University of Utah Utes or UUU - Delon and the 7 footers

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    First team to stop the WSU 35 game win streak.

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    Ah…yes, the “smoking hot” Holly Rowe…

  • This is a really good team we play tomorrow. This 7 footer will cause more problems than Josh Smith. Frank can handle Delon.

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    Beginning with the great Jack Gardener’s move from KSU to Utah, so he could do more hunting and fishing (note: his assistant, Tex Winter, replaced him at KSU), Utah has been serious about its basketball. Bill Foster, Jerry Pimm and Rick Majerus that followed were each estimable coaches, though there were some turkeys before and after Majerus.

    Larry Krystkowiak is from mountain west hard scrabble roots, but once he got to the L he eventually fell in with Avery Johnson and hence with the Larry Brown/Popovich Mafia.

    Heck yes they will be good. A lot more sound fundamentally than Georgetown. They are on the upswing. Very tough. A legitimate Pac 12 grade team.

    Self has scheduled them to be a good member of the LB/Popavich mafia and because they are hard nosed, and because they will add to the RPI because of their membership in the Pac 12.

    I am eager to see what variations Krystkowiak will make on Brown/Popopavich ball.

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    By the way, I think this IMAGE composition above is BRILLIANT.

    I am tempted to write an extended essay on it, but I lack the time today. It is beautiful, spooky, sweet, and ugly. Quite an array to hang together so well. And with a subtext of Mormonism to boot.

    Stradivarius with pic files emerging.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Yeah. That’s what I was gonna say.

  • @jaybate-1.0 w/out the essay, where does holly fall?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    …didn’t you hear? Brent Masburger referred to Holly Rowe as "smoking hot, " at the end of the KU-Baylor broadcast and one week after he made the comments at the Alabama game that got him in trouble.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    ha ha ha … jaybate without an essay… you guys crack me up. I have only been here a short while and even I know that is impossible!!!

    😉 all in fun folks

  • Holly is one of us. Player’s like her, Coach likes her and she can stand in the huddle and8309212.jpg tell the color guys what Self said without using his actual swear words

  • IMG_9942C.jpg Been to Salt Lake City… with my dog.

    Interesting city.

  • @wrwlumpy I like Holly too. Don’t anyone be making fun of her.

  • Poeltl will be a tuff matchup for us. He is a good shot blocker and solid player so far as a freshman. If we could get him some early fouls that would be a great advantage to us.

    The rest of the Utah team isn’t very big nor do they block shots at the rate Poeltl does. Their backup footer isn’t the threat you’d think as a rim protector. They have guys sized like Perry Ellis who Ellis and Co can dominate.

    Our tuffest matchup Is Delon Wright. The guy does everything for them. We really don’t have anyone to guard him, maybe Selden will bring his A game. Othewise we need to pay as much attention to him as we can. If we can limit him, the rest of their team won’t know what hit them. This is the tuffest game so far other than the UK game. Hopefully the pro KU crowd will play a factor in what should be a very close game

  • @DanR Dang, that dog almost gets around more than I do. When he has been to Hong Kong, England, Taiwan, Newfoundland, Labrador, Germany, Lietchenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Austria, have him get back to me. ;=)

  • @brooksmd that’s one cool dog! More worldly than me!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Without the essay, Holly, extra pounds and all, has one thing going for her that the other sideline cheese cakes lack: she’s an original with personality. This is something that is no longer in demand in mass media, of course, but I still really enjoy it. In today’s mainstream sports media, copies, clones and simulations are the norm. Its where the media thing has gone.

    I like Holly even though I admit she was an acquired taste. At first I thought she was just another side line clone that happened to some “full figured” daughter of a network exec. But she actually does her job well and occasionally does memorable things, like the gesture with all the rings on her fingers. She really breaks down the contrivance of coaches being interviewed by bimbos. By not being a conventional thin bimbo, I think she actually disarms coaches into being a bit more candid.

    And in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the American public, especially the TV viewing public, and gained a lot of weight the last 2-3 decades and the taste and trend makers have finally conceded that mass imagery has to be re-tailored to reflect that. Chubby models are all the rage now. Holly was just ahead of her time.

    And she does what all really great TV personalities do: she makes you feel a little better after watching her do her thing.

  • As opposed to Erin Andrews and the sideline fluff.erinandrewseatsasandwich1.jpg

  • @jaybate-1.0 good job!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Ahhh, the Stradivarius. Red Violin, great movie.

  • @JayHawkFanToo LOL! What does @jaybate-1.0 say? Howling!

