksmd maybe they’ll wait til end of season?

  • This is a pretty complicated one given that marijuana is legal in a few states – obviously not Illinois or Kansas – but as crimes go, this is one that states don’t agree on.

    This happened in the summer. Plus, it happened in Peoria, of all places, which just sounds kind-of small-town. I know that’s a stereotype, but it doesn’t seem hard to imagine that he got burned by folks that wanted to burn him.

    I’m not justifying what he did. He needs to be a role model for kids that he’s recruiting and coaching. And most of all, Self has to be able to trust him. The fact that this incident wasn’t disclosed to Self until Weds is not confidence-building. That said, Self has known him for a long time.

    My point: this is complicated.

  • There is NO way a formal institution of higher learning, and one that is state-funded can take anything but the conservative view consistent with State law.

    Individuals can say “but its only a little weed”, but Bernadette Gray-Little, nor Bill Self can ever imply or say anything like that officially.

    Snacks is gone. Self cannot have donors/alums/and prospective recruits & their parents becoming instantly skeptical of him and KU’s program the minute he opens his mouth to try to sell family atmosphere or family values. “What kind of program you runnin’, Bill?” is the too-obvious connotation that now Self has to scramble to dispel, thanks to Jerrance Howard.

    Big debate on other site if Self knew or didn’t know…but face it, the longer Self “knew” the worse he (& KU by association) looks (to some).

    And thank you Jerrance for at best giving UNC and KY and Duke something to chuckle about KU…and at worst, thanks for potentially giving Self’s recruiting efforts a hit.

    This isn’t about pot and some dude’s right or wants to smoke it. This is about responsibility position of leadership to young men, and public perception. Classic case of a subordinate’s actions making the boss (Self) look bad.

    Of all people, Jerrance played for Self, and should know Self’s position on such things. Jerrance doesn’t realize some things simply are not acceptable, especially at a royalty level program. And regarding his potential career as a coach: just how much goddamn drive would he have if he is smoking pot? If this is how he “relates to kids” and is such a recruiting force, then maybe I/we don’t want that message? Bill Self did fine recruiting Chicago without Jerrance Howard, right?

    We don’t need JHoward blowing smoke up someone’s tailpipe, but rather Bill Self telling it like it is on the recruiting trail. I mean what is JH going to say: “Self is a stickler for defense, maintaining academics, and being intense and focused in practice and on gameday…but yes I smoke reefers”. What a contradiction.

    Unbelievable and incredibly frustrating!

  • And my (or your) or Bill Self’s personal view on pot doesn’t matter here. Self and KU are bound by the position of responsibility towards young men, and the huge perception-elephant-in-the-room that comes with this.

    Regardless of what we personally think, it must be remembered that a good proportion of donor-alums/WmsFund people may be quite conservative on their views on this issue. There may be no tolerance at all.

    Think from yet another angle: the college game, the AFH shrine-like entrance, etc. Of all daggum programs out there, does anybody really think this program, descended from Naismith, Phog Allen, and now thru decades of excellence under Roy and Self…will allow someone with Howard’s transgression to stay on as a “coach”? That is simply incredulous to consider.

  • @ralster I think if he’d told HCBS as soon as it happened so HCBS could announce a suspension or some sort of discipline, they might have been able to save him. But since it came out the way it did HCBS hands are tied and he has to let him go. Your points are right on.

  • @ralster You may be right about the outcome… but that doesn’t mean it will be a decision made without a lot of hand-wrenching and soul-searching. There’s a painful tension between the good of the program vs compassion for the individual in these situations where there’s clearly a relationship hanging in the balance.

  • Just as sure as Bill Self is a Midwesterner with conservative values (like it or not), it should be known that a very recent KU player was kicked off the team for transgressions less than this. It was not publicized as such, out of respect for the kid’s future, but there now, obviously cannot be a double standard for coaches vs. players.

