ANTICIPATION - 13 days until the Washburn game.

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    Last year against Pittsburgh State, AWIII started the game for KU. He ended up with 15 points, 4 rebounds and drained two 3’s giving smiles to all who thought that it was now his time. Will there be a starter that will suprises us like when Traylor started with MacLemore after his redshirt season. Will there be another situation like AWIII’s this year, and will there be another surprise starter like the last two years? Will Conner start because of his last outing against Stanford? Will Mickelson be rewarded like Mari for doing the red shirt thing? Rather than go to a bar where Time Warner lives, I’ll attend the games that are blacked out this year and quit my pity party. Like Seldon, I wish the Washburn game was today.

  • @wrwlumpy I don’t think Hudy was aware that they were taking a picture lol. Cliff Alexander looks like a goober standing as tall as possible. Coach Howard looks like he has something better to be doing because he is looking at his watch. Some other staff member, 2nd to last guy on HCBS’s right is picking his nose. Starters appear to all be next to or on HCBS’s left. Lets brake this photo down Jaybate style. Maybe we can read between the pixel’s and find a starting rotation by possible assessing body language or team chemistry by looking at who is standing next to who? We have totally ran out of material to debate/analyze and the season cant start soon enough! Luckily the Royals are helping me to cope with the lack of KU basketball!

  • @Statmachine

    I don’t know if you can infer a starting lineup from the photo. It looks to me the taller players are in the center and the shorter ones at the ends.

    the photo is a little from the side so it changes perspective some but it looks like Mickelson is the tallest and Lucas, Alexander and Traylor are pretty close in height with Svi and Oubre not too far behind but taller than Greene. Mason is the shortest, no doubt about that and no surprise either since he is the only player in the official roster listed under 6 feet. That is all I got…

  • @JayHawkFanToo We are going to figure out a starting line up! With all of our intelligent minds working together analyzing this photo we are sure to crack the code! I think Lucas might have been slouching a bit but I could be wrong?

  • @Statmachine

    Sometimes anticipation is good thing…

  • @JayHawkFanToo I am extremely excited about this season and can not wait for the Washburn game!

  • @wrwlumpy

    This team picture suggests lots of interesting aspects and perhaps some intentional deception. 🙂

    The team appears lined up perpendicular across the midcourt stripe. And the camera is set up about 10-20 degrees to the right off of straight on. This makes figures in the right part of the picture appear slightly taller because they are closer to the lens. Figures on the left appear slightly smaller because they are farther from the lens.

    Not surprisingly, Self and the camera man put his two tallest players on the paint stripe for some symmetrical effect at the center. But notice who is on the right, where they look bigger than they actually are: Frank and Devonte,

    And notice that reputedly 5-11 Frank, looks about 2-3 inches shorter than 6-2 Devonte, which is reassuring. But recall that 6-0 Conner is on the small appearing end, and he looks almost as tall as Devonte. Hmmmm. Oh, well, Conner looks about a half inch shorter than 6-2 Tyler. Could it be that Devonte has some KU inches?

    Now to the bigs.

    6-10 Hunter looks two inches taller than 6-10 Landen and Landen looks the same height as, or a half inch shorter than, 6-8 Cliff. Hmmmm. KU height is a very strange system of measurement. Maybe Landen’s sore knee is a cause?

    Notice the pivot point of the top of Hunter’s arms are higher than Jam Tray’s but just about the same height as Landon, while Cliff’s pivot point top of arm might actually be a hair higher than Landen’s, or Hunter’s!

    Next 6-7 Oubre and 6-8 Cliff. Look at the pivot points of their shoulders. Cliff’s pivot point looks a good 3 inches above Kelly’s. And Kelly beneath the tall hair looks 2-3 inches shorter than Cliff, and Cliff is standing slightly farther away from the lens, which means he is actually a little taller than he appears.

    Now to the right.

    Jam Tray looks 2-3 inches shorter than 6-10 Hunter at the arm pivot point and at the top of head.

    Svi and Jam Tray look the same height but Svi’s a good 2 inches lower at the arm pivot point. Avi looks a little taller than Brannen looks, but an inch shorter at the arm pivot point.

    Inference: a good 1-2 inches of Svi’s height is in his long neck and so useless.

    Next, notice that 6-4 Selden slumping forward and seated in the beginning of the region that looks smaller than he is, is almost as tall as 6-2 Self sitting up. Fine. But next notice that the slightly slumping 6-2 Self is almost as tall as Perry Ellis AND his shoulders appear about as wide! Maybe Self’s suit is fool us on shoulder width. But what about height?! If 6-4 Selden and 6-2 Self were to have set up straight, They would be about as tall from the seated waist up as 6-8 Perry Ellis!!! Wow, I guess either Perry has some seriously long legs with a short trunk, or he is maybe not quite 6-8. Remember, slumping 6-4 Selden and slumping 6-2 Self are seated where they should look smaller than they actually are, relative to Perry who should look slightly larger than he is relative to them. Now there is a case to be made that leaning forward buys you a little size relative to the camera at the same time it shrinks you, so let’s call that a wash. Whatever, it looks like either Selden has grown up to Perry’s 6-8 over the off season, which could spell killer MUA for Big Wayne, or Perry may be a wee bit less than 6-8. Or some of both. What if Wayne and Perry were now about the same height. Why not let them both swing 2-4 and 3-4 and 2-3? Further, what if Oubre were the same size as as Selden and Perry, which it appears he might be? Then what Self is saying might start to make a whole lot of sense. Basically, height wise, these guys are interchangeable, and where you put any one of them at any time–the 2, the 3, or the 4–just depends on where the best matchup advantage exists for each guy giving opposing personnel.

    And, of course, this might be especially true, if the 4 position were no longer really a high post position at all, but just one of three perimeter positions.

    Beyond the above, it looks like Hudy was having a good hair day, Fred Quartlebaum was in the uppermost quartile-baum of his mood distribution, Snacks was texting a recruit and the young woman on the right end of the front row appears to be engaging in auto-mind meld with herself, or just starting to move a stray lock of hair aside.

  • @Statmachine

    Me too!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Svi looks like he has a shrunkin head and a long neck in comparison to his teammates. His ears could pick up XM too.

  • Cliff, Perry, Conner are the leading candidates for the Hair Club For Men Scholarship to be awarded by Fred Quartlebaum. 🙂

  • @Statmachine

    Ears that receive shortwave could be a great asset to a player all the way from Ukraine. 🙂

  • Is it just me or is Frank standing on his tiptoes?

  • This just in : Misery is being picked preseason as the 12th place team in the SEC. 12th … in the SEC. Stop laughing !



    Damn, MU 12th in the SEC almost makes up for all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!!!

    Now, if the forecast just holds true!!!

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  • @wrwlumpy Where’s Frank? Is he taking the picture?

  • In these kind of “spontaneous” photos, CF never looks too spontaneous.

    On another note, the article at mentioned that Greene said that Graham is a much better shooter than he thought he would be. Interesting.

  • Perry and Cliff look like they could be Devonte’s father.

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