Time For Toughening...

  • This game with OSU was just what we needed.

    The Cowboys aren’t big dogs in a fight. They are small dogs bringing a big fight. The pushing, scratching, barking, running… all scrappy effort by the little dogs with big fight. This game gave us the most we could hope for just before we go play three tough conference games where we need to show some results. We need to find a way to win 2 of the next 3 games. The only way that is going to happen is if we toughen up.

    This game with OSU was just what we needed.

    Self has plenty of ammo to shoot at this team between now and Saturday. In order to win at least 2 of the next 3 games, the best strategy we have is to put everything we have into a victory in Ames. Win this game, and it becomes easier to go 1 out of 2 in the next two games.

    This game with OSU was just what we needed.

    Look at the areas that were exposed in this game. Our guys got sucked in to the emotion from Nash, and we let it impact the rest of our game. Players like BamBam collapsed into a chaotic swill of adrenaline. Perry, once again, proved to us that he will not lead his team of youth with his leadership. Wayne… Wayne. Brannen… rust already?

    This game with OSU was just what we needed.

    Self mentioned our lack of poise at halftime. What players maintained poise in this game? Frank, Kelly, and a bit from Devonte. 2 of the 3 are freshmen. We might as well be considered the youngest team in college basketball.

    Now we have to go to Ames. Where the fans lack class and will scream nasty names at our guys and probably throw trash on the court. Now we go play the Cyclones… that bring a different philosophy to basketball. They make you think about what you are doing, and the only way to beat them is to make adjustments. Our only chance of victory is to maintain poise. Poise we are lacking from most of our guys, especially our veteran players.

    Our only hope in this game is that we get a solid performance from Perry and Wayne. Two guys that don’t have a grip on their games yet.

    Someone needs to buy Perry a pair of boxing gloves. Before each game, Perry needs to put the gloves on, and smack himself in the head and face about 50 or 100 times with a lot of intensity. This is what boxers do before entering the ring. The term “smack some sense into your head” comes from this preparation. It works. It builds adrenaline and the survival instincts kick in. Perry needs to come ready to play “man ball” and leave “theoretical ball” back in the locker room.

    Wayne… the thinker… the next EJ… needs to give EJ a call on the phone. I’m betting EJ could help Wayne out right now more than anyone. He’s had time to “think” about what he did wrong… how he over-thought the game and his mind gave him paralysis during games. Wayne is on target to be the next EJ. And I feel for him, just like I felt for EJ. But the facts are the facts.

    Self needs to spend these coming days chewing out some big time arse. Beat these guys, make them realize how they lack toughness… mental toughness. How they lost composure playing the Cowboys. How they let adrenaline rule their game, so when the clock stopped, and their hearts were stroking out, they couldn’t hit FTs. How they let adrenaline remove the flow from their perimeter shots. How they let adrenaline create chaos in the game so they couldn’t follow Self’s plan. There was a reason why Self’s face turned purple.

    Suck it up, boys. It’s time to become men. Perry… go get your boxing gloves.

  • I thought last night was a war. Two teams who waited until Ford called a time out because Forte was exhausted. This, because Coach had Selden, Devonte and Mason all take turns fighting through the multiple screens all night long. We took away Forte and they took away Ellis. Coach did not have the luxury to keep Greene in the game any longer than he was in there. He came into the game on a defensive possession, promptly got beat embarrassingly then jacked up a guarded three. This game came down to Self knowing that we weren’t going to get a lot of open looks and that the way to victory was defense. It will always be defense. Get used to it folks. We don’t see practices as to who we can trust. Self wants to win every game. Svi and apparently Greene are not there yet. Svi will probably get it and Greene will continue to play against slower, taller teams, but this is conference and we must win with our best 5 on the court at all times. On offense, we needed every bit of Devonte and Frank’s ball handling skill’s just to get it across half court.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Right on.

    Ford really blew it. He should have been giving Forte some breathers throughout the first half. I’ve never seen Forte so spent. But Forte really came into this game with too much desire to do too much too fast.

    We sort of played “rope a dope”… having Forte expend all his energy in the first half and then be nothing in the second half.

    I wonder if we intentionally overheated the gym. I heard it was really hot. I bet that had a factor in this game, too. Lots of sweat in this one.

    I’m sure glad we had Devonte back… or the outcome last night might have been different. He definitely gives us another set of fast fresh legs.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    How they let adrenaline rule

    Good post. But adrenaline can be a very good thing… you just have to find that sweet spot between too much where you’re getting T’s and gassed too early, and using it for smashing down dunks and getting some swagger back that gets everyone pumped.