    So, now consider those young faces we have gotten to know and watch intently (Perry, Jamari, Mason, Kelly, Wayne, Cliff, Davonte, Brannen, Svi, Landon)…now they are intently watching what their coach does. This is a brutal PR slam for us. Anybody that is stuck on the fact that “it was only a little weed”, simply doesn’t get the big, formal, institutional picture, nor what Self has worked so mightily to create on the recruiting trail. And a phrase for any of us to use on those utterly clueless still-in-a-phog reefer proponents: No, the drive and stamina and sweat with which KU’s excellence was built by Phog Allen and continued thru the last 3 decades by Roy and Self personally was NOT based on the effects or use of marijuana. Its well known to actually give the opposite effect, regarding drive and motivation. Get a clue, Jerrance Howard–you call yourself a coach, now work at KU, do those names (Allen, Brown, Williams, Self) mean anything to you? How did they achieve “coaching greatness”?

  • @ralster Coach Howard should man up and already have his letter of resignation on HCBS desk. That takes the pressure off HCBS.

  • @brooksmd Exactly right, if he can see the big picture situation. His doing so would put the good of the program first and foremost, as it should be. But if he is begging for mercy, no matter how genuine, he is putting Self in an extremely difficult situation. I am sure Sheahon Zenger and BGLittle have already weighed in on this.

    I hate the timing of this, mid-season (instead of off-season). I hate that its undermining the perception (potentially) of what Self has built. Yes, the fact Self has known JH for so long complicates things, and only puts Self thru something miserable. He didn’t ask for this with all his efforts in our program. The very reason to bring JH here (recruiting ties), now has instantly become a recruiting-liability. How can JH walk into some kid’s home without having the parent(s) wonder if “he’s the guy to got busted for drugs”. “And he’s now here to recruit my son?” “And Bill Self thought it would be a good idea to send him for my son??”

    I just need to stop thinking about this. You know, we are royalty fans, we obviously are quite emotionally invested in our program, especially those of us alumni who are personally connected with the game in some way. My brain is seeing this as a threat to something Self has worked so hard to maintain and build. SO hard. Something I hold dear. How dare you, Jerrance…

  • A considerable percentage of successful people use the substance… Drs, Lawyers, Teachers, Scientists, Presidents. I’ve seen countless vets find their best treatment for Post traumatic stress disorder through cannabis. I’ve witnessed children with severe seizures find their only hope in the plant that was a gift of nature. I’ve watched tumors shrink when the only medicine taken was oil with high CBD content. Its illegality has more to do with Politics and less to do with its side effects.

    Now that being said; when a person is entrusted with responsibility to uphold as Jerrance was and fails to do so, there needs to be consequences. I simply have a bigger issue with the fact that he was not trustworthy enough to man up and give Self notice. Mistakes are what make us stronger in life, but trust & loyalty are incredibly hard to earn back once lost.

  • Too bad he’s not an assistant at Colorado…

  • Also, Self is well known for giving second chances. As a father, I would want my kid to play for a coach that gives second chances. While some will be concerned if Self does not boot him, others might praise him for the compassion it must take to forgive and try to heal and help Jerrance.

  • @Blown my son said he needs to be fired. Mixed feelings here. Do we lose recruits-either way?

  • @wrwlumpy Oh man, that’s a huge bummer! You guys are right, this is quite complicated. Had this been someone else, it wouldnt have made news. But Jerrance is at KU and in a position of authority. And, he got caught and he didnt tell Coach Self who found out thru the media. No good. No good at all. I dont particularly care that he had weed on him or even if he smoked it, if he wasnt an assistant coach at KU. But having a job like he does, he should know better. Pot will be legal nation wide someday, but that doesnt excuse the fact that he shouldnt be doing that in his position.

  • I don’t think whether we lose, or do not lose recruits should be part of the decision. It should come down to what Self & Co feel is the best "right’ thing to do.

    But since this is big business, it will come down to recruiting as well.

    My three boys give me a lot of advice that I don’t heed 🙂

  • @Blown do you think we have a policy in place?

  • Coach Howard has a job in which part of his responsibilities include telling kids to make smart decisions. He has now lost that credibility because of his actions he hasn’t made those same decisions himself.

