KU Sports - Nov 12: Game Day Coverage

  • Game Day

    ###Kansas’ Bill Self: ‘We need to win this one’### Tonight’s early-season Kansas University-Duke basketball game is for Jayhawk pride as much as anything else.

    “We’re the only team that has not won a game in the Champions Classic…

    ####Opinion: Fab freshmen highlight Classic battle####

    Jabari Parker was the greatest prospect since LeBron James before Andrew Wiggins became the same. Both hyperbolic evaluations conveniently bypassed Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. Parker also beat Wiggins to his first Sports Illustrated cover by a good 61⁄2 months…

    A look back at Kansas-Duke history

    Tradition-rich basketball programs Kansas University and Duke, who rank second and fourth all-time in victories, have met just nine times throughout history.

    The Blue Devils, who trail KU by 100 games (2102 victories to 2002), do happen to hold a 7-2 advantage over the Jayhawks in head-to-head meetings…

  • I will admit it. Duke is my least favorite team in any sport. I can’t wait for this game tonight.

    Anyone else in Chicago for the game?

  • I will be there tonight!

  • I’m watching at home with a friend who’s a Duke Med School alumnus. The good news is he’s a good guy and won’t rub it in (too much) if the game goes the wrong way.

    I sure like to think it’s our turn to win a Champions Classic game, but I don’t know how we’ll do it tonight.

  • Just something I came across and wanted to share…

    “He’s got a chance to pickup where the Morris twins left off. He’s a beast. He should be a double-double guy for Kansas as they have a bridge year into the future. This is not necessarily a rebuilding year for the Jayhawks, but they are CLEARLY not as strong as they have been over the last five, six, seven years.” –Fran Fraschilla 11/22/2011

    We all know how that year went. So who knows? Even the professional pundits don’t REALLY ever know. Let’s have fun and see where this team can take us!

    Rock Chalk!

  • Also worth note is that Franny’s son is on Kruger’s OU team & he may be trying to be politically correct to stroke some egos. Hey, Ray Charles (politically incorrect) could see that all this untested, youthful, and promising talent is not as strong NOW as past squads. But with a couple of exceptions, our 08’ team was pretty young too & how’d that turn out Fran? We’ll see ya later, like in March & April you can bet. Games like this one tonight are just what the great Dr Naismith (who, by the way, wrote the book) would prescribe for character, chemistry & confidence down the road…to the Final Four & NC. The non con schedule tells me that Self got the order. As always, JMO with a couple of salt pinches over the left shoulder for you know who.

  • I believe the team with the least fouls wins.

    The team with the most fouls losses.

    I know I’m redundant… that is my intent.

    Naa has to step up and lead the freshmen to victory.

    “Play tough defense, but don’t foul!” F&%# that! Play tough defense, and when you feel the whistle coming let the foul count with a heavy shot! You can foul less, but make the fouls you get called for count!

    Punish… punish… punish!

    Don’t let the prepsters steal the game of basketball away from every city court in America! You are defending the game of basketball… the game born from Dr. Naismith! His spirit remains in the rafters, and he never intended it to be controlled by some “no contact” prepsters.

    Knock Bilas and his pansy Dukeys back to finishing school in Calcutta. I don’t want to trade volleyball for basketball. I want to see some lock down. If you have to reach out and hand check, make it count and grab his jersey and bring him down!

    Make it count!

  • slyr, is that the speech you gave to Elijah before the Michigan game last year? Kidding, kidding…nice post 🙂

  • If that had been Duke… yes… but I don’t think Michigan is enjoying playing flag basketball any more than we do.

    ; )

    My new slogan for this year is:

    “Make it count!”

  • ESPN ####Three Jayhawks – all freshmen – on the Wooden Award list####

    For the first time, the John R. Wooden Award preseason watch list can include freshmen and transfers, so it’s no surprise that in this – “The Year of the Freshman” – the list is loaded with first-year players.

    Nine of the top 50 spots on the list released Tuesday are filled by freshmen, with Kansas and Kentucky accounting for three each.

    Top recruit Andrew Wiggins, along with teammates Wayne Selden Jr., and Joel Embiid represent the Jayhawks.

  • Perry Ellis belongs on that list before ANY of those freshman, Wiggins included.

    The nation is sleeping on Perry, and I get the feeling that he is fine with that. He will just quietly go about his business and when it’s all said and done put up All-American numbers on a (hopefully) National Championship contending team.

  • @JayDocMD My sentiments exactly.

  • “The Final Four will have more riding on it, but it may not have the same caliber of teams as the Champions Classic – No. 1 Kentucky versus No. 2 Michigan State followed by No. 4 Duke against No. 5 Wiggins on ESPN.”

