ok guys guess i must of MISSED THE BOAT

  • just watching some B-BALL tonight guys and hell I guess from what I heard in a couple of statements tonight from commentators I GUESS I dunno I guess I’ve missed the boat lol. I was watching the Wisconsin and Indiana game and good ol Dan D. says about Wisconsin probably the toughest place to play REALLY? please tell me what am I missing? guess I’ve been overcome by the Phog. and then 2ndly in the Oklahoma - West Virginia game this guy says Oklahoma probably has played the toughest schedule this yr. again REALLY? my question is where are these guys getting their information? I thought we had the Nu 1 RPI once again. I know we have a tougher schedule but just repeating what has been said tonight. but anyways ROCK CHALK

  • @jayballer54 announcers at the Kentucky game were talking how great Rupp was.

  • @jayballer54 Off the cuff my reaction is these guys are trying to schmooz the homers in the listening audience.

    I would think an announcer who knows the college game wouldn’t make a statement like that unless he had other motives like getting in good graces with a school/league.

    Or he just hates blue blood programs.


  • Please understand my reply was to Jayballer about OU and Wisconsin.

    Not Rupp.

  • @jayballer54

    Then these same guys yack it up about KU when they call our games… as long as we win. We can have a 5 game lead in our league and lose one on the road and they start chirping… “is this the year someone else wins the B12?”

    It’s about like watching CNN cover the recent snow in NYC. It was snow alright… a real snow job.

  • @drgnslayr Running out of material-aren’t they?

  • @drgnslayr

    “Then these same guys yack it up about KU when they call our games… as long as we win”

    Those are the guys we called peckerwoods back in the day slayr. Ones that agreed with almost anybody cause they always wanted to sound like they were right about everything… Truth is they really know very little & just follow the crowd. RE the old saying “Everyone loves a winner”

  • I’m starting to think the announcers are “chipped and dripped.”

    Uncle is reputedly workng on a lot of embedded chip and sub dermal, pharma release tech to mind and body control dog faces and jarheads on the way into and in combat. Command and control between the ears and in the tissues stuff up and down linked by micro wave bounced off cloud layers sprayed by white, unmarked tankers flying above loitering A-10 Wart Hog drones…on a clear day you can control forever stuff.

    So: sometimes I think the announcers are just sitting there chipped and dripped–part of the Internet of things, only in suits and dresses–appropriated, embedded bio-units being over ridden remotely, and shizz is porting out of them from flipping SKYNET…Deep State gibberish designed to glaze our eyes like tiny donut balls full of aqueous humor…Dunkin’ Donuts for the eyes in a totalitarian game state.

    "Yes, Brad, no, Brad, the Quin Snyder years, they made MU a major power…Holly, Holly…Marist is a Mecca of hoops…Doug, didn’t you once score a hundred against Murray State…the gun is good, the penis is bad…Holly, Holly…Boise State invented the pick and roll…Mars must have a basing structure as a fortified flank before moon minerals can be mined…Fran, Fran…deus Space X Machina…Florida International has the best fans…obedience to the private central bank…the first dunk by a little person was by Herve Villachaise in a 109-38 game between Vanderbilt and Loyola Marymount…Holly, Holly…what do your players need to do differently the second half?..ISIL’s new state surrogate team runs a 2-3 matchup zone and wears Mephistos…Fran, Fran…UMKC has the best hoops legacy…abiotic oil is the devil’s work…Jay guarded Ralph Sampson in the post once…electric cars cause psychosis…Holly, Fran, Dick, Doug…Tarim Basin does not exist…Ball State was named after the game…the game that I love was started by Vinnie the Abacus Mardelli in East Sandusky at the Sons and Daughters of Cinque Terre sports Festival…he who controls the past…Holly, Holly…the fans of Texas are upon us…hi, I’m Brent Mussberger and I’m chipped, dripped and Deep State equipped, er, re link, retransmission code 999 ionosphere bounce, Brent Mussberger program/broadcast routine a99.374e…

    (Note: all fiction. no malice.)

  • I liked watching the half time show of OU/WVU. First, they lead off with KU’s win against the Clones, discuss Mason, Greene, and Selden, talk about our consecutive conf title streak…etc. It was like a commercial for KU.

  • OU’s schedule was pretty tough.

    Non-con against Wisconsin, UCLA and Washington, plus Butler and Tulsa. That compares pretty favorably to KU’s slate. The big advantage for KU is that Kentucky is rated so much better than anyone else by every metric that having them on the schedule skews it because UK is so strong. OU has definitely played one of the 5 or 6 toughest schedules in the country.

    As for road venues, Wisconsin is definitely one of the toughest places to play in the country. Tops in the Big 10, and up there nationally with AFH, Cameron, Rupp, and Arizona. Those would be my top 5 as far as toughest venues in college basketball.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Laughable. Rupp wasn’t even sold out last night.

  • @KUSTEVE ESPN didn’t even have our win over ISU as the lead on the BBALL website. They premiered the Virginia win. So different than the over the top crap they had when ISU beat us.

  • All the elite programs playing at home in front of a sold out crowd are tough places. We are obviously biased and there is no question that AFH is one of the toughest places for opponents but, depending on the opponent, some places might be tougher than others at any given time.

    For example AFH is probably the toughest place for ISU or Oklahoma or other conference teams, but for a teams such as Ohio State, -Wisconsin or Michigan or Michigan State- might be tougher because of the conference rivalry. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0

    “I’m starting to think the announcers are “chipped and dripped.””

    I’d like to know how many of them are just reading mindless teleprompters of scripts written by just about anyone.

    I don’t mind Seth Greenberg most of the time. At least it seems like he is chirping his own material and he does follow teams. He is often closer to being dialed in than most of them.

    Jay Bilas is good in some areas… then he goes off the deep end with some of his concepts I can’t tolerate. His goal is to sterilize the game.

    Dickie V has changed over the years and is still an ACC boy, but shares the wealth more.

    Brent Mushburger is in serious need of a lobotomy… real frontal lobe stuff.

    Fran Fraschilla… didn’t he just do some coaching but was never a player? There seems to be gigantic holes in his thought process.

  • @drgnslayr

    We have to keep in mind that there are 351 team in Division I and if only 50 of them receive top attention, it is still a large number. ESPN has assigned different individuals to different conferences and Fraschilla has the Big 12 and by and large, he does a pretty good job and keeps himself on top of the conference happenings.

    However, on programs like Game Day, when you have several “analysts” not familiar with the inner workings of the conference and too lazy to do their own research, they rely on “talking points” written by some flunky in Bristol with little insight into the conference and they make silly comments that have the “locals” shaking their heads in disbelief. No question than any program West of Kentucky is not given enough attention by the East Coast heavy media.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Good points. But you would think the other “analysts” would be college ball junkies and know more. Pay me all that cake and I’ll study the top 50 teams and know everything I can find on them. I’ll even go read their fan blogs.

  • @drgnslayr If you think Brent will change," Nothin doin’."

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