    It does not matter what your belief of the enforcement of the marijuana laws are, Jerrance Howard was in possession of something that was illegal in the state that he was arrested. He made a very stupid decision and this is something that will negatively impact his ability to do his job going forward.

    Good Bye Snacks!! KU’s ethics and programs are better than what you exhibited !!

  • Good question, crimson. I hope so. It will make the decision making process easier.

    If this was Danny Manning while here, would there be the same sentiment to fire on thenl first offense or would we want to see a second chance ?

  • @RedRooster If Self got a DUI would you be saying the same thing?

    Don’t change my hypothetical by saying “Self wouldn’t do that”

    Self has made some pretty terrible decisions himself the last couple of years that were not made public, and he was forgiven by many.

  • @Blown Interesting question!! My answer would be YES !! It is all about KIDS and what is right in the eyes of the law. Breaking laws results in consequences! And if you are in a position of authority … there are still consequences and perhaps applied at a little higher level.

    I think some of this speaks to the relationship between Self and Snacks. Apparently Snacks was holding something back (i.e. this activity) from Self!

  • This would be the perfect opportunity to bring in Jacque Vaughn to take his place if KU/HCBS course of action is to let Snacks go.

  • Blown, If I read you correctly, Snack deserves a second chance, we all do. But he first has to earn that second chance elsewhere. The message to players/kids has to be that there are consequence(s) to your actions & decisions, period. This country & people are on a rampage of no right & wrong anymore. Everything is justifiable & excusable if the argument fits their view - “it’s just a little weed”. Hell for that matter, thievery can too be justified or excused because one’s just hungry or dirsty. That justification of “aahh I feel sorry” or “emotion-based” thinking has ruined our “critical thinking”. Snack has to go & Self can help find him another job in unknown city as a way of giving Snack a second chance, but not at KU.

  • Just checked ESPN and still no mention of this story. Interesting. Seems like ESPN is usually out ahead on this kind of stuff. Hmmm. had it posted at 6:01 PM (presumed CST) 11 Feb 2015. chased the story with an 11 Feb 2015 headline without a time mark and story about Self remembering his “friend” Jerry Tarkanian.

    So: headlines sandwich Self between his assistant completing public service for a reputed pot arrest half a year ago, and his “friendship” with Tarkanian, who some feel has a bad reputation. Hmmmm.

    Next to posted the Howard story slightly later at 9:24pm (presumed CST) 11 Feb 2015.

    There has been no chaser yet at as of 12 Feb 2015 as at about 9:43am CST. But the Howard story was preceded by two stories on 11 Feb 2015.

    @Jesse-Newell at posted a review of Self’s post game comments after the TxTech game questioning Self’s logic about playing inside out at 10:07am (presumed CST) 11 Feb 2015.

    @Jesse-Newell also posted a story about Cliff Alexander’s jitters starting for KU vs. TxTech at 10:07am (presumed CST) 11 Feb 2015.

    @Jesse Newell stories posted on so far seem about par for the course for JNew, though the story questioning Self’s logic on inside out is probably the most critical story of Self I have seen him post so far.

    12 Feb 2015 9:46 am CST–still no ESPN.GO. COM headline listed for Jerrance Howard story.

    12 Feb 2015 10:56am CST–still no ESPN.GO. COM headline listed for Jerrance Howard story.

    12 Feb 2015 12:33pm CST–still no ESPN.GO. COM headline listed for Jerrance Howard story.

    12 Feb 2015 2:42pm CST–still no ESPN.GO. COM headline listed for Jerrance Howard story.

    12 Feb 2015 10:45pm CST--ESPN.GO.COM headline listed for Jerrance Howard story. Story did not give a time of posting, so not sure how much earlier it was posted (note: I am posting this about 9:43am CST on 13 Feb 2015).

    Timeline for Jerrance Howard story developing…

  • @Statmachine - Yes, Jacque Vaughn - - - or ME!!

