KUSports - Nov 8: Game Day stories

  • Mason

    ###Freshman guard Mason brings determination, preparation to spot start### Frank Mason reflected on the day a West Virginia University football coach attended the Petersburg (Va.) High basketball practice to see his teammate, offensive lineman Quinton Spain…

    ####Brannen Greene OK after getting hit in abdomen at practice#### Player undergoes tests at hospital; coach ‘anticipates he’ll play’ in opener Friday night Kansas University freshman guard Brannen Greene, who was taken to the emergency room at Lawrence Memorial Hospital after getting hit in the lower abdomen at practice on Thursday, was released …

    ####Opening-night victory would be 700th in Allen Fieldhouse#### A victory over Louisiana at Monroe tonight would be Kansas University’s 700th in Allen Fieldhouse…

  • I hope Mason does better at the point then he started out against Fort Hays. I know this might rub some people the wrong way but I haven’t seen anything from Wiggins yet that constitutes all the hype. I know the season is young but I hope I see more out of him

  • @hayshawk - I understand what you’re saying about Wiggins, but I think it’s way too early to get nervous about him. He’s been SO over-hyped that it will be almost impossible for him to live up to it. If Dickie V had been the only guy building him up, I’d feel very nervous right now, but the whole sporting world seems to think that he’s going to be awesome, so let’s just sit back and see what happens. Remember, he’s 18. I’d be peeing down my leg if I were 18 and had all the expectations on me that he has on him…

  • Well nuleaf, if you were peeing down your leg I’m pretty sure you’d only see mop up duty.

  • @JayDocMD - I wish I could be that witty so early in the morning! Good one!

  • Wow, bskeet, great job!

  • An understandable comment, hayshawk… it may say more about you not jumping quick on the hype bandwagon. That’s an admirable trait!

    We haven’t really seen a team offense run yet… which means well-run plays that will showcase Wiggins, and enough structural components in the offense that creates opportunities for everyone. We should expect to see plenty of on and off ball screens soon, back doors, spacing plays where the ball whips to a targeted shooter… etc.

    This should be the worst Wiggins ever looks. He’s getting his feet wet in D1, and learning the size and speed of the game, plus… he’s forcing action just to create some.

    Knowing all that, I’m impressed enough with him to think he still might match the hype!

    But let’s get real… even if he only adds up to half the hype, that means we’ll experience quite a ball player because the hype is way over the top!

  • Lets not forget when we talk about how slow these freshman looked or they didn’t live up to expectations in the exhibition games. Thats all they were, exhibition games.
    I’m not worried about them even tonight if they come out a little scattered brain, big stage, brighter spot light on them, they just might be a little green and that’s OK.
    Let their game come to them and watch them explode in the near future. Take it all with a grain of salt.

  • Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team - no one more important that the other.

    Coach Norman Dale, Hickory Husker–Hoosiers

  • The pursuit of the National Championship begins tonight. That is really the pursuit of the number one seed. First things first. Of last 25 national champions, 18 have been #1 seeds. The margin of error may be thin this season to get one of those top seeds.

    One game at a time. Just win.

  • My biggest concern tonight is if the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty follow their hometown team to Lawrence.

  • There’s a, um tradition in tournament play- not talk about the next step until you’ve climbed the one in front of you. I’m sure going to the state finals is beyond your wildest dreams, so let’s just keep it right there.

    Coach Norman Dale

  • If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we’re gonna be winners.

    Coach Norman Dale

    OK thats my last quote from Coach Norman Dale of Hoosiers the movie and Hickory high.

  • I sit high above on my perch, scanning the landscape for signs of incivility. I see none. Carrion… uh, rather, carry on.

  • “The joy of winning is not as dramatic as the losses were, because I expected us to win.” Jack Youngblood

    That’s how I hope our basketball team feels!

  • All of Frank Martins talent must be gone cause Northern Colorado beat the kittycats!! Now they have neither talent or a coach.

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