Next Up: Iowa State (11), 12-3, 2-1 Big 12

  • Probable Starters MIN PPG Ht Wt Key 3P Threats (%)

    Georges Niang JR 29.0 15.2 6-8 230 (33.3%)

    Dustin Hogue SR 27.0 11.7 6-6 220 (52.9%)

    Monte Morris SO 32.3 10.0 6-2 170

    Bryce Dejean-Jones SR 27.3 12.8 6-6 210 (33.3%)

    Naz Long JR 28.5 12.1 6-4 210 (39.6%)

    Key Reserves Jameel McKay JR 20.4 8.8 6-9 215

    Abdel Nader JR 16.8 6.2 6-6 230

    Matt Thomas SO 19.3 6.2 6-4 195 (33.3%)

    More stats for more informed discussions:

    ISU(11) RPI 26, SOS 67

    Points/Game 79.9

    Point Allowed/Game 65.9

    Field Goal % 48.8

    Total Rebounds/Game 36.5

    Def. Rebounds/Game 27.0

    Assists/Game 18.5

    Blocks/Game 3.5

    Steals/Game 6.5

    KU(9) RPI 1, SOS 1

    Points/Game 70.9

    Point Allowed/Game 62.8

    Field Goal % 43.3

    Total Rebounds/Game 38.9

    Def. Rebounds/Game 25.8

    Assists/Game 13.9

    Blocks/Game 5.1

    Steals/Game 6.8

    We have an extra day than them. Will an extra day of rest and extra practice session with our Scout Team makes the difference?

    They are experienced bunch and it is their house and big time national TV.

  • Maybe more than an extra day considering they are on the road tomorrow. Dont know if that helps but its worth mentioning i think.

  • @cragarhawk I think we are going to need all the helps we can get. RCJH!

  • @Shanghai_RCJH Id love to disagree…but

  • A lot is at stake Saturday. A win has us in the drivers seat before another hard week with OU & Texas. Depending on tomm’s game with Baylor, a win would keep them the only unbeaten team in conference play. 3 of their next 4 are at home against KSU TT & TCU. We really need to find a way to get the W.

    Shooting will be key. We make shots I think we can win, but if we struggle to score I’m sure their 3’s will be falling. I’m saying right now that Mason or Oubre will have to go for 20+ if we win.

    Their place will be amped up and it will be very important that our young players don’t get bothered with the atmosphere. We shouldn’t seems how we play in front of it at home, but its never the same on the road.

  • Assuming that it will be a close game on Saturday:

    We have experience in winning close true away games:

    Georgetown (75-70) Baylor (56-55)

    But, we also can get blown away in true away game:

    Temple (77-52)

    Hope the Georgetown KU Team shows up! RCJH!

  • @cragarhawk ISU down 12 at half in Wacko. Hope they’re 2-1 after tonite. We need to wiggle a little margin for error.

  • Baylor by 1 w/ 4.7 sec. left.

  • ISU loses !! Yeah !!

  • @globaljaybird heck of a finish.

  • @globaljaybird Gonna make it that much harder for us in Ames Sat. Thought Baylor blew it on that missed jumper by Cherry when they didn’t back it out with new shot clock with 26 sec left and burn more time.

  • @brooksmd said:

    @globaljaybird heck of a finish.

    Life’s lonely at the top…at least for now. RCJH!!

  • I was hoping Baylor had the game out of reach but of course they didn’t protect their cushion and ISU got it down to the last shot.
    I am happy we have the benefit of Baylor knocking ISU down a notch on the W-L ranking our the big 12.

    ( and T-tech played KSU very heard on the road tonight. I was impressed with the effort.)

  • @globaljaybird May not hold up for long… Or it just darn well may…

    But who would have thought we would have a full game lead on the entirety of the conference 3 games in? The excitement of this season and this team just keeps building

  • @cragarhawk said:

    a full game lead

    I like the way baseball handles standings: if two teams at .500 play each other, the winner becomes one game ahead, not two. We are 1/2 game ahead of WV and KSU, and “one game ahead in the loss column”.

    Toward the end of the season, that way of calculating makes it easier to see how close we are to clinching the Conference title.

  • Should i update the title of this thread with the current record or do we like the old one that is undefeated in the B12 because it keeps us edgy and hungry?

  • @ParisHawk

    IMHO, you have it correct and each win and loss counting 1/2 game is the proper way to calculate. Just my opinion and I could be wrong.

  • Iowa State is now 12-3 overall and 2-1 in conference

  • @ParisHawk Perhaps im wrong… But i justified like this… Any other team in the conference wins a game(thats a half) we lose a game(thats a half) yet we we would still be tied for the lead. That makes it one full game does it not?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Some count diff than others, but my thought is to always look at the loss column 1st as you cannot make up a loss, once in the record it’s there. Wins you can have the chance to gain if you’ve still games to play. But a loss cannot be erased. JMO

  • @cragarhawk said:

    Any other team in the conference wins a game(thats a half) we lose a game(thats a half) yet we we would still be tied for the lead.

    I don’t follow you. We are 3-0 and WVU is 3-1. If we lose and they win it’s 3-1 vs. 4-1 and they are half a game ahead, right?

    Maybe we weren’t looking at the standings the same day?

  • SI’s Luke Winn Power Ranking is having KU at No. 5. RCJH!

  • @ParisHawk On that you are correct. I had taken for granted that some teams had played more games than we had.

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