  • @nuleafjhawk I would put money on it that Snacks steps down before he is fired. That’s how things usually pan out at KU. Jacque Vaughn would be a huge addition to the KU staff if he were to take an assistant coaching job? I would imagine that he has been contacted by other universities already and will take a head coaching job at UT after this season lol.

  • @HawksWin I appreciate your comments, and I respect what you are saying.

    I agree that sometimes we have to find ourselves in another environment, and can become better people because of our shortcomings.

    I am no William James, but I am trained in Research Methods and Psychology to some extent, and it is always my goal to evaluate facts without bias. I don’t care what the truth is, I simply want to know it. The point of my post is to make sure we look at things from as many sides as we can, and to remember “let he without sin cast the first stone.”

    And as child, my family was so poor the only meals I ate were at school, and** I did have to steal** day old food from a trash can behind the grocery store during the summer time. Should I have starved or should I steal? It doesn’t sound like you’ve really ever come face to face with true hunger if you cannot justify stealing for it. That was my only option. I was arrested at 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Giving up on me would have been easy, but I’m glad they didn’t. I was given second chances countless times, and 12 years later I’m sitting here with two college degrees, an expunged criminal record and I am a pillar of hope for the young children & adults that I interact with daily.

    Things are rarely as they seem. I will not judge Snacks, but I do not envy the business decision that Self must make.

  • @Blown thanks for sharing!! Awesome that you are being rewarded by working w/kids, as well as them being blessed to have you!! You have walked in their shoes!! I follow coach Howard on twitter, he has a beautiful family and loves his life here. I’m very sad for everyone involved.

  • @Blown I’m sorry, Blown but I have to categorically disagree with you on this issue. I think @HawksWin is spot on. You make the slippery slope argument of some successful “Drs, lawyers, politicians” are users…you think they are in the majority in their professions? And being in the medical profession myself, you think I’m going to let such a comment slide? First, as with any medicinal substance, there has to be demonstrable, reproducible evidence thru trials proving its efficacy. Cannabinoids are no panacea. They are simply an adjunct in picked cases. Let me tell you something, for every MD willing to write for cannabinoids, there are multiple times as many that will not. Large amt of skepticism in the profession, with the basis of it driven by scant data beyond chronic pain. Talk about PTSD with a psychiatric specialty MD, and they’ll tell you of the list of meds for it, and pot isnt on the top of such list. And I have helped the VA hospital professionally, lets just say there is a lot to sift through when judging which med is right for your patient.

    But what a boggy discussion for a sports board. Let me make the point that non-using professionals may feel their profession just got tainted by the actions of a few, whenever some Dr or lawyer, etc gets busted for drugs. How can that reflect positively? How? Tell me how to spin that positively?

    This whole nonsense about making another intoxicating substance legal + its default promoting more smoking is simply ridiculous. But people dont care. Keep eroding this nations ideals & values, people dont care-- this is exactly how the “greatest nation on earth” gets de-consructed. See, the generations that BUILT this country, are not the ones trying to tear it down, ideal by ideal.

    We have some on this site wanting Self to change some of his bball “ideals”. Some wish for him to espouse Hoiberg’s philosophy or something…you think thats really going to happen? People propose things without realized the cascade of effects. No foresight.

    Here’s some stark what-ifs about pot: Lets give the surgeon a bunch of totes off a joint before he operates on your kids emergency appendicitis, eh? Or you are on a jetliner, and the pilot is not Malaysian, but an American from Colo., who happens to “be a professional that uses (as @Blown implied)”, and now he’s going to land your plane at night, in the rain, in a crosswind…want to be on that plane if he’s been using legal pot? Or how about we get Dale Earnhardt, Jr higher than a kite, then sit him in his 800+hp stock car & watch him try to push 200mph, eh? Or worse, some driver intoxicated on now-legal pot is weaving down your street where your 4 or 6yr old daughter is trying to ride her training wheel bike with you standing nearby…

    Got any other fun-with-pot ideas? Im trying to have a “free mind”.

