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    Brannen Greene may not play the best defense but man is he cold when shooting the ball. His three changed the game.

  • True… Actually, the game was changed three times.

    First, hot shooting was a team effort, and that gave us an unsurmountable lead in the first half…

    …Except it wasn’t unsurmountable… Oklahoma did their best Seahawks impression and charged back to the lead… and that was the second change.

    Then, give Cliff credit for the rebound and BG credit for his Ron Kellogg-like instincts.

    Just like that, the game was flipped; leaving me to wonder: Is this team TOUGH or FRAGILE?

    Probably a combination-- we are either:

    • Tragile - mostly fragile, but tough enough to survive after blowing a 20-point lead or
    • Frough - more tough than fragile for gutting out a win after losing all momentum letting it turn against us.

  • Jekyll & Hyde type game. 20 minutes your jumping up and down because you haven’t seen this kind of scoring barage in a long time. Then halftime happens and OU’s basket becomes 10 feet while our’s is closed for shop. Then the battle for toughness ensures and Allen Fieldhouse helps these guys recover their mojo.

    Great game, I’m sure most would have wished it had stayed a 15-20 point lead but these Jayhawks sure know how to keep the fans on edge.

  • @bskeet My favorite Jayhawk of all time…Ron Kellog.

  • @KUSTEVE aka “Special K”

  • Ronnie Kellog is an under-appreciated Jayhawk…

    Those of us that were fortunate enough to grow up watching that squad know that he, Calvin Thompson, Mark Turgeon, Cedric Hunter, Greg Dreiling, Archie Marshal and a teen phenom named Danny ushered in the Silver Age (1985-present) of Kansas Basketball.

    I consider 1919-1958 the Golden Age of Kansas Basketball.

  • Mr. Saturday!

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