Straw Poll: Would anyone be in favor of a Nike vs. Adidas College All Star Game During Semester Break?

  • Since Nike and adidas reputedly hold the lion’s share of the college basketball and coaching contracts, would anyone like to watch a show-down All-Star game between the two PetroShoeCo giants during semester break?

    Nike vs. adidas for bragging shoe talent rights?

    Heck, maybe we could break new ground and make it the first best of five, best of seven all-star series.

    Maybe call it the PetroShoeCo Duopoly All-Star Classic?

    Or maybe someone else has a better name?

    Vote here.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Count me in! But Nike already has their UK all star team…so maybe we gather the best Adidas schools all star team and throw in D. Rose and Dwight Howard to make it closer?

  • @VailHawk they are to hurt to play!

  • @VailHawk

    Yeah, a thought.

    But @JayHawkFanToo, er, I mean @Crimsonorblue22 has a point.

    Did you see DRose over in the Canary Island tourney awhile back before the season started. Coach K was coaching him and Derek did not really look like his old, incredibly talented self. I haven’t followed what all happened to him health wise, but apparently he has had a pretty tough go of it. He was quite a talent. I hated to see him get derailed.

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