    Funny thing is pot will likely get legalized in more & more states…as Colo. showed you can tax the hell out of said commodity! And since the state govt’s budgetary incompetence has kept finances wrecked, watch them subvert any “old” ideals to the not-even-mighty dollar. Its not the smell of pot that will legalize it, its the pull of money.

  • @Blown I don’t think anyone would begrudge someone who had to steal to eat, especially a child - and I’m sorry that you had to go through that. Sounds like you’ve overcome and you can be thankful and proud of that.

    HOWEVER - BIG, BIG difference between dumpster diving for needed food and the illegal drugs that we’re talking about here. With an educated, grown man by the way.

    I’m not judging him - I’ve smoked my share of weed (although 30+ years ago), but he needs to make amends, however that may be. I hope he overcomes this obstacle and goes on to great things in his coaching career.

  • And since we love our Jayhawk basketball so much, lets do one more hypothetical: The state of KS legalizes pot, and thus the Univ. of KS no longer pursues punitive action for the use of pot–we like to complain about laccadaisical play now…what on earth would we do in that scenario, if players are using? (Because pot will make them, uh, sooo sharp, focused, and intense, right?) (laughter)

    Look, anytime I see someone try to defend or support pot, I always wonder “why, man?” Or I want to ask them: “Uh, whats it to ya personally??” (Be careful with the answer, dont incriminate yourselves…). The big pix perspective question always is in my mind: Why all this importance & debate over marijuana? Why?

    Maybe I need to change my thinking: Just like when it was asked a few yrs ago about big oil: why are the oil companies making 800% profits…that was maybe the wrong question. Maybe it shoulda been: why are you not owning oil co. stock? So maybe I should be checking into Colorado companies to see which pot companies are doing well enough to invest in? The reeferheads can smoke the green, while I earn some green. Right? I think thats what the KS legislature is debating, their eyes all “lit up” by the pull of green $$$…(tax-able commodity). Lol. Maybe the reeferheads can form a political coalition, the Blunt Party. Then when they dont like the taxation, they can have a Pot Party, & they dont even have to go to Boston Harbor…

  • Regardless of whether a substance is legal (or not), it doesn’t mean people are on it ALL THE TIME. Just like alcohol. I doubt Earnhardt Jr. chugs a bottle of gin before a race, so why the hell would he smoke pot? There are already laws in place for being illegally under the influence.

    Reefer madness around here. Keep your daughter and her trike out of the Taco Bell drive through lane and she’ll be fine!

  • Ya, this is way too easy a topic to man the guns about over the years. Lets worry instead about KU and the unfortunate predicament JH has put Self, Zenger, and BGLittle in. Peace.

  • On this topic, it’s very hard.

    MU didn’t fire Pinkel because of the DUI. The DUI is worse than this, related to the deed itself, in my book.

    I struggle with two things, 1) he didn’t tell Self. Dishonesty by omission. And 2) the example he is setting for the players.

    This is about Self’s program. Truly a trust Self moment.

  • Blown, Thanks for sharing. The major difference between you and Snack is that you were young and didn’t know any better. Snack is a grown up who has incredible influence over youth. If I were a pot-head parent, I still wouldn’t send my kid to a coach who smokes pot. You know do as I say, not what I do? We all have our stories & mine is NOT rosy, but ended up with 2 degrees. I’m sure Snack’s story isn’t rosy either - but that’s then & this is now. This is the reality. Life isn’t fair. A bit of history on doped up citizens. Chinese turned to opium & the emperor didn’t & couldn’t do anything (Brits played a part in it), and soon China got chopped up & occupied by the Western powers & then became the Red State. The thing was Chinese citizens " living in Opiumed (is that a word?) world" were unable to defend themselves against their occupiers & intruders. You cannot tell me dope is good for the society. Thanks ralster for your medical explanation. Sorry Blown. I still enjoy your comments - go Jayhawks!!

  • @ralster No apology needed. I don’t take any of this as a personal jab. We have different opinions. Reasonable minds may differ.

    FYI, I live in Kansas, not Colorado. I don’t use marijuana, I simply condone having an open mind.

