Love for Frank as PG

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    Frank Mason looks like Kansas’ best PG option: Bill Self wants his floor general to be tough, which fits Mason’s persona every time he takes the floor. Armed with a mindset of a strong safety who wants to blitz the quarterback every play, the 5-foot-11 sophomore is a feisty defender who doesn’t try to do too much on offense. Mason was terrific through the three-game Orlando Classic (averaging 11 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.6 assists for the tournament) last week. But back when Devonte Graham signed with the Jayhawks last spring, many assumed he would be Kansas’ starting point guard. Many people also seem to forget returning players often are more important than newcomers. The Jayhawks have played their best basketball with Mason at the point, which can’t be debated.

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    My favorite pic of Frank.

  • I don’t think people realize just how good Frank Mason is.

    First off… he is only 5’11".

    Second… his HS role was that of a scoring guard. Some might even classify him as a volume scorer. He scored 50 points in the 804 All Star Game.

    Now he’s transforming into a PG. How many guys can successfully do that? Not many. Now Frank’s first role is to create opportunities for other shooters.

    We all know Frank has a ways to go, but we should appreciate how far he has come. And if you are able to do that, really appreciate that, then you see how much potential Frank has in his future years as a Jayhawk.

    Frank is the real deal. So don’t be surprised if he continues to earn most of the PG minutes this year. Cut him a break now and then while he advances through the learning process.

    And how about him averaging 5 rebounds a game?

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