Guys i need your help. your input

  • guys I need someone or ones to PLEASE explain something to me, I just DO NOT get it. tell me this, I don’t understand why when you have a game and two different occurances of this yesterday. nu 1 why when you have 2 top twenty five ranked ball teams, your playing at home, your playing your arch rival, and your handing their butt to then on a platter up by 20 WHY, WHY is that place not having the roof blown of from the noise of your home fans? WHY is that field house not packed to the rafters? the team? Oklahoma-Oklahoma state. 2nd. same scenario 2 top twenty five teams nu 16 vs nu 20 Texas vs West Virginia your beating the hell out of them again up by 20 at the time WHY WHY is that place only half full and sounds like a morgue? someone please help me understand WTH why you not supporting your teams no wonder you’ll never win with consistency

  • @jayballer54 It’s not football so they aren’t showing up. Opposing fans don’t buy up the tickets either like KU would and neither visiting teams have potential Loto picks to go see.

  • We must have watched different games. Lloyd Noble Arena has an official capacity of 11,562 and the official attendance for the game was 12,730 and I watched the majority of the game and it was pretty loud, not AFH loud…but then what arena is…

    Frank Erwin Center has an official capacity of 16,500 and yesterday the attendance was 13,204, not a bad number for Texas who is really a football school and basketball runs a distant second. Again I watched the majority of the game and at times it got loud, and once again, not AFH loud …but then, no other arena is.

    I think you are spoiled by AFH.

  • no ACTUALLY I watched both games, maybe YOU was watching something diferent you could of heard a pin drop at either one of those if you want to have a top program then act like you belong I saw so many empty seats at both so not really sure WHAT YOU were watching, not even close to loud AFH or not

  • @jayballer54

    Did you miss the part where OU’s arena was 1,000+ people over capacity? No empty seats there and plenty loud. Also, you must really not watch many Texas games; compared to the way it usually is, it was absolutely rocking.

    Like I said, AFH has been sold out for as long as I can remember and It is always loud; in fact, it is officially the loudest college arena period. Like many other schools such as Duke, UK and Louisville, KU is a basketball school and as such the basketball games are always sold out and very loud. Texas and Oklahoma are football schools and the basket ball programs are distant second to the football programs, much like the football program is at KU and the other schools I mentioned. Comparing the Texas or Oklahoma basketball arenas to AFH is like comparing Memorial Stadium to the Texas and Oklahoma football stadiums on game day…both comparisons are silly.

    You asked for an explanation, I gave you one…with facts/numbers. If you don’t like the answer, either don’t ask the question or reply with with a rational answer that supports your contention. Like every other forum sport or otherwise, what we post here are personal/subjective opinions and when we don’t see eye to eye, we politely agree to disagree.

    P.S. A comma here and a period there would make your posts much easier to read; by the way, capital letters are also used to start sentences and not just for “shouting” on line.

  • @jayballer54 said:

    no ACTUALLY I watched both games, maybe YOU was watching something diferent you could of heard a pin drop … .

    The “simple answer to your question is obvious!” Your sound system was turned OFF !!!

  • got a bunch of funny guys but thanks for your basketball IQ. I accept opinions on my grammer but thanks MR 4.0 glad you mastered in grammer just don’t respond, you don’t like my comments but don’t start digging about how I post . what you need to do is get the hell off me. and when I wanna use my caps that’s what I do, I do that to emphasize points when I respond to such wonderful comments from idiots like yourself AGAIN it was like a morgue wouldn’t even try to compare to AFH maybe you ought to put your lil burnt orange britches on a giddy up

  • @jayballer54 Time to exit stage left. This is the kind of clownish behavior that drove so many posters from You ask “someone please help me understand…” then when someone offered you explanations you were a jerk. And as he said, an explanation with facts and numbers. But you can just keep telling everyone how quiet you thought it was and then begging people to help you understand. SMH…

  • MR 4.0, did you master in grammer? Sorry!! Jayhawkfan, is he talking to you? I can’t help myself!!

  • exit stage left

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I have no clue, but I am done posting to him.


  • @jaybate-2.0 @VailHawk calling the BIA. Need covert peacekeeping efforts in the region of this post.

  • @jayballer54 @JayHawkFanToo don’t let them get a rise out of you. This seems like a classic case of wanting to get the last word in. Trust me, where I see it, I appreciate the guy who doesn’t respond last. Let’s move on guys.

  • @approxinfinity said:

    … Let’s move on guys !!

    Agree and Amen brothers !!!.

  • ok I agree we just agree to disagree no disrespect intended I apologize. like this forum plus one positive thing is we are ALL KU fans at least I think just got wrapped up sorry

  • @jayballer54 do you live in ks?

  • sure do. in Topeka always have and ?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Whew. Was about ready to pack up and go look for a friendly place. 🍺

  • @brooksmd ha ha, this is fun!

  • ha I apologized and that’s about the extent of it

  • @jayballer54

    “why you not supporting your teams”

    It all starts with the fans believing. The fans have to have faith. That means maybe your team doesn’t win, but you still believed in them. Most teams in the Big 12 don’t have the fan base that believes. And it is tough for them because Kansas has owned their asses for the last 10 years!

    That’s why IMHO I think ISU is the biggest threat to us moving forward. They never can recruit like Texas or Baylor but the Mayor is turning that place into a house of worship, and those fans believe! We’ve owned them, too, for the past 10 years, and their current team isn’t as good as last year… but they believe!

    Fan behavior has nothing to do with rational thought. If it was rational, the team would have to prove they are a winner before the fans come. That definitely works. I, personally, like to see it when a team just shows a glimmer of hope and the fans start pouring in. It’s best when the fans aren’t “fair weather” fans.

    It’s too much for teams to consistently lay eggs and expect big turnouts. Kansas football is an example. There is only so much of a blood bath fans are willing to accept. And they should turn their backs for a while. That is a sign to administration that it is time to change philosophies… coaches. If Kansas football starts being competitive, Memorial Stadium will fill.


  • @ZIG Check out the avatar close…Even Rascal knows KUBUCKETS when he needs his nourishment !!

  • Just a note on attendance for TCU-Texas game, they said it was sold out, but I see more empty seats than filled. It’s also a high school gym.

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