    Anybody else notice this on espn?

  • Nice, Blown!

    We need to use material like that to inspire the troops.

  • @JayDocMD - what YOU said. I’ve been telling all my friends ( BOTH of them ) that when it’s all said and done, Perry Ellis will be our most valuable player. I’m willing to bet someone else’s farm on it.

  • From an article on sbnation.com

    From an anonymous NBA scout quoted by Jeff Goodman a few days ago:

    "And let me tell you, scouts cannot wait to anoint Wiggins, the top player in this class for years now, as overhyped.

    Great athlete, no way he’s the top pick in the draft. Julius Randle is better. There’s just way too much hype. His skill level is average. … Right now, he’s the third- or fourth-best player for Kansas."

    I sure hope Andrew saw this…

  • JayDocMD… thanks for the link.

    I read the article and it wasn’t really fair on Goodman. It took some of his stuff out of context. Goodman’s comment about Wiggins being the 5th or 6th greatest player at practice wasn’t about slamming Wiggins, it was about mentioning how good the other players are around Wiggins.

    Everyone knows it is way too early to pick a #1 selection in the draft. And for some reason, being #1 means so much more than being #2 or #3. Pretty amateurish concept since teams usually pick for what they need… so if they need a 4 or a 3, or size and weight more than speed, they determine going with one over the other. Teams interview, have good and bad relationships with agents… and on and on and on.

    Personally, I think Wiggins has the best chance of going #1 because his freakish speed and jumping makes him a rare catch, more so than Randle and his post strength. So, in my books, Wiggins will have a better shot at going first, but that doesn’t mean Randle won’t become a more-valuable asset to the team that picks him. And as I said above, Randle could go first because the team with the first pick needs strength in the post.

    Both Wiggins and Randle are top picks, that’s all that matters and shows both are elite.

    However… Wiggins caught a rocket to the top, so it is natural he’ll descend sometime. The hype has been unreal… to the point of becoming surreal.

  • @drgnslayr I agree that the natural athleticism seems to be the thing that distinguishes Wiggins from the others in the minds of the NBA scouts.

    That’s something that cannot be changed with training… It’s a constant – a foundation – on which all his experiences will be built. And the thinking is that his skills are magnified and experience is accelerated on such an exceptional base of raw talent.

    In my opinion, the interesting thing to consider is where Embiid will end up in the draft order if his skills catch up with his natural talent. He seems to have exceptional dexterity and athleticism combined with his 7ft stature.

  • I didn’t really understand the “We need to win this one” article.

    So we need to win this one but it’s hard to get excited about any game in November… Kind of sounds like we are already making excuses.

    How will we win a game we aren’t excited about being in?

    Does it work to say… “okay, we don’t care about games in November but we are playing Duke so we want to win!”

    I want to win this game for personal reasons. I don’t want to take it on the chin within my own family, which is a mix of KU and Duke. Otherwise… I’m game for a beat down and starting this season with a bubble burst and reality check. I’m pretty sure that is the best formula for us to improve quickly. Something to counter the curse of SI covers and hype run amuck.

  • Right on, bskeet!

    If NBA GMs put potential at the top couldn’t we see a Wiggins / Embiid one-two punch?

    What I don’t like is all the attention on it now. It creates chaos that we don’t need and it creates motivation for Randle.

    Randle doesn’t have the upside of Wiggins or Embiid, but he isn’t far from being in the top at PF elite in the NBA now!

  • Finally, Jayhawk fans living in Kansas and with no access to the sports channel “endorsed” by the power that be at the KU Athletic Department, will not have to go searching for an Internet feed to watch the game. Now I must get into my game time KU gear and get ready to watch the games. Best possible outcome, MSU beats UK handily and KU beats Duke in a close (but not too close) game.

  • Grantland:

    ####2013-14 NCAA Basketball Preview: The Big 12#### Kansas looks to win its 10th straight conference championship with Andrew Wiggins

  • Is anyone else watching the Kentucky - Michigan State game? Michigan State looks pretty tough to me. There really handling Kentucky well.

  • UK is coming back. Blech.

  • I might have to back peddle on my earlier comment.

    I knew Randle was a beast… but holy cow that guy can play! He can not only use his size and push through the post, he can handle the ball and his body rather acrobatically for a PF!

    The new rules interpretation plays perfect into his hands because he is allowed to drop his shoulder and level the boom this year!

    We better start working on a solution now to stop him, or you can forget gold in March. Embiid is our best shot.

  • 8 turnovers! We will double down faster.

  • @dragonslayr I too have changed my thinking about Julius Randle based on last night’s play. He’s a force to be reckoned with. If they can play as a team, watch out. Careful, you!

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