    And my father has suffered from PTSD (though he refuses to try cannabis) since 1972 upon his return from Vietnam. And I’ve watched as the VA prescribes pill after pill for him to no avail. Yes, his violence and sensitivity to loud noises and crowds has been lessened, but his true personality has been subdued as well. All of these medicines that are supposed to help him have turned him into a zombie. Sometimes I wish I had the old Jarhead back. Would you want my dad landing his CH53 Sea Stallion in a cross wind on Barbituates and Depressants? Your medical field prescribes them.

  • I don’t think this story is complicated. Our drug laws are complicated. But laws are laws and are meant to be followed.

    In this case, with a high-profile job working with youth, Jerrance will have to face definite consequences.

    It is hard to comment too deep on this without knowing all the details. But I’ll think out loud and voice my opinion…

    If I was Jerrance, I would take the offensive and fight for my job. Even though he should have come out with this to Self when it happened, he can still put his best foot forward now.

    1. Enter a rehab program… Whether or not he is still using, do the right thing and seek help. This is setting the example for the kids he coaches.

    2. Make a public statement… Discuss this with Self before doing it so he won’t be caught off guard. Admit guilt publicly along with what steps he must do (responsibly) moving forward. Apologize to Self, his players, the university and the fans.

    3. Commit even more… Find a way to commit himself to helping youth on the drug issues. Maybe he becomes a counselor. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be directly related to drug rehab… perhaps he starts a program to help kids find something else to do besides smoke pot.

    4. Commit to the Athletic Department… Trust has been lost with him and the AD. He has to structure a plan and commitment for transparency in the future.

    If he doesn’t take a proactive role in this, he should most-likely leave his position… either by resignation or termination.

  • Bye-bye, Jerrance. I am certain that Bill will help you land on your feet; but elsewhere. Thanks for the recruiting contributions. Good luck with readjusting your career path.

  • @ralster Mega PHOF’s for your comments about the effects of pot. I’m not in the know like you are, but it was well stated. I couldn’t agree more.

  • @Blown I understand where you’re coming from but your dad would not be on flying status if he was prescribed those meds.

  • Banned

    As society changes what was once legal becomes illegal, and vice versa. Though there is a movement to legalize Cannabis it is indeed still illegal in most states.

    Some will say the law is the law and so forth and the law was broken. Therefore he is guilty and must be fired or released as to save the image of the University. That he had a leadership position and therefore there is no second chance.

    And some will say what’s the big deal. Is getting caught smoking cannabis any different than getting caught drinking while driving. They will make a case why cannabis should be legal and point to the fact that is indeed becoming legal. No they will say to releasing Snacks, instead will say give him a second chance. What’s the big deal.

    Well you are both right and wrong.

    In the end Snack’s real crime will be he didn’t tell HCBS. That my friends is a no, no. '(

  • Interesting comments in here on pot.

    I believe I have a different perspective from most. I lived a majority of my adult years in a country that had a tolerant policy towards possessing and selling pot (in certain quantities).

    First thing to note: In many ways, pot should not be considered similar to alcohol and other mind-altering substances. Pot has no levels of toxicity. You can’t OD on pot. There may be some level of toxicity created from burning pot, but that is often disputed, and for medical purposes there are known safe methods for ingesting this substance. For recreational purposes, in the area of toxicity, it is a clear winner over alcohol. There is no valid argument left on this. Done.

    There are other issues regarding responsible use that are unique to pot. THC stays in the body for long periods of time, and regular users build up levels in their bodies and there is a definite question as to whether or not they should be operating equipment like cars and planes while having a lifestyle of use. Technology is about to bring us better measuring devices and policies can be set with the goal of public safety in mind. There is no way around this. It is the right thing to do, regardless which side people are on this issue. Public safety needs to be the #1 consideration. Because of the lingering effect, it will be hard to keep pot in your lifestyle while desiring to operate motor vehicles or other equipment. Just look at the constant lowering of acceptable alcohol limits. It will be equally stringent on pot use. But the issue with pot is that 24 hours later you will still maintain a measurable amount of THC in your body, and further use will increase that amount. This is very different than alcohol.

