7 footer picks Danny and Wake over UK.

  • I knew things were going to get better at Wake Forest, I didn’t think these kinds of recruits would come before Danny’s first season. There seems to be as much love for Danny on the East coast as there is in the Midwest. What he did in two years at Tulsa to get them back in the tournament was an eye opener.

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  • @wrwlumpy

    I think this news is more significant to Wake than it is to UK. Wake needs to land some solid recruits to get back into the mix in the ACC. Landing a four star recruit gives them some credibility.

    For UK though, they are in on #4 Ellenson, #7 Diallo, #8 Swanigan, #10 Zimmerman, #11 Labissiere and #18 Bragg. That’s 6 interior guys that are much more highly ranked. Moore was a secondary target for UK, but a primary target for Wake. Good for him to make his decision early and lock in his scholarship rather than waiting for everything to play out with the McD’s AA’s at the top of the list.

    This is a huge get for Danny. He still needs to get some backcourt help, but if he can land a few top 50 recruits in the next couple of years, he could make the Demon Deacons a force again. He should reach out to Chris Paul to make sure that relationship is strong.

  • @justanotherfan

    I agree. At UK he will be a bench warmer that would get little developmental help for his game. At Wake he will be a starter with a solid teacher that will help him develop his game and get a potential shot at the NBA. Yes, he will not get the exposure he would at UK, although riding the pine behind McDs players might no be the exposure you want, but the NBA scouts know who the players are and they will find him at Wake Forest. Very nice get for Danny.

  • I think Cal has the old school NBA management concept of recruiting… go after as much height as possible.

    I believe he dreams of having a team with at least 6 7-footers, 3 of them starting with 2 6’10" guards.

  • @JayHawkFanToo very smart kid- development!!!

  • @drgnslayr and having them just stand out there. Isn’t that what he said a couple of weeks ago?

  • Banned

    @justanotherfan ok my brother I’m going to pick a fight. 🙂 I think you might be missing the point. Danny Manning at a school like Wake Forest just got a recruit that Coach Cal and UK wanted. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Wake Forest hasn’t been good since Duncan. Sure UK won’t miss him by any stretch, yet It’s a score for Big Man Danny Manning and KU faithful. 😎

  • @DoubleDD

    To be fair, he was not one of the squid’s priority recruits. If everything works out for UK, it might have up to 10 players in the draft and he needs to reload. There are only so many top 10 players he can get so he needs to fill the roster with lower ranked players. Having said that, it is still a great get for Danny since Wake Forest has not been good for while and not destination for top players. A 4-star 7-footer is a good way to get the programs back on track. As Jayhawk fan I am very happy for Danny since it looks like he is getting a good start.

  • @DoubleDD Challenge accepted 🙂

    Wake was pretty solid during the Chris Paul years. They have fallen off quite a bit since then, however. Danny has a tough job ahead of him, but getting a recruit like this is huge. It says to everyone else that Wake is going to be a player for top 100 talent again, something that hasn’t been the case over the last 5-7 years. That’s an important step in getting back into respectability.

    For Kentucky, this is similar to Kaviar Shepherd picking TCU instead of KU. Would it be nice if KU had a guy like Shepherd? Of course. Would KU rather have had Embiid than Shepherd? Definitely. Would UK rather have Zimmerman or Diallo or Ellenson (or Swanigan or Labissiere or Bragg) than Moore? Absolutely.

    So this is significant for Wake (puts them back on the map, so to speak), but a radar blip for UK.

  • @justanotherfan No one knows this, but I have this proprietary app for my phone that gives me a text alert anytime someone says “Embiid” and “Shepherd” in the same sentence.

    So my question – as you sit here on October 9, 2014, would you rather Embiid have signed with Kansas, or Karviar Shepherd? Keep in mind you know what happened in 2013-14. We’ve walked over that ground before, though. So no need for us to get into that example again.

    But that leads to the real point of my post – wouldn’t it be nice to have Doral Moore? Wouldn’t a nice developmental, highly ranked, 7-footer be a pretty nice add the recruiting class? It looked like Self tried, that he offered the kid. But how hard did he try? Would he simply have accepted the commitment, or was the kid told he might have to wait to see how others panned out? Alternatively, does a guy like Doral Moore want to commit to KU or Kentucky, with their recruiting menu? This is a nice example.

    Doral Moore and Carlton Bragg. Sounds nice, right?

    So my question – as you sit here on October 9, 2014, would you rather have Stephen Zimmerman, or Doral Moore? I’m pondering that right now, as well.

  • Banned

    @justanotherfan you know this and I know this, however a lot of people and I mean a lot of people only see the title. The content the meat is foreign to them and they have no desire to eat and digest what you and I really know. They see the title and that’s enough for them.

    This is how great empires fall. It’s starts with perception. It doesn’t matter if the perception is true or not. The perception is Danny Manning and the Demean Deacon’s took a swipe at the overlord Wildcats. Though not a fatal blow by any stretch, it still left a wound. It showed that UK can’t just have anyone they want. It showed that UK can indeed be defeated regardless of all the East Coast Basis. Remember perception is everything. NO don’t sweep it under the rug or put it up in the closet, but instead paste it, tell your friends, For crying out right article and put it in the KC Star. Let the world know that Danny Manny our KU Danny has raised his sword and took a chunk out the Wildcats.

    That my friend is sweet music to my ears. Ok I know I went a bit over board but that’s how it should be. 🙂

  • @DoubleDD I think it says a lot about that young man and his parents. Hopefully others can start seeing past the hype!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    It would be nice to have a player like Doral Moore, provided that by the time he’s a junior he is a potential NBA prospect. I’m not against guys developing into high level players. In fact, I am all for it. But I am against passing on high rated prospects simply for the* hope* that a player develops into a high level guy.

    For example, two years ago KU signed Andrew White III. AW3 was a solid player coming out of high school. He was ranked #48 in the country. He never developed to the point we were hoping at KU. So would you have preferred, knowing what we know now, to have a guy like Gary Harris Jr or Kyle Anderson (potential OADs at the time) to pair with McLemore and the rest, or have AW3 on that squad.

    Having a guy stay to develop only counts if he eventually becomes that type of high level player, like TRob or Tyshawn did. If a guy doesn’t reach that level, you just have a talent deficit, especially if you sign them in favor of a higher skill player.

    Not saying that Moore won’t be a good player. It looks like he probably will be, and Danny will be able to work with a kid that has a bright future ahead of him for probably 2-3 years at Wake. But he’s also quite raw. He’s not the kind of athlete that Zimmerman is. He isn’t as fluid as some of the higher ranked players. His moves are very basic at this stage. Can he get better? Absolutely, and under Danny I think he will. But is that a guarantee? No. Three years from now, Doral Moore may be an All ACC player, he may be in the NBA, or he may be a very mechanical collegiate 7 footer with questionable hands and no advanced post moves.

    You never know.

  • This footer also picked Danny and WF over KU! 😡

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