Cashing in my IRA....

  • Let’s see… 10…20…30… I’ll make my cash piles here and get a total.

    What was the number of that bookie?

    I’ve got to float my entire future on this game. It’s Kansas by 15+. It’s already a fact…

    Kansas Jayhawks Heavy NCAA Lines Favorites to Bounce Back Against Texas Tech

    If Charley Weiss’ brother predicts a Jayhawk trounce, it must be true!

  • @drgnslayr

    Will Chollie be doing color for KU this season? As Self said, the guy can really hold court!!!

  • @drgnslayr Them govt boys love us suckers. If you’re not at least 59 1/2 you’ll get hit for an extra 10% for early withdrawal. Also the penalty loss unfortunately cannot be claimed to offset winnings-bummer.

  • And if you think the 10% early withdrawal penalty is bad wait till you see the “Cadillac Healthcare Tax”. That one is a real butt bustin, eye opener. As my bud would say “Just G(oo)aggle it.” If you get hit with this one you will not be happy. Is one reason why I took early retirement.

  • Last time we played these guys we let loose the artillery and buried them. That may have been the first realization of the true outside-in potential of this team. Jesse pointed out in his pre-game scout that guarding the 3pt line is a weakness for Tech. He has been pretty good picking against the spread this year and he has Kansas covering. So I’d say you are probably right. I am way too big of a coward to risk any actual money on a performance of 18-20 year-olds where I have absolutely no control. You go @drgnslayr! I love the confidence!

  • Vegas line opened at -12 and it is now -10-1/2; apparently people were taking TTU and the points.

  • 011015ku_th6.jpg

    Will Tyler get to play tonight?

  • I remember Tech turning it over a lot in the first half and for a young team coming into Allen is a disaster. I don’t see them turning it over at home the same way. Tubby will try to slow the game down like he always does and get these guys to play defense. This is clearly a less talented team than even some of their past teams that have given us fits here. If we don’t lay another leg we should win by the points

  • @drgnslayr Nice call! So you takin us all out for drinks with your winnings now? 🙂

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