    From a medical perspective… I have problems with the direction of our society. Medication is being highjacked by profits. Adequate studies cost extreme amounts of money, and the only way to get these studies done is to have a financial carrot in front of big pharma. I’m sure they are busy now gobbling up patents on synthetic processes involving components of pot. Patents create the opportunity to make big money through protection. The focus isn’t on helping people… the focus is on profits.

    There are institutions in this world that are studying the medical effects of pot. In most cases, those studies have been (and will be) criticized for not meeting certain standards. Standards controlled by associations and industry that are driven by high profit.

    I guess it comes down to basic beliefs. Do you believe your health care should be controlled by for-profit corporations? Do they have your interests at heart? Have you ever read corporate charters before? Do you realize there is nothing written into corporate law that involves medical ethics? No mention of the Hippocratic Oath. Nothing. The structure of a corporation is about controlling profits, ownership and power. In fact, those persons running a corporation who make decisions based on medical ethics above their own corporate interests are breaking their contractual obligation to shareholders. Corporations are strictly about profits.

    I tend to side towards pot for medical purposes because I also believe in natural treatments over synthetic medicine. I put synthetic medicine as a last resort option. And the testing provided to qualify modern medicine is a complete joke. The testing is performed by labs that are hired by the pharmaceutical companies. No bias there, right? Synthetic science has extreme flaws in it’s very basic structure… to find an effect from a substance, then provide that substance in high isolated amounts. It turns out that mother nature knows something about providing help to illness, especially since probably 99% of our survival came through natural treatments (Google Chinese medicine). It turns out that the safest treatments come from natural-occurring compounds and not isolated substances. It is through these compounds that nature works its magic and help comes with less or no side effects because the other elements in the compound play a role in the outcomes.

    Synthetic medicine is not the backbone of our modern day rise to quality of life and health. That has come through other advancements, like water treatment and public waste management. That isn’t to say that modern science and isolating elements are a total flop. Chlorine is a dangerous substance, but it has helped sterilize our water supply from dangerous pathogens in an economical fashion.

  • You mean a small mom and pop business isn’t about profit? I’m sure Jayhawk Tire is about profit.

  • @Blown

    You are comparing apples and oranges. Alcohol possession and drinking, as long as you are of legal age and don’t drive while intoxicated, is legal. Even if you don’t use it, pot possession is illegal in most states by state law and illegal in all states by federal law. One involves doing something legal that by excess or lack of judgment turns illegal, the other is knowingly doing something illegal, period.

    As @ralster indicated and without going into the details, KU CANNOT have one policy for players and one for coaches, if anything, the policy for coached should be more strict since they are the “adults” and role models for many of the kids, where players are young, inexperienced, away from home and with a lot of peer pressure to boot. Adults have to set the example they want the kids to follow…do as I say and not as I do… is by no means acceptable.

    Peter Drucker famously said:

    Management is doing things right;

    **leadership is doing the right things **

    So it boils down to whether you want to do what is expedient for the program or whats is good for the program. The first case would involve maybe a suspension for the rest of the season and the second would be dismissal from the program. If Howard kept this from Coach Self, I just don’t see how he would keep his job.

    I guess it comes down to choosing between being a manager or being a leader.

  • @brooksmd Swampman Shelby says "Go, git, gone. "Guess he should know…’

  • @JayHawkFanToo Managers can be as bosses; covert oft times. Leaders are at the forefront leading by example. We’ll now find out about Bill going forward.

  • @Blown

    I am sorry that you has such a hard upbringing, I truly am; however, by your own description. most of it happened when you were a minor or barely past that age and under extreme circumstances and with a still developing moral compass. The same cannot be said about Howard. He is an adult in a very comfortable (and enviable) situation and in a position of authority/power/influence where he is expected to lead and be a role model for young adults and have a well formed and rounded set of moral and ethical principles. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility - Spider-man’s Uncle Ben.

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