Predictions and Hawk to Rock for KSU game

  • So partly because I just love reading these boards so much and am trying to jump start a little pre-game conversation, I thought it would be fun to get a thread going about what we were expecting for the upcoming game and maybe picking a “Hawk to Rock” Any other suggestions are welcome; I think it’s espn that has on one of their segments or stories “bold predictions”. Maybe going forward we could incorporate it into @wrwlumpy 's fantastic posts about our next opponents. But for the sake of today I just started a new thread.

    Prediction: KU wins 74-60. The TCU game gave Self plenty to preach about and should grab the guys’ attention. It is almost the equivalent of coming off a loss.

    Hawk to Rock: Brannen Greene. After failing to launch a 3 in the last game, he’s got to have itchy trigger fingers. Playing before a rowdy home crowd, I expect to see the 3 to the temple sign from him multiple times running back down the court.

  • @icthawkfan316 I think this is a great idea. I always read @Jesse-Newell Quick Scout reports before every game (it’s crazy how accurate he’s been this year), and I’ve been thinking it would be fun to do something like this on our site. Great idea!

    Prediction: I think this game goes with the same trend that we usually see when KU plays KSU, BUT it will be a little different. I think we come out and punch K-State right in the nose. Go up by 20+ before letting the game get closer than it should be before Greene helps us pull away, and KU gets the W 72-58.

    Hawk to Rock: I think Greene is going to have a great game, but I think statistically, Big Cliff stuffs the stat sheet.

    RCJH everyone!

  • I think it will be a closer game throughout with us taking it 76-71.

    Hawk to Rock Frank Mason. Believe he gets around Foster and gets the drives to the hoops.

  • @icthawkfan316 great idea, and fun! How about adding a defensive player? I’m anxious to see how rebounding is improved after intense drills! Gibson always gets chippy, am I remembering right, him and TRob getting in to it? Mari had to sit last time, that will inspire him, hopefully in a good way. Sherron is in town, nobody loves KU better than him! Can’t wait! Hawk: oubre, D hawk: Mason bothering foster!

  • I think we will be in control and win, say 72-60. My Hawk to Rock is… Perry…too quick for the KSU big guys.

  • I think HCBS will play it conservatively and get a W. I don’t think we will win by 20+. I think we will be in control and not threaten all game long. I think we will see 4 guys in double digits scoring.

    Hawk to Rock will go to Seldon. RCJH!

  • I’m most curious about whether we put some pressure on KSU defensively. They were horrible against WVU in handling the press and that appears to be a significant weakness. I’ve seen 5 or 6 of KSU’s games, and they don’t appear to be a good ball handling team. We didn’t apply any pressure against an inferior TCU team. Against teams that Self thinks we should defeat playing our normal game, he rarely takes the risk of pressing or applying significant pressure (until late in the game). KSU, though, might be perceived as much better opponent.

  • And Hawk to Rock – I don’t know why I’m thinking Jamari Traylor. He plays at peaks and valleys. His stats have been in the valley for a while (contrasted to the intangibles we see in his hustle after loose balls), so perhaps a peak today.

  • I see KU building a lead and coasting to a 10-12 point win. I expect Perry to have a good game.

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    Not the best pic

  • I think the Kitties play the “wack a hawk” game, and try to turn the game into a wrestling match. KU 68 Mildcats 61. My picks to click today are Frank and Perry, which is like saying I expect the sun to go down tonight. Going out on a limb here…

  • @icthawkfan316

    Gosh… I’m so bad at this. I think my record of picking the Hawk to Rock is something like 10%. I must be a jinx… a curse to the unfortunate guy I pick.

    So my Hawk to Rock is Tyler Self! He is long overdue to hit another layup and force overtime and propel us into another classic KU-KSU battle win.

  • I lovvvveeeee watching Weber in AFH. He always feels the need to overreact on everything. It is his knee-jerk reaction to something deep inside… his feeling of being the lessor with Self and with AFH. I’d love to play high stakes poker with this guy because he telegraphs everything you ever want to know.


  • @drgnslayr

    I though that was Jamar Samuels money order…

  • If I had to choose, I’d say Perry narrowly edges out Selden for the HTR trophy today. So all those that picked Perry…you win!

  • Banned


    Listened to a lot of Bruce Webber interviews and the dude has no respect for KU or HCBS. I would call him head coach but the dude has never won with his own players. 😉

    I get not loving your opponent, but man you have to at least respect your opponent? HCBS does it all the time.

  • @DoubleDD What did he say that indicated a lack of respect?

  • Banned


    It’s not so much what he says but what he doesn’t say. Take his interview today after the game.

    When you get your ass kicked you tip your cap. Well at least that’s what I was taught. Just saying.

  • @icthawkfan316

    I wrote that KU would open a lead and coast to a 10-12 point win and Perry would have a good game…right on the money.

  • @DoubleDD

    “Listened to a lot of Bruce Weber interviews and the dude has no respect for KU or HCBS.”

    I know exactly where you are coming from on this. It is in his personality… part of his defensive reaction trying to mask his own inferiority complex. I wish he could see himself from a third-person perspective. He really isn’t a bad coach, but his over-compensations are one of his biggest problems.

    Did you see him today in the first half on his time-out?

    Coaches do need to scream at guys often… but he was out of control, and that projected on to his team and they played out of control. Obviously, Weber must have collected himself by halftime because they came out and executed much better the second half.

    I think he’d be a fairly decent coach if he could tweak his behavior and realize his body language and actions often are not helping his cause.

    I’m hopeful that the purple kitties continue to improve. I want to get the rivalry back more… we need it!

  • I had 4 guys in double digits. No so bad! RCJH

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