Kobe probly done with career now.

  • Dont know if anyone cares or not but Kobe tore his right rotator cuff. The specifics arent out yet but it could put him out the rest of this season. Feel bad for the guy, ya know? One of the Goat’s ever and he has to maybe go out on yet another injury.

  • @Lulufulu

    Kobe has a lot of miles under the hood. He started right out of HS and it is a tribute to him that he has lasted this long ans it is probably as good a time as any to retire. Having said that, if they offer him enough money, he will be back.

  • Good riddance Kobe

  • If it’s a real bad tear he may get back 70-80 pct mobility but that’s about as good as it ever gets. No such thing as a good tear.

  • @globaljaybird

    ESPN is reporting that it is the same injury Patty Mills had and he recovered just fine, but then he is a lot younger than Kobe who is in his 19th season the NBA. He might recover enough to play out his contract which runs through next season and is worth $25M.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Most likely it will be a minimum of 3 months after a surgery before he can lift the weight of his own arm to chest height. Recovery is a long, slow & calculated process that progresses in small stages. Recurrence of the injury is also about 50%.Broken bones are bad, torn muscles & tendons are just awful, & the cuff surgery is a combination of all. They drill lags into the bone to reattach the tissue. Just bumping it is like getting slammed with a sledge hammer. Even though the pain is excruciating before the knife, it is much worse afterwards. Many board rats here at buckets have been through this & trust me, it ain’t no stroll on the beach. My labrum was torn about one inch & to say it was devastating is a total understatement. I wouldn’t wish that recovery /rehab on anyone.

  • @globaljaybird

    They had long segment on ESPN about it and indicated that if he has the surgery now, he can be ready in six month or the beginning of next season. I had arthroscopic surgery on both shoulders, left in 1987 and right 2 years ago and even when the second was considerably more severe, the recovery time was less than one half the time. FWIW, I have no first hand knowledge of rotator cuff surgery so I am simply repeating what sports commentators are saying.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I dont either. But, I did tear my right rotator. Not fun at all and very painful. Recovery time for me was atleast 6 months. But, Kobe is an athlete, if he decides to come back he can do it. At this point though, Id be like man Im just gonna hang em up. 3 big injuries, if thats not a sign to step down then I dont know what is.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Surgeon explained to me that the cuff is a very complex grouping of several of muscles & tendons that criss cross the shoulder allowing it to perform functions that no other joint in the body can correlate or equal. Depending on the location & severity options are rehab or surgery or both. When you cannot raise the weight of the arm, sleep, put on a shirt, comb your hair, (or other key hygienic functions) there is no option other than surgery. Effectively in ends a baseball players ability to throw overhand-remember Hal MaCrae became a DH after his. Medicine has advanced in the decades since his injury, but in an older guy like us, its quite disabling- I’m assuming you may not be far behind me in age. I was driving fence posts with a 40lb driver over the head & went backwards & fell. My tear was so severe I had to use one arm to lift the other above the waist. Also is real common injury for older people with many years of wear & tear & high mileage. I sure wish Kobe the best but rarely is there a full recovery from a bad tear because of limitations of movement combined with strength to perform at a high level.

  • It’s sad to see an all time great go out due to injury. Kind of like Bird and his back. Unfortunately, time remains an undefeated foe. You may hold it off for a while, but eventually everyone succumbs to it.

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