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  • Sorry about the double post, I did this in the Bball stories. I just wanted some more exposure 🙂 Its interesting to me to see the hype surrounding other high elite major schools. Kentucky seemingly had no problem beating down on a div 3 school and the journalists are drinking up that cool aide like its going to run dry. This article speaks to their difficulties on offense, but just barely. My question is this, how can such an alleged talented team only score 76 points against a div III school be ranked higher than KU or Louisville or Michigan St? No. Speaking of the latter team, they are loaded with talent and experience. Kentucky is going to have to play years ahead of their current experience level to even stand a chance against the Trojans in the Champions Classic game. There is a very good chance they will receive a pretty good beating and go home with their kitty tails between their legs. On the other side of that match up is KU vs Duke. Imo, both teams are young, both teams are talented. It will be a closer and much more exciting match up. KU will not have a problem with offense this year. They almost dropped a century against instate div II team Pitt state? ( To be honest, I watched the game but I was at a bar with friends and most of what I did see was blurred by beer goggles) But, I digress. The biggest question about KU against Duke to me is, can KU shut Duke down on the perimeter? That is seemingly where Coach K is going to get most of his offense this season, from what Ive read, plus KU’s bigs are bigger than Duke’s this year. Big edge inside to KU, pun intended. Back again to my ranking question, should KU be ranked #5 or 6? Probly not. I kind of like Keegan’s ballot putting KU at #9. I still don’t think Kentucky should be ranked higher because they have many more unknowns. Sure they are the #1 class but that doesn’t translate into games won all the time. Either way, check out this article and tell us what you think!


  • I think the thing is that a team with as much raw talent as Kentucky or KU can improve rapidly just by playing together and getting more comfortable.

    Yeah, Kentucky has been rough these first couple of exhibitions, but you have to recall the team with John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, etc. that went to the Elite Eight nearly lost to Miami (OH) at home (took a jumper from Wall with under 10 seconds left to win it), and only beat Sam Houston State by 10. But they went 35-3. They had some close calls where they had to lean on their individual talent, but once they got through that, they ripped off a 19-0 start.

    I don’t put much stock in the exhibitions because they are working out kinks. There’s a ton of talent there and that talent will carry them until they can put the rest together. I think KU will have a similar season arc where we may need some individual heroics early in the year, but can get rolling as the season continues.

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