Some Things to Do in DC Before KU Beats Down the Hoyas

  • Ask Senators and Congresspersons you meet, “Hey, where’s the Department of Pork?"

    Drive out to Maryland and ask the NSA where they keep your junk email?

    Climb the Washington monument with suction cups.

    Drive over to the Pentagon and ask when they are going to expand to a Hexagon?

    Drop a T-shirt off at the Oval Office, then put it on the deck against the President.

    Rent a Capitol Bike and check how water proof the hub drive is by riding it through the reflection pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

    Ride from the reflecting pool along the Mall to the Federal Reserve and ask the Fed Chairman what about the private central bank is Federal and what do they keep in reserve?

    Ride over to the Jefferson Memorial and read the sentence that most justifies Washington, D.C.: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

    Ride over to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and read the Four Freedoms etched in stone.





    God, help me, I do love this country so. Beat the Hoyas.

  • Jaybate-

    Someone else of note who loved America.

  • How about a visit to 1000 Jefferson Drive?

  • Been to the Jefferson Memorial… with my dog.


  • @DanR

    He looks like a sweet little dog that is none the less ready to defend the spirit of Jefferson. And I like that.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @DanR love the dog!!!

  • @DanR

    Great pic!!! You’re a true American dog KU Hoops lover. You have my respect.

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