That is what we need to do!

    Bring it, Kentucky!

    Rock Chalk!

  • mildcats …mildcats… we no need no stinkin’ mildcats.

  • Operation Relentless Onslaught.

    Jayhawks in the Pentagon have already racked that.

    Its in the quantum computer underground somewhere.

    Its filed under SLAYR!

  • OOD: All planes fueled and on the flight deck, sir.

    Spruance: Signal all ships, 30 degrees right rudder. Begin turning into the wind.

    OOD: Pilots are in the lockerroom making last minute checks of their gear, sir.

    Spruance: Let’s get on with it.

    OOD: Yes, sir, Admiral Spruance. Pilots report to the flight deck on the double!

  • I am watching a recording -at 9:38 we are getting our buts kick all over the court. They own us right now.

    Can’t we try some threes for heaven sake. THIS BEAT DOWN SUCKS. MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT SELF!!!

  • Just checked in on the score. Outscored 2:1 well into the second half.

    I don’t have the words.

  • @JayhawkRock78 me either! Somebody say something positive, got nothing!

  • Allow me to say right now, ahem. For all you “fans” who will complain about anything short of a national championship go ahead and start now. Kentucky is going to win it all. This may be best accumulation of talent in the history of ncaa basketball. Better than ucla back in the day. KU will win the b12 but it won’t be easy. KU may make the final four, but has a lot of improving to do to get there. Kentucky will destroy this team in March also. As much upside as KU has Kentucky has more.

  • Played decent D except for cleaning the glass. Needed to shoot about 60% for this game to be close, and that was about it.

    I have ZERO idea what Self’s offensive strategy was for this game, so hopefully a reporter will ask him.

  • @DanR drive into the trees and get your shot blocked seemed to be the offensive game plan.

    The high low simply won’t work against the length that Kentucky has.

  • 19.6 shooting percentage. Not a stat guy but can’t remember seeing that before of a ku team. Stat man?

  • Not saying UK isnt stacked. Why play into the paint. Shoot outside when the first half game. Shut us down inside. HCBS? I believe in you but this looks like we have no options???

  • Thumped. Dominated. I can’t remember watching a Kansas basketball game like that before in my life. This early in the season neither team has developed their chemistry like they will so the raw talent difference was striking. Kentucky simply is overwhelming with their length and athleticism in the paint. They also had a lot of what Roy Williams used to call ‘want to’ on defense. Frank Mason going 1-10 was a surprising stat line because it didn’t seem like he shot it that much-maybe because several of his shots never made it close to the glass so it didn’t feel like a shot. Traylor with 7 boards and Alexander with 8 boards are the only glimmer of stat line that I can even think about from that game as a kind of positive. Kansas might have less than 33% of their offense installed at this point in the season so it wasn’t like we could throw a variety of looks at the Kentucky defense to keep them off balance. Simply, Kentucky played better as a team and that is tough to play against when they have more dynamic athletes than Kansas. I still like our team, I still think we can defend the Big XII, though I came away from that game thinking that Kentucky has a shot at a historic season if they can keep their focus, keep playing for the team first, keep playing to their roles, and trust in what the coach is coaching.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Not even remotely can I recall an ass whuppin like this of a Bill Self team. Our guys looked like midgets at almost every spot. Landen’s a big guy, but…

    If we’re going to handle any talented height at all he needs to play Lucas a lot, & I mean a helluva lot getting all the reps he can get cause Cliff, Traylor & Ellis got embarassed to say it as politely as I can.

    It’s fairly obvious to see that Svi has the green light, but when the 3’s don’t fall these guys will be in a world of krap…It’s also pretty clear that Svi was the most game ready guy we put on the floor tonight. We may be long & athletic but not near enough at this stage of the season. Bet your bottom $ HCBS will virtually be stump breaking these guys until further notice. Hopefully those damn jarheads didn’t show these kids how to clear a mine field with both fingers in their ears one long foot at a time. They just gotta play a lot smarter than that, they played smart as a bag full of hammers v UK. At least it’s early & I got in a couple of good barbs to get the humor going. That’s the only thing funny about what happened in Indy.

  • Mr. Zenger…this is the game you should have blacked out.

    Absolutely painful to watch except for the first 3-4 minutes and the last 4 minutes of the first half.

    Most telling stats:

    KU 3-23 and 12 point total in the second half.

    UK: 19 assists, 5 TOs; KU: 4 assists, 11 TOs in the entire game

    UK: 11 blocked shots.

    Lowest point scored in game in the Self ear at KU; previous low was 49. Completely dominated in every aspect of the game, and when KU got offensive rebound could not capitalize. Compared to the offense, the defense was not terrible, although it could not box out on rebounds and UK got tons of point on second chance shots. Offense was non-existent so I can’t say much about something that just was not there.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    …more like fugly!!!

  • @KJD said:

    I can’t remember watching a Kansas basketball game like that before in my life.

    That’s because you haven’t. And neither have I or anyone else here. I’m pretty sure that’s the worst performance in the last 80 or 90 years.

    The stats will flow over the next few days, but 12 points in the second half has to be the lowest since before Phog was coaching. FG% ~19% for the game… again, someone will have to check to see how long stats have been recorded for some of these things… but it’s unlikely there are any games below this one.

    Silver lining: it’s statistically unlikely we will see another game like this in the next 20-50 years.

  • Bill’s offense sucks.

  • Funniest thing, I actually wondered right after the game “what would KULA say?”

  • Hey, this doesnt bug me like it would if KU got beat by 30+ by some midmajor team. Sucks to lose, but this team’s got work to do. I hear Self’s whip about to crack…

  • Season just starting…what a motivator, and a helluva teaching-point lesson…!

  • @ralster Been saying the same thing for five years

  • And NO, Conner Frankamp wouldnt have done squat either, lol…

    Look at KY roster, then look at Frankamp, and I hope JayhawkNation has given Frankamp there final thought. Next.

  • @ralster I’d like to hear Bill crack some chalk to a blackboard and draw up a play

  • @ralster teaching point is right. I hope Bill learned something


    Sorry for the computer glitch… this was mistakenly posted on the UK fan site!

  • @bskeet I think we played better against the Topeka YMCA

  • Reminded me of the TCU loss in 2013. I guess we recovered and got better, although the memory of that offensive paralysis sort of stuck in my mind the rest of the season.

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