WSJ: Wiggins Spotting

  • Half page article with photo from today’s Wall Street Journal:

  • Like the pic of him in his Raptors hat, he’s not selling out to the Heat or Bulls, he’s staying true to his home team.

  • Sounds like Wiggins is taking it all in good humor, but it sure seems like it would get really tiresome having people snapping photos of him all the time. Lawrence is a smaller town, so it’s not really that unusual to see current and former players around. I’ve always been impressed with the way most people in Lawrence are respectful of their space.

  • @AzHawk97 Thanks for sharing.

    It’s awesome the professor docked 20 points from someone using the phone in his class.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wish - There was also an article about Arsenal’s reliance on foreign players on that same page in the WSJ. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case you weren’t just a fan of Ozil’s pretty bug eyes. Ha! I love that you have one of the most irreverent avatars on KU Buckets.

  • @Wishawk My brother-in-law and his wife lived right across from Emirates Stadium for two years. My wife and I toured the stadium when we were in London. I wanted to attend a match but we were in Paris the night of their only home stand.

  • I was camping out in the Wyoming wilderness last weekend and stumbled onto quite a sighting… I saw bigfoot dribbling some kind of handmade ball and was guarded by Wiggins. I watched for about 5 minutes until I had to take cover from a black bear that was breathing down my neck. I’ll try to post some pics later…

    BTW: In the few minutes I caught, Wiggins dominated. Bigfoot couldn’t seem to defend against that spin move.

  • @AzHawk97 Hey, don’t laugh my favorite Özil. He is going to be a star brighter than Wiggins. My Arsenal hasn’t won anything for eight years, but I have faith they will give the professor something this term. 🙂

    Up Gooners!

  • @Kip_McSmithers Your in-laws were lucky. Hope they are “football” fans. My opinion Arsenal has the right brand of football. It’s always enjoyable to watch no matter win or lose. I’d love to see a match there in person, Arsenal against Tottenham. That will be like Kansas against Missouri in the old days.

  • Hey, Dragon! I think Canadians play with pucks, not balls. Give me Embiid any day, and bet Wiggins won’t touch the ball even if he is on all fours. :o

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