  • A couple of topics -

    1. We all know what Brannen Greene is now, right? A place holder. This is the precurser to the transition to Oubre. Mark it down, January 19, at home, vs. Oklahoma on Big Monday. Following an Iowa St. road loss the previous Saturday. Oubre moves into the starting lineup (if not before). Self does not have the patience level to tolerate the travails of a “shooter” in his lineup. If Greene played lock down defense, that would be one thing. But he doesn’t. This cannot stand.

    2. Of course, we were all blessed with this comment from Wayne Selden this morning - “Teams don’t really know what we’re going to come out and do because we don’t really know what we’re going to come out and do sometimes,” Selden said. “Our main thing is trying to get it inside and playing inside/out, but then we could have nights we shoot the ball really well.” ------ I really don’t know what to say.

    3. But, here’s another comment from Selden - “This year we’re really having to buckle down because we have nowhere near the skill we had last year. Losing two of the top three draft picks, we don’t have what we had last year. I think we’re taking it more serious, and we’re a tougher team than last year,” ---- This is exactly why we’re a better team this year. I think this gives validity to the “standing around and watching” discussion @drgnslayr has led. I’m a believer. Further, the “tougher” thing is quite obvious. When you listen to Selden, I don’t think our discussions here are that far off from reality. How can it be? How can a team discard two OADs, the 1st and 3rd picks, one being a rim protector, and get better?

    4. Three point shooting: Selden’s inside/out comment, of course, made me puke a little. Here’s further evidence. KU has shot 15.37 three pointers per game this season. Its lowest per game total of the Self era (exactly equal to 2006-07. Self, of course, said we were going to shoot more threes this season. But we are winning – but three pointers need to be a bigger focus to tackle some of the top teams with long and athletic big guys.

    5. Holly Rowe: I know we like to rib Holly. Here’s my gripe. Fat gals that try to look hot – that try to get that perfect picture to actually make them look smokin’. Look at Holly’s twitter picture. We see this stuff all the time. It is clearly not a fair rendition of the actual person. And that, my friends, is my only gripe with Holly. I’m guessing many of us here had a late night run in with a Holly Rowe or two in college. Ask @MoonwalkMafia – he’s still in college. It’s not a bad thing. @jaybate-1.0. clearly has a soft spot for Holly. Might actually think that he’s a touch enamored. Mesmerized by her uniqueness. Fantasizin’ about all the lovin’ that Holly could bring. @jaybate-1.0 said, “she makes you feel a little better after watching her do her thing.” I bet she does, jb, I bet she does. Me, I’ll take the skinny hot chick askin’ the questions every day – with breasts that demand attention.

    Here we go:


  • @wrwlumpy I like Holly Rowe, I think she is great, far from another bimbo. But, Erin Andrews Ohhhhhhhh yah.

  • @wrwlumpy My quick take on the game. Ever since KU lost to I cannot recall which team it was in 09 or 10. I have been more nervous about games at the Sprint Center. I dont know what it is but the obvious presence of the mass of KU faithful doesnt seem to give KU an advantage there. Utah is obviously a very good team. Our boys will have to hit them first and hit them hard. Take it right to their footer, his blocks be dammed. Foul him up and foul him cuz he cant shoot his Frees. Mason and Selden are going to have to lock down Utah’s PG and the whole team is going to have to do their best to deny the kickout for the open 3 cuz those guys can shoot it.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Here is on list of the 20 hottest female sports reporters. Holly Rowe does not make the list. Look at #14, for a minute I thought she was posing in front of a picture of Perry Ellis…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Damn guys are we morphing into a clan of armchair lechers or what? Lets get up off the keyster & go out there & bag em’. Surely no one else had the late night run-ins as HEM suggests-I never did but real glad it won’t happen again. Day break always seemed to be the worst part.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    1. That could be true, that the last 2 games we have seen Oubre “step up” and its only a matter of time until he starts. I think the one thing that could keep Greene starting is his shooting. If he continues to hit at a high rate, I think it would be tuff to take him out because that element of the team is exactly what we need on the court.

    2. Interesting comments from Selden. You could say that those comments could be directed right at himself. We haven’t seen a consistent Selden, we didn’t see it his Freshman year and nothing has changed so far. Still a lot of basketball to be played but if you asked me which Selden are we getting today, I don’t have the answer. We all hope its the aggressive one who is hitting shots like the Florida game. Not the one we saw in the G’Town game. I’ve certainly expected a more consistent, leader, and 2nd leading scorer and he’s just not that so far.

    I believe the long term success for this team this year absolutely depends on him scoring more than he is. Basically the one thing right now that this team is different from other Self teams is the ability for us to score easy. This team isn’t shooting the ball well, usually a 47-50% shooting team. The UK game skews those numbers but we’ve yet to see the whole team score at a high rate.

