Graham's assist to turnovers

  • In current stats, league play only, Graham: 13 assists, 0 turnovers! Mason: 16/8.

  • @REHawk Didnt Graham have a couple TO’s last night? I thought he did. That was his second game back, Im betting he will improve. I read an article on S.I. that said KU doesnt have a true PG. Thats a load of BULL. We have two very good PGs and they will be around for their senior seasons too! We get the right kind of chemistry going and the right circumstances present themselves and KU brings another trophy back to Lawrence before Mason and Devonte’ are gone.

    Consider this my premonition of the future.

  • @REHawk So…are you suggesting a changing of the guard, so to speak? Or just pointing out some good numbers?

    Just in the interest of full transparency on the issue - Mason has played 131 minutes in 4 games of conference play; Graham has only played 60 minutes in 3 games.

    Regardless, I don’t think your post was a slam on Mason as much as high praise for Graham. I couldn’t be higher on both of them. Mason’s ball handling is fantastic. Remember how Tharpe would get his pocket picked at half court seemingly once every game? Has that ever happened to Mason? Regardless of press or traps or whatever kind of pressure the other team throws at us, I’m just never worried with Frank handling the ball. Of course, Graham is no slouch with the rock either. Everyone see him cross over his defender at the top of the circle, then bury a 3 last night? That was pretty!

    Both guys can shoot it from outside, drive to the hoop, and defend. Graham in particular has a such quick hands and is adept at creating turnovers.

    I’ve stated a couple of times that KU’s best perimeter line-up includes both of them on the court at the same time (along with Oubre). The challenge for Self going forward will be 1) keeping both of them healthy throughout their careers, and 2) getting both of them enough minutes to keep them both happy. One of my fears is that Self recruits some OAD 2-guard and limits Graham’s minutes. In my opinion, Self has his starting back court for the next two years. As @Lulufulu says, this is a back court that can bring us another title. I hope he realizes this. Don’t pander to OADs, or to players with higher recruiting rankings (ahem…Selden), get some competent post players, and he’ll have his second ring.

  • @icthawkfan316 No, no, no suggesting a changing of the guard! Merely pointing out a surprising stat I had just read on the Big 12 League Stat sheet. Graham leads the league in assist to turnover. I have been very pleased with Frank’s efforts and productions. I do wish that Graham had gotten a few of Selden’s minutes last night (but that is in retrospect, and I’m really not sniping, tho I wish that Self would offer Wayne less of a free pass). It startles me more than somewhat that Graham is playing so efficiently after rejoining the team after his injured toe layoff. Oubre and Alexander arrived in Lawrence with much more fanfare; but Graham appears to be the steadiest of the group, at least for first 50+ minutes of Jayhawk playing time. A freshman with immediate game.

  • @Lulufulu You know, I thought he threw a couple of errant passes which would have tallied turnovers when he first entered the game last night. But the Big 12 site showed him with no turnovers for the game…and none for league play.

  • I forget the name of Iowa St’s ballyhooed PG who has something like two turnovers in the last decade (slight exaggeration), but I did smile when Mason/Graham’s pressure forced him into 1-2 of them last night.

  • @ajvan

    Monte Morris. Assist to Turnover ratio is a hard to believe 5.53. Not sure anyone has played the amount of minutes he does and has turned it over less. It was nice to get that travel on him and he complained about it too.

  • @BeddieKU23 The fact that he dragged his foot about a yard and then mouthed off about it made the TO all the sweeter. Small victories.

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