    And how about Duke losing big to… Miami? At home? Two double digit losses in a row? Methinks we might be moving up in the polls soon…

  • @Jyhwk_InTigrtwn

    Bingo! There is a balance. Some players, like BamBam, can easily get too much adrenaline going, while players like Perry don’t ever show any of the signs of adrenaline.

    I saw the Duke/Miami game and it was a lesson in my x-axis “small ball.” Those two tiny guards chewed Duke up like a dog chews through a rawhide. Gosh… they must have had 10 steals together, and many were converted to baskets in the open court.

    Duke, once again, got their hometown referees… can anyone believe that wasn’t an intentional foul? That was sick. And only Duke gets those BS calls. That’s why most of America hates Duke… the special treatment they receive by refs and committees assigning tournament seeding.

    Miami is a dangerous team. A team that could put it together and get hot in March and go all the way to the FF as the sleeper. Angel has a lot of fight in him. Glad he’s not a purple kitty anymore!

  • @drgnslayr - Excellent topic, and optimistic take.

    You said - “Our only hope in this game is that we get a solid performance from Perry and Wayne. Two guys that don’t have a grip on their games yet.”

    You might be right. But if you are, we might be in for a long night.

    I’m struggling with Selden’s non-performances. Self praised his defense of Forte. That was nice of him to do that. But it wasn’t that good. It would have been interesting to see Svi in the same role. But last night’s dnp is not a good sign.

    I’m not sure what the answer is there. Which player is better to have come March? Svi’s already exceeded a bit what we thought he might do this season. Again, I don’t know.

    What I do think is that Self may roll with Graham a lot of the time. Last night, Selden played 26 minutes. He didn’t play 34. Graham might be the one that pushes Selden.

    As for Ellis, I do see that he could have big night from fool’s gold territory Saturday.

    But I’m all in on Mason and Oubre being our go to guys. For my money, I like hooking our trailer to them. If Ellis and Selden no show in Ames, much like they did offensively last night, it could be a long, cold night.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Good question… who will offer more in March, Selden or Svi?

    Selden has become the EJ enigma.

  • @drgnslayr Well lets hope if he’s channeling his inner EJ he puts forth an effort like EJ did a couple years ago, though that’s hard to do because that was one of the best performances by a Jayhawk I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

  • @HawkInMizery

    True! Gosh… where did that game come from? I recall EJ had been verbally abused by fans at ISU. I think one even used the “n” word.

    Something reached an inner nerve in EJ. Something survival based, because he turned his brain off for that game and played by reflex. He was feeling it and he went off. That was truly one of the best Jayhawk individual performances.

  • @drgnslayr that was after the game, was it emails or texts? I think they threw stuff at our kids too. Maybe I’m dreaming.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Something reached an inner nerve in EJ. Something survival based, because he turned his brain off for that game and played by reflex.

    As I recall, EJ said that nerve was tweaked by HCBS - some sort of a questioning-his-manhood kind of pep talk – and not slurs or provocations by ISU fans.

    I relish the memory of his performance in that game. … gives me a warm glow.

    I saw Anthony Peeler do something like that in AFH… Seems like we’re always on the other side of that kind of performance… but that time, it was our stud!

  • @drgnslayr said:

    " He was feeling it and he went off. That was truly one of the best Jayhawk individual performances."

    I completely agree, I’ve rewatched that game multiple times just to see his performance and as @bskeet said it was something Bill said to him. Bill called him out on his manhood and he responded with a blaze of fire that we never saw before. If he can get in Perry’s head like that tomorrow than I feel sorry for anyone in his way. I’ve been very critical of Perry because he’s soft and doesn’t know how to finish but when he plays angry he’s a monster. Withey was the same way, he had to play angry to be a monster. Someone needs to punch Perry in the face before the game.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    “that was after the game,”

    Ah yes… thanks for the correction. My memory fails me.

    @bskeet @HawkInMizery

    That’s it.

    “Someone needs to punch Perry in the face before the game.”

    I know many people don’t get that. But it’s true. And if no one will do it, Perry should do it to himself.

    If any of you out there are about to get into a fist fight, start the fight off right by punching yourself in the face first. It will only take a second to benefit off the adrenaline.

    Imagine what we would have done if EJ had found his magic in March? He would have shifted from a deficit player to a superstar!

  • @drgnslayr I don’t know if you watch the show Grimm but they had an episode centered around a boxer who was reluctant to fight so his promoter hired guys to come beat him down before he fought so that way he would be ready to go and then he’d go out to the ring and just pummel his opponent. Perry needs to have that fire lit and then (pardon my french) make the rim his B****H .

  • @drgnslayr

    I take the EJ thought it was better to punch and opponents 'nads instead of his own face?:):):)

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