    Interesting to note that Utah is averaging as a team 9 more points, more assists, steals, blocks, fg % +10, better 3pt %. On numbers alone, that would say they have the edge. Factor in the location, has to give KU 4-5 pts. It will be up to KU defensively to limit Wright & Pueltl. Limit tucker and taylor from making too many 3’s.

    Both have played good teams, edge to KU there, but Wichita St and San Diego St are no slouches. A Win for KU probably means, shooting a higher FG% than average and holding Utah below their avg.

  • @globaljaybird

    Coyote love???

  • @HighEliteMajor A penny for your thoughts … a dollar for the photo…lol. You win hands down for the best photo:

  • @KUSTEVE When they were both becoming huge stars in the late 90’s we saw Trace Adkins AND Toby Keith from about 10 rows deep-same show. Good rock n roll still gets the mojo up even after all these decades. If you ever get to Nashville you gotta hit the “Legends Bar” During CMA week they block off the streets downtown for an entire week. About 10 years back David Allen Coe showed up & jammed about 10:30 in the morning & I could not resist slamming Buds & BM’s for breakfast. Grey Line Tours & cabs everywhere so WTH not? BB KIngs’ place will get rowdy too. Next day Shania Twain & Billy Currington had hour long live rehearsal on the street stage for the next day’s GMA show. You talk about gorgeous?!! Wow !! If this is your kind of party, it lasts for about a week. Don’t know if I could survive it again, but I’d damn sure still try.

  • @BeddieKU23 I agree. Greene is going to be ahead of Oubre unless Oubre improves a great deal between now and January. KO’s “coming out party” as I have heard it described was a 1-5 from the field effort with 7 points. He got burned on D multiple times and still looks lost in general. How is this guy in front of the other guy who just hit 5 3’s in one game and is yet to miss a free throw all year?

  • The things we talk about while we wait for a tough game to start beside Holly, Erin and Butts.

    Jamari is back quite contrite and ready to prove his worth. Brannen wants to prove he should always start and promises not to foul out. Svi wants his minutes. Frank and Wayne want to guard Delon. Cliff and Perry continue facing big guys and learning what it will take to beat Texas. We’ve won the last two big games by attacking, getting fouled and then hitting free throws to win. Not what we usually expect from KU, but this team keeps on winning against tough foes and I hope we play Kentucky again with our new mind set.

  • I’m very content with my beautiful wife but more wonderful pictures of Utah’s campus with the mountains in the background would be just fine with me!

    Speaking of mountains, Utah’s 7 footer concerns me today given our problems with height. Yahoo spoke highly of him recently, already an NBA prospect apparently.

    Speaking of NBA BMAC is turning into a star in Sacramento, Wiggins is starting to feel it and Kieff is playing great basketball, while 'Cus is productive off the bench… TRob is getting a whole bunch of DNP’s, Withey and Cole are averaging 2-4 minutes per game. Mario’s numbers are career high type numbers since they got rid of someone they called the King. Darrell’s enjoying a nice career rebirth in mile high Denver, and our ageless Jayhawks Kirk and Paul keep pluggling along on very competitive teams. Even Drew has found his way onto the Wizards roster. Tarik appears to be starting with the Rockets which amazes me. They’re one of the NBA’s leading teams.

    Speaking of teams, why do my teams always seem to play at the same time? Seems to happen a lot. Well, I’ll be watching the Jayhawks today as Wiscy plays Nichols St. of Louisiana.

    Speaking of Louisiana, my son returns home today from college in Chicago, so I will not even be able to watch the 2nd half of the game except on the DVR.

  • I see Jesse Newell predicting Utah wins. I see no problem with that as they are a very tuff team. The highlights from the Wichita St show a team that makes shots and gets to the lane and does a good job passing. The game was at home which has historically been a tuff place for teams to play in their stadium. I think a lot of their great shooting had more to do with Wichita being an average Defensive team this year and playing at home.

    Kansas gets a home type crowd and has already played 4 neutral site games and one true road game. I’m worried their footer will block a lot of shots, but we usually find a way to exploit teams other ways. They don’t have 6 tall tree’s they have 1 and 1 off the bench who doesn’t block anything. As I said in an earlier post we can win if we force missed shots and make shots at a higher rate than we have so far. Our Defense should keep us in the game.

  • @BeddieKU23 A “tuff” team. Since tuff is a sort of volcanic ash, would you like to elaborate on that analysis of yours? 🙂

  • i more meant a good team

  • @wissoxfan83 Hey thanks for the NBA Jayhawks updates! Thats good stuff. Its awesome to see our boys do so well in the big leagues. I really hope Wigs gets rookie of the year. Then next year I hope JOJO gets it

  • @wissoxfan83 I also think its way cool that Drew and Paul are playing on the same team.

  • I just want to win!

  • Dang! Graham’s out at least 4 weeks!

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